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  1. I've had a strong family history both maternal and paternal sides of family with depression. My mother has always battled depression. My dads sister was bi-polar and took her own life years ago. 2 years ago my brother took his own life the day after my birthday with no signs whatsoever that he was battling depression at all. After that I myself went into a bad bout of depression with guilt and remorse. I had to get help with medication, as I was understanding what he was feeling. I finaly had to get help. Before this I was in the best shape of my life. After battling with weight my whole life I was finally healthy and athletic and fit. I was doing crossfit and healthy mentally and physically. After my own bout of depression and taking months to get meds right. I was most recently up to 450 mg of bupropion. And 60 mg of fluexatine. I am now 60 lb heavier.... For months I have been back at the gym and working out and following weight watchers. I haven't lost a thing... after journaling and keeping track of workouts and diet, my regular Dr. and I have come to the fact that it is the medication that is doing something to my metabolism. I have been weaning off of Wellbutrin every week decreasing by 150 mg a week. I am now at 150 mg every other day. For now. I have been weaned off the Prozac and started on Trintellix 5mg and will go up to 20mg. Wondering if I should just get off altogether of everything so I can lose this weight... someone please help? Any advice would be great!
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