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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, all. Signed up because I was reading some good, detailed advice on the forums by others who are trying to taper off Cymbalta/duloxetine (as I am) and thought I might want to ask questions at some point, and either way could do with somewhere to track progress and perhaps give something back in the way of tracking another experience of coming off this stuff. I began Cymbalta 6 years ago for both pain and depression reduction related to a new diagnosis of autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis. I wanted to avoid going on stronger arthritis medications, so needed something else to take the edge off the pain, and Cymbalta filled that gap. 60mg has been my dose for that period. Doubtless this medication was helpful when I needed it, and there have been times I've thought I'd maybe just stay on it forever, but recently I've come to suspect that this medication and not the arthritis might be behind my feelings of being exhausted all the time, my increasingly terrible attention span/ability to focus, and the cravings for alcohol that I'd never had a problem with previously. I've tried to reduce Cymbalta a couple of times in the past by alternating between 60mg and 30mg tablets (my doctor's suggestion), but when I tried to take it down to 30mg/everyday I couldn't maintain it there. Physical pain was too bad, and I caved and went back up to the full dose on both occasions. I'm feeling willing now to have a stab at tapering off more slowly if that is going to work better. I've recently gone on the stronger arthritis medication, so swapping one for the other is my plan. Fun, fun! My present box of the stuff is a generic capsule (the box says Coperin though) with the mini-tablets inside. Each 60mg capsule contains 12 mini-tablets (so 5mg each) and advice on here says to cut back 10% at a time, so tonight I'll be removing ONE mini-tablet. I haven't decided yet how long I need to take this new dose for. I was thinking 2 weeks, maybe 3? These mini-tablets look like they're going to make it easy for me to taper down to about 40mg by cutting back 1 mini-tablet with each dose reduction. (All of these doses will be close to 10% of the previous dose.) From there I guess I'm going to be switching to the branded version and counting little beads. I've peeked inside those capsules before and it was pretty nightmarish (I actually *mushed* one of the beads accidentally when trying to count them!) so I'm really glad of the mini-tablets being sufficient for the next little while!
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