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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am so glad and thankful to have found this site. I am currently on antidepressants for sleep related issue. It started a few months back where I used to get adrenaline surges just on sleep onset. The doctor then put me on citalopram 10 mg and propanalol 40 mg * 2. The citalopram was not helping at all so this was stopped and I was given mirtazapine for sleep. I started with 15mg then 30 mg for few weeks. Still had the issue with surges during sleep so doctor put me on Sertraline 50 mg and Mirtazapine 15mg, I was able to sleep well during this period. I had to take zopiclone a couple of times. Its been 6 weeks on the sertraline and i have stopped mirtazapine cold turkey according to doctors advice. I have noticed in the last few days i am getting jerks just as i am about to fall asleep. It makes me impossible to sleep as its so activating. I took 3.5 mg zopiclone and slept really well. Can you please help me ? Is this a WD effect. I really want to get rid of it as its affecting my life. Is this due to the mirtazapine? Any advice will be so much appreciated.
  2. Hello guys! ive been on celexa for a year or 2, 20mg, for general anxiety, nothing crazy, mainly some little phobia that i could get under control. never had any side effects on it. i was always taking it on and off a 30 days tube could last me 2 months sometime and i felt fine,. ive recently moved country, and decided to drop my celexa cold turkey. i dont know why , i didnt know it was bad tbh i was just a stupid clueless dude i just had completely forgotten this was a bad thing that no one should do, im learning from my biggest mistake.. Fast forward to 3 months now, 2 first months were totally fine no worry didnt even think about it. 3 months everything went downhill, became cripple with anxiety. i went on a anxiety week with 3 days of no sleep (so this all started when i was med free) talked to my gp to go back on the meds.i started celexa again 10mg 2 weeks then 20mg for 3 weeks. i had some good days on week 3. like feeling totally normal and barely anxious now on week 5 but then the last 2 weeks have been bad, constant anxiety 24/7, like im in a stress of panic stomach knot mostly all the time from stress, also insomnia , like sometime go 2-3 days without sleep at all till my body get too tired, abandon the stress and let me somewhat sleep. im now mainly scare and anxious of sleep, nightime because of all of those. think about it back in my mind all the time, and i have thoughts about never healing etc all the time. ive been doing my best and excercices even when sleepless, doing stuff i like, i have an amazing partner, but it is very hard to focus on the present moment. now it has put my life on hold for now as this is too much to deal with, im a freelance tattoo artist so i can just take a break anyway. anyway, i know this is all my fault but my biggest wonder is; am i going through withdrawals effects or celexa side effects hitting me hard this time? or both at the same time? like i said, i had some good days, early 3 weeks with no worry and good sleep. bright note; im seeing a psychotherapist now and that feel good. NOW do i stay on celexa? or do i taper down to nothing again. i dont know what my brain is trying to tell me.
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