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Found 2 results

  1. Servadai's Introduction topic Hey guys! Long time no hear - my signature says I'm 3 years off but this year, on 10th of July I 'celebrated' my 5 years off of AD's. I would change my signature but I don't know how - that being said I'm loving what you did with the site. I'm going to try to write this with a bit of humour, because that is my style, so if you find it a bit 'aggressive' please know this was not my intent, and the sole purpose for writing this is because I care about all of you and empathise deeply with all of you. I know how it feels when your brain feels like it's bee
  2. So desperate.... Not wanting to go into my full story yet. I've been reading the site for months looking for hope. Withdrawal! 7 months off final ssri. Suffered horrifically from convulsive type fits (which have subsides) but still shake,can't eat,can't sleep,horrific anxiety,panic attacks,.... I'll tell the whole story later. Returning of symptoms.... Everything I took meds for is returning 100 fold.... I read stories of recovery from withdrawal but what about original problems? I'm ready to reinstate meds. I can't deal w the symptoms and the horrific suicidal ideation.
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