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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I'm a new member to this forum! I was put on 20 mg (generic) Cymbalta (Duloxetine) in early June; at the time my husband and I had just moved to a new (to me) town/state and I had a difficult time learning my way around, in addition to being exhausted and in pain from the move! A new healthcare system = a new GP: "I think we can best address all your issues with a low-dose antidepressant" - next thing I know I'm diagnosed with "MDD" (major depressive disorder). Initially GP wanted me to increase dosage to 40 mg after one week on 20 mg. Due to troubling side effects I told her "no way"; it's been now a bit over two months, I know my way around town, my husband and I exercise lots daily (in addition to walking our dogs) so while I did feel a bit blue when we got here, it was definitely not MDD, but an adjustment period! I researched and researched and am so thrilled to have found your site! Today is Day 3 of my tapering off, I'll be attempting to go down 10% per week unless I experience withdrawal symptoms...so far, so good. Yes, I've counted beads and made "new" capsules by removing a certain number of beads (10%). Presently I don't notice any side effects - maybe getting off the pills will be easier than I have anticipated. I'll keep you posted! Again I'm SO GRATEFULl that this site/forum exists! It is criminal that doctors put us on this stuff, but don't counsel us how to get off it. It has been a learning experience...I am normally very assertive and surprised myself that I let her put me on this medication; I guess she got to me at a low point! I talked with a health nurse last week and she said they would want me on it at least for one year! Yeah right! Kind regards and many thanks, bayernbaby
  2. Hi there! This is my first post in this forum. I am living in Germany so please excuse my mistakes when writing here in English. I was set on a 60 mg Cymbalta trip in early May this year because of a nervous breakdown caused by constant stress at work over a couple of month with a subsequent recurrent depression with anxiety. The depression was there every morning and stayed until afternoon each day. The late afternoon and evening was MY time when I felt better. Unfortunately the next day the depression got me again each day over and over. I never thought something like that could be possible because so far I never had any problems with depression. This was the worst time in my live during these weeks! I have no major side effects from the drug so far, just when I started taking it I felt VERY miserable and my depression and anxiety increased during the first 4-5 days on the drug. What can I say - after 10 days with the full dosage of 60 mg (30 mg in the morning and 30 mg in the evening) one morning the depression was gone and the panic and anxiety got better from day to day. For me this was a feeling like Christmas and Easter on the same day! Thank god my life came back! As I said, I have been prescribed CYMBALTA and I am now already tapering my way down (see my signature). I started tapering off at the beginning of August this year and just made another step and are now down to 40 mg of the drug. I read quite a few "horror stories" about CYMBALTA and even watched some tragic clips on YOUTUBE. Since I had NEVER taken a antidepression drug before I finally realized what I now consumed. I am already registered in a german antidepression forum http://www.adfd.org but have also read lots of posts here in the forum and now finally decided to register also here. I am informed quite well about how to taper off of ADs and that you recommend a 10% taper of the last dosage every 4 weeks or slower. When you look at my signature you will see that I went down a little faster with 10 mg in the first step followed by a second step of another 10 mg after 3 weeks. As I took the CYMBALTA only for 3 months with the full dose of 60 mg I think I can dare to taper a little faster at the beginning and then go slower and smaller from 30 mg on. Yes folks - this is MY story so far. I am male, 51 years old and actually very athletic. I am married, have two daughters and a dog (also female ), which was always by my side during this this evil time. Many greetings, best wishes and lots of health to all of you out there! Sly PS.: I developed a nice way to avoid counting beads when you reduce the content of your own drug capsules and wil post that in the TAPER section. So stayed tuned!
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