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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, This is my first post, but probably not my last unfortunately. I was taking Lexapro 10 MG for anxiety and dizziness of unknown origin for about 3 years. I have tapered off over a little less than 3 months. As of today, I am over 1 week off completely of the drug. I have had a whirlwind of symptoms most notably anxiety and dizziness. The dizziness has been unrelenting and it's very taxing on the mind and body to have to compensate for this. Generally, I feel disoriented and most of my dizziness centers around head movement. Some heart symptoms, but mostly attributable to anxiety (racing heartbeat, palps, etc.). I've had a history of PVCs which have been checked out before and OKed. I'm writing this specific topic to ask what your definition of a brain zap is? I've read over some time that most people seem to center around a brain zap as a sudden jolt of electricity throughout the head, or an electric like sensation. I feel like I may have been experiencing brain zaps but not necessarily in this sense. I don't feel an "electric" sensation, but I do experience sudden dizzy spells, where my head feels like it's about to fall over. These spells last maybe a few seconds and really take up that time (I.E. I can't do anything else, for those short seconds I'm in the spell). Does anyone else experience brain zaps as sudden dizziness/vertigo that subsides in seconds? Thanks for any input and good luck to everyone.
  2. Hi everyone, After a week of lurking here, I was motivated to join to ask for some advice for my particular situation. Everyone here is so helpful and supportive, and I'm hoping that someone has some insight into what's been happening to me! I think most of the main information is in my signature, but in short, I've been taking 5mg escitalopram intermittently since 8/2017 for bad PMDD symptoms. I start taking it at D14 of my cycle, and continue until the next one begins. It has been helping me deal with depression and mood swings quite well until recently. The last cycle I thought it may not be working, and would that I had just stopped then!! This past cycle, I again stopped taking it at the usual time, and about a week later felt like I was hit by a truck - vertigo, balance issues, blurry/double vision, nausea. After a few days of suffering, I realized that maybe this was withdrawal, so I reinstated back at 5mg on 6/26, a few days earlier than I normally would have. The vertigo has been more tolerable, but the other symptoms remain in force and are dramatically interfering with living my life. I feel like I walk around drunk and half blind the majority of the time. I'm due to stop taking them again in another week, but I'm so lost on what to do next.. 1- should I take them continuously from here on out & begin to taper if/when everything stabilizes?? or.. 2- stop taking them in a week & just see what happens? or.. 3- modify the dose up/down? I have had multiple blood tests and nothing abnormal has been found, and am waiting on an appointment with a neuro-ophthalmologist referred to me by my PCP. The double/blurry vision is the scariest symptom for me - I have had glasses for years so I'm comfortable with my poor eyesight without them, but this is awful!! I'm worried that it won't get better, even though I know its only been a little over a week. Thank you for taking the time to read all this, and I would love some advice on the best path forward ☺️ -jbird
  3. Anyone get dizzy after travel? 2 hours in a car for instance makes me dizzy.
  4. Hello forum! Female, 33, Sweden. Have been on Paroxetine, 20mg, for more than 5 years. In April 2017 I had my first major panic attack and ended up in the ER. My life completely changed and I developed panic disorder along with some GAD. Though the GAD may have been the underlying cause of panic, I don't really know. Since September 2017 I have been reducing my dose of Paroxetine, and am now on 10mg. Somewhere in December I got down to 10mg and thought I'd wait until I'm stable at this dose before continuing my taper. I have been using the Claire Weekes-method of trying to completely relax in the face of panic, and I seem to only have smaller attacks now. Palpitations have lessened, and I am less startled by my nervous system signaling panic. I have lately been feeling very off-balance/dizzy and sometimes theres an intense feeling of anxiety and dread in my body. Feels like there are bugs crawling around inside. Weird buzzing nerves? Dizziness is so bad I have to lie down sometimes. Last night I was holding on to the walls when moving around in my house. Feels like I'm losing my balance all the time, even when sitting on the toilet, but I can stand on one leg and walk in a straight line. So it seems to be some sort of misinterpretation happening in my brain, rather than an actual problem with my balance. Now to my question: When I wake up in the morning I usually feel perfectly fine. It is after taking Paroxetine that all of the horrible sensations start, and they seem to calm down slightly in the evening. Is this normal during withdrawal? Or does it sound more like I'm having actual adverse reactions to Paroxetine? They sort of worked until I developed panic disorder. But I clearly remember growing increasingly fearful and illogical during several months before I had that massive panic attack. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi All, I have been a reader of this site for over two years and wanted to share my story and ask for suggestions / hope. I was put on 10Mg lexapro in fall of 2014 for anxiety and took it for 1.5 years. The drug greatly improved my anxiety and self confidence but destroyed my sex life and caused weight gain. I tapered over 4 weeks at my drs suggestions and suffered through 9 months of fog, depersonalization, confusion and dizziness (Hell). I ended up going back on 10Mg Prozac and immediately stabilized and stayed on for 6 months. I have been trying to taper at 5% increments over weeks but am still having extreme dizziness. Have tried everything from acupuncture to meditation to diet and exercise, all of which helps but doesn’t “carry the day”. Aside from slow taper and good lifestyle changes, does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks so much.
  6. Acta Otolaryngol. 2010 Sep;130(9):981-3. doi: 10.3109/00016481003602082. A possible explanation for dizziness following SSRI discontinuation. Smith PF1, Darlington CL. Source ABSTRACT Dizziness is the most commonly reported symptom of abrupt discontinuation from the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) category of antidepressants. The reported dizziness is exacerbated by even slight head movement, and therefore is likely to be vestibular in origin. The SSRIs most implicated are those with short half-lives and which are most selective for serotonin (as opposed to noradrenaline), e.g. paroxetine and sertraline. Since the vestibular nucleus complex (VNC) has an abundance of serotonin receptors, the abrupt withdrawal from an SSRI is likely to have a substantial impact on the electrophysiological activity of neurons within it. Here we suggest that the abrupt withdrawal from an SSRI is likely to cause a sudden decrease in serotonin in the VNC, which will disrupt the function of VNC neurons bilaterally, causing dizziness without vertigo.
  7. Hi, The week that I finished tapering off of long term use of both Trazodone and Cymbalta (both for neuromuscular pain/sleep) I fainted and gave myself a mild concussion. I've never fainted before. At the hospital they ran lots of tests and everything was fine. I still feel dizzy periodically one month later but understand that's common. A few days ago, when I thought fainting was behind me, I fainted, again, and gave myself another mild concussion. Now I'm fearful of fainting. Are there things I can do to help with the dizziness and things that make the dizziness worse? I've read about reinstatement but after one month I'm not sure that makes sense for me. And besides, I still haven't found a doctor who would agree to work with me before/during/after this period of "reshaping" by brain and am leery of doing more on my own. (My family doctor said that she was not equipped to help me, which was at least honest. ) Has anyone had any experience with (medical) marijuana making the dizziness worse? I think there may be a connection for me so I've stopped all marijuana use. I've been taking 300 mg of Gabapentin and 20 mg of time release Melatonin to help me sleep at night. Could they be adding to my dizziness problem? I've cut out all caffeine and alcohol thinking that might help. Since I don't know how long this dizziness will last, I'm eager to get some helpful ideas or suggestions. Thanks.
  8. Hi everybody! I started taking Lorazepam 0.5mg and escitalopram (Lexapro) 10mg for anxiety attacks back in Sep 2016 after 4 months of one-per-month short vertigo episodes, dizziness, imbalance and (unconfirmed later) misdiagnosis of Meniere's "Syndrome"). I never reached the prescribed limits started with 1/2 pill -> 3/4 pill of Lorazepam and 2.5 -> 5 ->7.5 mg of Lexapro. I wasn't feeling good. Constant dizziness, sometimes a bit of nausea and overall while feeling less anxious not feeling good most of the time (a bit dizzy in some situations like elevators or driving). Then, I think in Feb 2017 I decided to start tapering off scared by all the withdrawal descriptions I've read and no being able to have tests for my vestibular system. I bought mg scales, and I think for two months I tapered off Lorazepam, and then May 26 was my last day of escitalopram. For 2 weeks or more I felt more or less okay. Then, things started getting worse. In mid-July 2017, after a stress I felt really dizzy, and my anxiety attacks got back to me. I started having strange sensations of posture imbalance, like my feet were not in accordance with the rest of my body. I thought I have a chronic subjective dizziness, took some vestibular therapy (they said I have a perfect objective balance), it seemed to help, but still I was having difficulty concentrating, sitting in front of a computer, felt constant eye muscle pain and anxiety. Strange feet sensation / imbalance was more perceivable when I was standing. Then I started having sort of "excitement"/"dizziness" zaps in my brain like you are on a rollercoaster for a second. Then roughly 3 weeks ago it got gradually accompanied by tingling, numbness in my feet and also tingling/ hypersensitivity in my arms / body and all over the body. For a couple of nights I felt extremely fatigue and felt weakness in my leg muscles and overall body, went to bed 2 hours before my wife, woke up a couple of time in a cold sweat. I started thinking I was developing an MS and all that made me completely freaked out (not mentioning chronic subjective dizziness and prospective to taking ADs again). I'm doing MRI in a couple of weeks, MRI from Sep 2016 showed no lesions. A couple of days ago, maybe a week, I started feeling odd taste in my mouth, I searched for it and yes, the closest description is "metallic". These three months were the worst, I think I'm in depression now (my psychotherapist kind of shares my view), really preparing for the life with MS and, well, the joy of life has gone So I'd like to ask community a couple of questions and ask for support, because it seems my CNS is waving me a goodbye 1. Do you think I tapered too fast? 2. Was the dose good enough to "justify" what was going on? 3. Is all this more likely WD than suddenly appearing MS? 4. I'm taking Fish Oil, magnesium, Turmeric, taking St. John's Wort (800mg) right now. Should I add / remove anything from the list? 5. I'm doing yoga warm-up every day, try to visit yoga classes a couple of times per week With hope, citydweller.
  9. hi guys, Its been 10 days since I stopped Lexapro after 1.2 years 10 mg and tapering off for 2.1 months last dose 5mg . I got light on and off dizziness and mild anxiety after 1 week but I am able to do my job like going to gym working out . ihave no problem with it . every 6 years I get dizziness sensation while walking sitting or lying down . I had mri done twice , neurological examination twice , ent twice , cardiologist , blood tests everything completely normal even heart rhythm and paplitaions were normal. so they put it to anxiety related dizziness and was put on Lexapro . in the long run my parents thought medications are bad so I stopped after tapering as told by psychiatrist . my fear is will get greater symptoms or will I get better ? I don't want dizziness again I have enough of it . will iget more withdrawls later ? . please help . I am feeling anxious after reading many horrible online forums .
  10. Hi all, Checking in to ask a few questions about SSRI (Effexor) withdrawal. Basically, when I came off Effexor in August 2014 over 12 weeks after being on them for 4 years, I started to have stomach / digestive problems about 6-8 weeks after stopping. Always figured that it was due to coming off Effexor, never had anything like that in the past. But basically almost 1 year later in July 2015 out of the blue I developed this lightheaded / dizzy feeling 24/7 and a year later it's still here and my health has taken a major dive. I was given an antibiotic (clairithromycin) by my then gp just to see if it helped the dizziness, he thought it was a sinus infection, and it almost killed me and am still feeling the effects from it today. The best way for me to describe the experience is like trying to throw petrol on a fire to put it out. So right now I'm dealing with suspected Effexor withdrawal and also been floxed by the antibiotic, my body is a total mess. I wanted to ask here is it possible to get additional withdrawal symptoms 1 year later after stopping Effexor? I'm trying to figure out where this dizziness came from, I've had an MRI and came back clear. I'm trying to figure out if it could be connected to the Effexor withdrawal, but because it happened 11 months after I stopped it I'm thinking to myself is it even possible or connected to the Effexor withdrawal. That's why I'd like to speak to a few people on here and maybe see what they have to say about it. If anyone can shed some light on this, please comment or drop me a pm, really would like to get to the bottom of it. Thanks for reading.
  11. Hi! I'm Britt777. I joined this site to figure out what is causing me numerous symptoms. Here is my brief story: Took Lexapro for about 3 years or more, came off of it Tried Trintillex and Brintillex, didn't like the way it made me feel Doctor then tried Fluvoxamine 100mg and took that for 7 months. He decided to add Wellbutrin (Bupropion XL 150mg) along with it. A month later I ask to stop Fluvoxamine (Luvox) because I felt like I was experiencing "depersonalization" or pretty much felt like life was not real and was a dream. So, at that appointment he told me to stop the Fluvoxamine and upped my Wellbutrin to 300mg once a day. The first day from this switch I felt great. Then the second day came... had nausea, lightheadedness, dizziness, "brain zaps", increased tinnitus (ringing in the ears), blurry vision, feeling like I could pass out, headaches, head pressure, and crazy fluctuating heart rate. (Today I had a heart rate of 100 and dropped to 70 within 5 minutes without doing anything different.) This is day 7 since the switch. I just want to find out if it's withdrawal symptoms from the Fluvoxamine since he didn't advise me to taper or if it's a reaction to upping the Wellbutrin.
  12. I really could use some advice I am not sure if what I am experiencing is from Effexor withdrawal or not. I was on 150mg for a few years I have been slowly tapering down for several months now (weighing beads on a micro scale for accuracy) on Friday 22nd I took my last dose which was 0.124g of beads (so very little actual drug). For months now I've had severe dizziness and nausea, and diarrhea too. Enough to keep me in bed a lot. Plus a strange sensation on the tip of my tongue. Now it's pretty much just dizziness but it's so bad. Previously when I was down to 0.5g of weighed beads I decided to take it back to 1.5g to see if my symptoms eased and go a little slower. I think things improved a little but I've not been symptom-free. I'm out of the drug completely now. I took 2-3 weeks to taper back down from that to zero. Slower than the first time. I thought my symptoms had actually improved because I bought a whole lot of natural remedies for giardia and tried them all and had relief within a day, but now I don't even remember if that's also when I took my dosage back up. I'm just not sure what's wrong with me. The doctors did a bunch of tests and gave me no answers. My family doctor told me to go off birth control and take naproxen every day. Well I'm doing half that... I'm not risking pregnancy just because SHE thinks I should have a baby. Yikes. It's been over a week since I stopped, still so dizzy I am wondering if I should go back on (I'd have to go refill the script) and if I do, what dosage? I would try the 10% taper every 3-4 weeks but I don't want to be doing this much longer. I hate taking it. And honestly I'm not totally sure if this is even the cause of my dizziness. I had no headaches or brain zaps or the other sensations I had when I missed a dose. But sometimes I am hearing sounds and I'm not sure if it's my head or the sounds are really there. I just don't want this diziness to go on forever and I feel like it's going to. But I also don't want to go back on Effexor if that's not even the reason I'm dizzy!
  13. Hi everyone! I've just found this thread and I'm so happy I did. I'm 27 and have been taking klonopin 1.5mg daily for about four years. Last month I started seeing a new doctor and she put me on Zoloft with the hopes of tapering the klonopin. I took 25mg for the first week, 50 mg for the following 3 weeks and now have been on 100mg for the past 3 days. This medication is making me feel insane. On 50mg I felt more depressed. Now that I upped the dose I'm constantly anxious so I've been taking more klonopin. I'm dizzy, my eyes just start shutting constantly, nauseous, can't stop yawning (and the yawns make me sick to my stomach). Has anyone had similar symptoms? Did they go away? My doctor said to give it a few more days and if this persists we'll lower the dose. I honestly just want to stop the medication. Also, I haven't been able to sleep at night. It's pure hell. Someone please tell me I'm not the only one struggling with this. Has anyone stopped the medication after this amount of time and had minimal side effects? Because now I feel as if I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Medication symptoms or withdrawal symptoms. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello all! I found your forum and figured I should ask for thoughts regarding my Lexapro withdrawal experience. I’ll post a brief overview paragraph, but if you have time or want to know more, I tried to be as detailed as possible describing my symptoms to see if they sound familiar to anyone here. Short explanation: I took Lexapro for around 2 years, maybe a bit longer. The dose was 10mg, but it’s possible it was a little higher for a short while. I lowered the dose to 5mg at some point in 2014 and was on that dose for a year. I then spent the bulk of a year tapering from 5mg to 0mg. The last dose I took was so small that it was a tiny piece of powder on my finger, which is what I had gotten it down to over time. I am on here because I have been off of the medicine completely for almost four months and still have some odd slight-dizzy/floating feelings sometimes, which typically aren’t very strong or long lasting, but I also have fatigue most days. I sleep very well and get 7-8 hours a night, but feel the need to lay down for a few minutes several times a day. I never had these issues until I started messing with my Lexapro doses. Thats the short story, but I can get more in-depth. Fatigue details: The fatigue used to be so bad a few months ago that I could easily fall asleep within 3 minutes; I would often take a few minute break at work and immediately fall asleep in my car and set a short 6 minute timer and wake up and feel a lot better. I would do that a few times a day especially after work. Now days I don’t instantly fall asleep, but resting my eyes for a few minutes helps. I take a 20 min nap at lunch and a 20 min nap after work and for both of these I fall asleep and jolt awake when the alarm goes off, but feel a lot better. When it happens, I can often feel the tiredness growing in a short period of time, often within an hour or even 15 minutes. The tiredness is usually just to the level of being annoying, but sometimes it becomes so strong that I literally just have to close my eyes at my office desk for awhile. When it’s really bad I notice I even close my eyes for a couple seconds when I am walking or doing simple things. This isn’t like when a driver starts closing their eyes without noticing it; I very purposefully close my eyes just for a second or two to get a vague feeling of minor relief. Usually I feel like my mind is actually still working and I am wanting to stay productive, but my eyes and head just get tired even though the rest of me seems to have energy. Its almost like a synthetic tiredness, as if my water was spiked several times a day without me knowing; it’s very different from a normal tiredness. Often if I am at home I will feel it kick in and just have to drop what I’m doing, lay down and set my timer for 5-15 minutes just to recharge and then get back up and continue what I was doing. Then it might kick in two or three hours later and I’ll have to do the nap/timer session again. Before I go out and do anything, such as meet a friend or go to a movie, I preemptively take a short nap to prepare my body. Also, when I wake up in the morning after a full 7 or 8 hours sleep, I am typically a bit groggy for awhile inevitably. Before I started changing my meds I would often wake up and have energy and used to love my morning time during the weekends. Now mornings aren’t horrible, but they aren’t really much to look forward to. On weekends I often take one of my quick naps within an hour or two after waking up because I get so groggy I just have to lay down. Dizziness details: My dizziness from time to time gets bad enough to become an issue that really bothers me. These periods where it is bad usually only last for a few days, but more often the dizziness is a very minor symptom and just makes me feel a bit “off” for a half hour or so. It’s hard to explain and there are actually several different feelings of dizziness I experience. “Dizziness” isn’t even always the best word, but its the only one that I can think of that fits. Often it is just a vague sense of feeling disconnected and unbalanced. Sometimes when I am showering I do literally feel slightly unbalanced, but it is a very minor feeling and I never *actually* feel like I am loosing my balance. Another feeling is almost like the whole room is spinning, but at such a very, very slow rate that it is just enough to make me feel slightly uncomfortable. Sometimes another feeling happens where I feel slightly cloudy headed and if I turn my head quickly, it takes a second for my brain to readjust. This usually doesn’t last very long, and in fact, most of these dizzy feelings come and go within a half hour and don’t interfere with my life very badly. Oh, and another one is a vague “floating” sense that I sometimes feel when I walk down a hallway, for example. Again, pretty minor, but just enough to make me feel a little off. I should also mention that sometimes the dizziness transitions into tiredness; the dizziness evaporates and I am left feeling like I need to lay down from sudden fatigue. Additional issues: When I first got off Lex completely, I had really sore muscles in my back and shoulder blades within a few days. One of those curved self massage sticks really helped with that. I used to also have a really bad pressure in my head during the tapering process (but went away after a few weeks of stopping lex) and the massage stick also relieved a lot of that head pressure that I used to get. I no longer have the tension in my back, but my shoulders themselves often feel like they get tense, like there is a “grip” on them. Sometimes this is combined with a slight feeling of dizziness. When I am around my father to give my shoulders a quick massage it relieves a lot of the dizziness as well as the tension. I have read that anxiety can cause tension like this, but I have had anxiety my whole life and never have felt this shoulder “grip” before. But it may be an indirect, subconscious anxiety causing this tension, as opposed to a direct result of lexapro withdrawal. Typically a short period of laying down helps with this also. Waves/Windows: I have read different parts of this forum and found them helpful. I feel that the “waves/windows” idea is in line with what I have been going through. I feel that I am getting better, and then all of a sudden I will feel way worse for several days or a week, then I will start feeling better again for a week or so. However, looking back on the whole process, overall I think I am improving in the big picture scheme of things. I went to the doctor yesterday and of course he told me it couldn’t have anything to do with Lexapro because I have been off of it for a few months. I also am having blood work done just in case it is anything else. I guess my big question is do these things sound familiar to others and will these symptoms go away over time?
  15. . My name is Kim. I'm new to the forum. I am trying to get off of escutalopram. I have been taking it since July of 2014. I currently take 10mg. I take two 5 mg. pills a day. I tried to lower my side awhile ago but I got terrible withdrawals--severe anxiety and headache. I cut it down 25%. After withdrawal effect I went back to regular dose. My psychiatrist is no help. He told me to just cut it in half. No way! He is clueless. I wonder what some of you have to say.
  16. Kilito12

    Kilito. New.

    Hey everyone. Not sure what I'm looking for here. I guess some reassurance about how things are going for me. Been reducing citalopram (40mg) since April and now not taking anything. Serious side effects. Worst being the dizziness and electrocution down my neck and necks every time I move my eyes. Insomnia too. Hence why I'm awake at 4:30am.
  17. Hello Everyone. I was on 20mg nortriptyline for 6 weeks. I tapered off the drug over a 1 week period due to it's side effects (increased heart rate, muscle spasms and hair loss). It's been 2 weeks since I stopped taking the nortriptyline and I am still having a very rough time dealing with withdrawal symptoms. I constantly have this constant rocking motion that I feel in my head as though I'm on boat that's bobbing up and down, left and right, forward and backwards. Although this seems similar to vertigo, things around me in the environment are not spinning. I just feel like my mind and head is always rocking ever so slightly with the beating of my heart. I should note that I had and am still dealing with constant rapid heartbeats throughout the day since I stopped taking the drug. This constant rocking motion in my head makes me feel dizzy and nauseated. And my head feels like a balloon all the time. Has anyone here experienced movement problems during nortriptyline withdrawal? If so, does it go away and how long does it take for it to go away? It's very bothersome. It greatly hinders my concentration and focus. I'd like to hear from anyone who's had this experience. Thanks.

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