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Found 2 results

  1. I was on it for four (not entirely sure) years, 25-50mg. The first time I had to abruptly quit it was last year, 2020. I was in the hospital for 12 days and they would not give it to me there. That was when I was on 50mg. Withdrawal effects from that year: I had to pee every couple hours at the most and every 15-30 minutes at the least and my oxygen levels dropped (normally they were 99-100 but then they were 92). I would wake up gasping for breath and generally feel very off. This year: The imipramine quit working and was even making me feel worse, so I quit cold turkey from 25mg. Since then I have gotten a mysterious infection and was put on antibiotics, which I completed this morning. My primary doctor thinks I have an infection but could not find bacteria, just elevated white blood cells. I just had flu-like symptoms--headache, nausea, elevated temperature (about 100 degrees in the morning), fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, mild dizziness (which is improving) and visual hallucinations, which are not unusual because I also have schizophrenia. Doctor thinks COVID is unlikely, given lack of gastrointestinal issues and also lack of respiratory issues. Also I'm fully vaccinated and not very social. Questions: Would it be a bad idea to take just a tiny bit of imipramine to see if this goes away? Or should I just press on? Here is what I am more concerned about: I recently got a genetic test and do NOT have the MTHFR mutation (inability to process folic acid). But I will be taking Deplin, if insurance approves it, or generic methylfolate if it doesn't, starting with half of a 7.5mg--can it still help even if I don't have the mutation? I read that a lot of my health issues, like non-alcoholic fatty liver, poly-cystic ovary syndrome, depression, and schizophrenia can be helped with folate. I don't eat vegetables at all, and certainly no leafy greens, so is it possible I'm low in folate anyways? I am not looking to change my diet at the time as I'm barely eating as is. Just the idea of eating makes me want to throw up most days. I know it would be good for me to eat better, but I just try and try and it feels like nothing changes. I do actually manage to eat in the afternoon when the nausea fades for a while and I get hungry. I've lost ten pounds in a few months and I'm at 139 now. Thank you for reading!
  2. goitalone


    Firstly, a huge thank you to all those responsible for creating, maintaining and helping on this site. THANK YOU. There is great comfort in knowing there is a warm and understanding support system of those in various stages of withdrawal. In 2003 in my early 30s, I was proscribed Sertraline (25mg) by my GP for an anxiety/panic attack related to a stressful event in my personal life. While an anxious child, it had never been suggested to me to see a therapist or consider any type of anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drug (AD). Even after been given the AD, it was not recommended that I see a therapist. I stayed on 25mg until 2005 when work-related stress required me to increase my dosage to 50 mg. The work stress was quickly resolved (a couple of months), I reduced back to 25mg until 2012 when work-related stress again required me to increase my dose back to 50mg. The work-related stress was quickly resolved (a couple of months) and I moved back down to 25mg. In 2017, a work-related stressful event sent me into a tailspin and I had a breakdown. I met with a psychiatrist and my Sertraline was increased from 25mg to 100mg over a short period of time. The work-related event was protracted and after a few months I switched psychiatrists and the new psychiatrist switched me to 50mg of Pristiq and ultimately increased my dose to 150mg after I showed little improvement. In addition to Pristiq the psychiatrist put me on Gabapentin (300mg) to help me sleep and Deplin (15mg) to assist in the effectiveness of the AD. In late 2018, I changed jobs and, given that the work related stress was no longer an issue, in April 2019, I began a slow taper down from 150mg of Pristiq to 12.5mg in June 2020. At the same time, I started on 20mg of Prozac (2 weeks later stopping Pristiq entirely) to help bridge with the ultimate goal of tapering off an AD with a longer half life. I don't recall when I stopped Gabapentin, but sometime between April 2019 and June 2020, I tapered off Gabapentin entirely. In November, I began a month long taper of Deplin, reducing about 25% of the original amount each week. Today (12/9/2020) is my first day not taking any Deplin. Anyway, I am on this journey alongside you all. I have had a lot of challenges along the way, lots of questions too. I am happy to share my experiences and want to provide support wherever I can be of help. Best, goitalone (meaning without ADs)
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