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Found 3 results

  1. Tapering Abilify too fast, now at 5 percent health issues and sleep issues Hi there. Thanks in advance for reading this long post. If it helps you in anyway I am glad. If not please disregard. I am not a health professional or taper expert. What is good for me may not work for you. Tapering on my own because my old prescriber no longer felt I should. I am on a second attempt to taper abilify. The most I took was 7mg. I tapered at a 5 to 10 percent rate jumped off at .7 and wound up in hospital due to sleep issues hearing voices and mother who called ambulance because she. was worri
  2. I tapered off Lexapro 20mg over the course of a few months with the last dose in June 2020. I started getting constipated shortly thereafter (only other time I had constipation was after weaning off for a couple years in 2011). I also started experiencing brain fog, irritability, and unintended weight loss over the course of 8 months. this year I was diagnosed with Sibo and have been treating it for months. Slow motility is a cause of Sibo and I’ve read other stories of people getting sibo after withdrawing from an Ssri also. The Sibo has brought my anxiety back with a vengeance (I’m also obse
  3. Auroragirl

    Auroragirl: my intro

    Hi everyone, I'm new so I would like to introduce myself and ask if anyone has advice for me! I am a 31 year old female and I started taking SSRIs and Adderall when I was about 14 and continued for 17 years. I don't remember if the SSRI ever helped with my depression in the beginning, but if it did at first, it either stopped or didn't work that well. I remember trying various brands and I don't recall ever feeling any better but I continued anyways because I thought I needed them. I would rate my depression at about a 5/10 through out this whole time period. The last brand I took was Pr
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