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Found 3 results

  1. AnaTheCat

    Colds, cold remedies, and the flu

    Hi everyone, I noticed something weird - I have a little cold with small fever. Since I caught it, I have very unpleasant dreams. They vary, one was about depression at it's peak (I've visited Breslau during the worst time with withdrawal syndrome - and now I've seen this city in my sleep, I can't even think of Breslau without tears), other dream - I was at work at reception and a computer program I need to deal with clients crashed completely. People were getting annoyed, I was panicking, no one around to help. The thing is - did you notice any relationship, between, I dunno, worked up immune system and your mental state? I remembered bronchitis I got ten years back (I was taking setrtaline back then) - whenever fever climbed really high, my OCD was so vivid, so intense, I really wished to die (thankfully, I haven't had any strenght left to even get up due to fever).
  2. Eskimoknow

    Eskimoknow: Cold Turkey

    Hello. While I was doing some research on my meds, I found this site. I quit all of my meds and cigarettes cold turkey 5 days ago. I was taking 40mg of Prozac, 200mg of Lamotrigine, 20mg Lexipro, 150mg of Trazodone as needed and I just started taking 1mg of Risperidone twice daily. I started taking the Risperidone about 15 days before I stopped it with the rest of my meds. I've been taking the other meds in different forms and milligrams for years now. I've been seeing therapists since I turned 12. I got on my first prescription when I was about 14 or 15. After taking all of these meds for all of these years and not feeling any different I figure, what's the point? I'm on the verge of being homeless and can't afford my meds anyway. I was just wondering how quitting everything cold turkey has worked out for anyone else. I have been monitoring my moods and documenting my thoughts.
  3. SugarDollMary


    I found this site after beginning to taper off venlafaxine. Effexor was prescribed for me ten or so years ago to help with fibromyalgia. Through the years doctors or nurse practitioners have upped my dose (usually due to situational depression and dysthymia). Somewhere I was switched from regular to XR and to the generic. My dose ended up at a high of 225 mg/day of venlafaxine XR. The few times I forgot to take my dose, I had quite a set of discontinuation symptoms: wild dreams, nightmares, "acid flashbacks." Because I have learned healthy ways of coping with fibro and dysthymia, I want to taper off the venlafaxine. My NP and I discussed and on Friday March 22, I started the taper as per what we figured out: 2-75 mg of XR + 1-37.5 nonXR, for a total of 187.5 mg/day. She told me to hold at this level for two months. What is that? 17%? A couple days later I had one night of insomnia, and then when I finally slept, my dreams were really crazy. One week and one day after, I had the worst migraine of my life. Usually I just get the aura and a slight headache for about 20 mins., but this one lasted all day; I was sick to my stomach and felt bad for two days. I also noticed I am sort of trembly and mentally dim. (What complicates this is that I also have had a nagging flu/cold for the last three weeks, and my head is still stuffed up, so I don't know what might be that and what might be the withdrawal.) Anyhow, I'm able to function, but feel crappy. The insomnia ended after one night as did the dreams. No more headache but I feel real tired and achy and still sort of dull. After reading about the 10% guideline, I'm wondering if I should go back up to 225, then drop 10% (I'd actually just split the 37.8 in half; it would be less than 10%), or if I should muddle through and reduce 10% the next time. Looking forward to support on this site. SugarDollMary Venlafaxine for 10+ yrs. For fibromyalgia, situational depression and dysthymia. Highest dose 225/day XR Taper #1 = 187.5 mg/day (2-75mg XR + 1-37.5 regular)
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