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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Group, I'm a 65 year old male who's been on Effexor for probably close to 15 years. I've tried to get off of the medication three times with no success. On my third attempt, I went from 150 mg to 125 mg to 70 mg to 37.5 mg per day and then 3705 mg every other day and finally to zero. After two weeks of no medication, I couldn't handle the side affects. Everyone was so loud. I was impatient and so quick to anger. I felt unsteady, even dizzy at times. I felt like I was driving fast on a gravel road, fish-tailing all over. So I went back on. Currently I'm on at 70mg/day. I'm interested in trying again to get off of this medication. The COVID vax and resent press on the research confirming that depression is not due to a chemical imbalance in the brain (NOT what I recalled being told) has got me wanting to try one more time to get off this medication. I found this site, and, quite frankly, finally have a more accurate understanding of what tapering really is. Some of the posts scared me. Some of the posts gave me hope. I guess I have both right now. Based on what I've read here...I am thankful for the site.
  2. Hello Everyone. I was on 20mg nortriptyline for 6 weeks. I tapered off the drug over a 1 week period due to it's side effects (increased heart rate, muscle spasms and hair loss). It's been 2 weeks since I stopped taking the nortriptyline and I am still having a very rough time dealing with withdrawal symptoms. I constantly have this constant rocking motion that I feel in my head as though I'm on boat that's bobbing up and down, left and right, forward and backwards. Although this seems similar to vertigo, things around me in the environment are not spinning. I just feel like my mind and head is always rocking ever so slightly with the beating of my heart. I should note that I had and am still dealing with constant rapid heartbeats throughout the day since I stopped taking the drug. This constant rocking motion in my head makes me feel dizzy and nauseated. And my head feels like a balloon all the time. Has anyone here experienced movement problems during nortriptyline withdrawal? If so, does it go away and how long does it take for it to go away? It's very bothersome. It greatly hinders my concentration and focus. I'd like to hear from anyone who's had this experience. Thanks.
  3. Lizzard

    Seroxat hell

    Hi, I struggle a lot with anxiety, so at some point it was so bad that I’ve decided to take medication for it, I started taking 10mg a day for about 3 months. Then I increased it to 20mg for another 3 months. After I’ve gained almost 10kg and I was feeling uncomfortable, I’ve decided to stop. my doctor told me to take 10 mg for 2 weeks and then stop. I just completed my first week off the medication and I feel terrible. I needed to stop working because the withdrawals are too bad! I feel nauseous all the time, I am sensitive to everything and I could cry 24/7. I feel like I only exist and my body is separated from my mind. I am completely overwhelmed by literally everything. When does it stop and is there any advice ? thank you
  4. I've taken Zoloft for 12 years and Wellbutrin for 10. Eventually got to 100mg of both. One year ago started hormone therapy and felt I was emotionally ready to taper meds a few months ago. Tapered Zoloft only (Wellbutrin still at 100mg for now and maybe forever). Zoloft taper: 100mg to 50mg--big mistake, BUT after feeling like I had the flu for 2 weeks felt stable and tapered again after a few more weeks to 25mg. Did well with that dose for a few weeks, just some minor anger issues and very tired. Felt stable and went down to 12.5mg for two weeks, again tired some anger SOOOO went to 0mg on 5/9/19 and next day lightheaded and felt "high" most of the day, especially when standing/walking/moving. A tiny bit of stomach discomfort, some anger. It's been 4 days and the lightheadedness is pretty bad, I'm afraid to drive. Wanting advice as to whether I should go back to the 12.5 dose for awhile, stick this out, or anything that could help. I have two special needs children and I can't function enough like this to be able to take care of them like I should. Thanks in advance for any information! PS: I've read a lot about what I should have done to taper and realize I messed up by not researching enough ahead of time.
  5. Hello Everyone, I am very glad to have found this forum. As you will see in my signature, I am a 28 year old female with a long history for Sertraline use. I began taking Sertraline at age 15 for severe OCD/anxiety and have been on it ever since then. At one point, probably around 18 or so, I maxed out at 200 mg/day of Sertraline and stayed on that does to about age 25. Around age 25 I was able to taper from 200 mg to 100 mg successfully without really any symptoms of withdrawl that I can recall. I have worked extremely hard to overcome my illness, and am finally at a point in life where I feel I have amassed enough tools through therapy and support to try to come off of Sertraline completely, especially because we would like to have children within the next 5 years. With the support of my doctor, I am tapering down to 75 mg from 100 mg. It has been about a week and a half since I began the reduced dose and the past few days I have experienced very serious dizziness, headaches, nausea, and fatigue. I have joined this forum with hopes that someone may be able to provide me with tips for dealing with these uncomfortable symptoms. It is so bad that I really should not be driving and had to stay home from work today. My understanding is that pain relievers such as advil and aleve can make SSRIs less effective, so I don't want to take any pain relievers for the headache if it will make the situation worse. I am determined to get off of this medication though it seems it will be a difficult journey. *I would just like to mention that perhaps there is one confounding factor in my situation - I began Gabapentin about 3 weeks ago to help with numbness/tingling in my forearm from cubital tunnel neuropathies. I know this is also a neuro drug, so I figured I would mention it as well. Any tips, support, or encouragement that you can provide would be a huge help! Thank you in advanced! Mademoiselle
  6. I am 43 years old. When I was 20 years old I had my first depression. They got me on paxil in October 1993. I was 21 years old then. That helped. The next 21 years following I head no depression or anxiety. 21 years I lived a normal live: married, made a career, sported a lot. During my student period (1994-1997) I was sometimes a heavy drinker. Occasionally I was dizzy for a couple of weeks, but that always ended. In those years I tried to quit paxil (20 mg) sometimes, but never succeeded because of the brain-zaps (withdrawal) Flash forward to 2014: I worked way to hard (I was manager for about 100 people) and got a burnout. That's where my tinnitus kicked in. I went to a psychiatrist (for the first time since 1993/1994) and he increased my paxil from 20 to 40 mg. Did not help much for the tinnitus and burnout, so I started slowly tapering from 40 to 0 mg over a period of 12 months in 2015. At the end of 2015 I was on 10 mg and went to 0 mg in one week. All hell broke loose: terrible headaches, heavy increase of tinnitus, suicidal thoughts, dizziness, anxiety an I even fainted a couple of times, etc. Was it the 23 years of Paxil that took its toll? At the end of 2015 I wrote a goodbye suicide note. The withdrawal effects where to heavy especially the tinnitus. I got hospitalized and at the hospital they gave me clomipramine (anafranil) and sulpiride (dogmatil). The effect was terrible. More tinnitus and double vision. Only solution was, according to a psychiatrist: back to paxil. So since the beginning of 2016 I am back om 30 mg paxil. With that I take 1mg lorazepam for the tinnitus and 7,5 mg mirtazapine for sleeping. My head feels terrible. It is extremely sensitive, especially for noise. Besides that I have a constant pressure in my head: most of the tome I feel the electricity in my head. This year I started neuro-modulation for my tinnitus and they made a scan (a QEEG) for the pressure in my brain which saw an overpressure in my brain. I am not sure but I think I have a sort of withdrawal discontinuation syndrome. My marriage ended because of the horrible situation in 2015/2016. Strange thing: I always knew that something would happen. 23 years on paxil took its toll. I am more stable now when I was 1 week off paxil. On the other hand: I have not tried to get off for a longer time and my brain feels so fragile that I cannot work anymore. I am afraid to stop taking paxil again. On the other hand: I want my brain, nerve-system and immune-system to heal. What should I do?
  7. I really could use some advice I am not sure if what I am experiencing is from Effexor withdrawal or not. I was on 150mg for a few years I have been slowly tapering down for several months now (weighing beads on a micro scale for accuracy) on Friday 22nd I took my last dose which was 0.124g of beads (so very little actual drug). For months now I've had severe dizziness and nausea, and diarrhea too. Enough to keep me in bed a lot. Plus a strange sensation on the tip of my tongue. Now it's pretty much just dizziness but it's so bad. Previously when I was down to 0.5g of weighed beads I decided to take it back to 1.5g to see if my symptoms eased and go a little slower. I think things improved a little but I've not been symptom-free. I'm out of the drug completely now. I took 2-3 weeks to taper back down from that to zero. Slower than the first time. I thought my symptoms had actually improved because I bought a whole lot of natural remedies for giardia and tried them all and had relief within a day, but now I don't even remember if that's also when I took my dosage back up. I'm just not sure what's wrong with me. The doctors did a bunch of tests and gave me no answers. My family doctor told me to go off birth control and take naproxen every day. Well I'm doing half that... I'm not risking pregnancy just because SHE thinks I should have a baby. Yikes. It's been over a week since I stopped, still so dizzy I am wondering if I should go back on (I'd have to go refill the script) and if I do, what dosage? I would try the 10% taper every 3-4 weeks but I don't want to be doing this much longer. I hate taking it. And honestly I'm not totally sure if this is even the cause of my dizziness. I had no headaches or brain zaps or the other sensations I had when I missed a dose. But sometimes I am hearing sounds and I'm not sure if it's my head or the sounds are really there. I just don't want this diziness to go on forever and I feel like it's going to. But I also don't want to go back on Effexor if that's not even the reason I'm dizzy!
  8. I discovered this web page by serendipity today. Like I was just supposed to find it by some divine purpose. I've been feeling "funny". Like my head is in a cloud and I have dizziness when I turn my head from a stationary position. I was searching the internet thinking this might be a sinus infection that hasn't really gone away. But now I'm realizing that it's probably withdrawal symptoms, thanks to this website. It's worse at various times, maybe depending on caffeine, sleep, anxious feelings and other factors. I'll be paying close attention to see what makes it worse or better. The back story: I started taking antidepressants when I was 17. I'm now 32 (almost 33). I started with Zoloft, changed to Prozac, and finished on Lexapro. I have increased and decreased my doses over the years (with the guidance and approval of my psychs), sometimes doubling or halving my dose without any kind of taper and without really having any issues with that. This year, I decided to get off of them altogether. In hindsight, I realize I've been taking them way too long, much longer than I needed to. And I might not have even needed them in the first place. I probably just needed really good therapy to help with my issues rather than putting a band-aid (plaster) on my symptoms. I think it was April when I started my taper of Lexapro (escitalopram) under the guidance and approval of my psych, and I tapered kind of fast I think compared to what I've been reading here. I went from 40mg to 30, 30 to 20, 20 to 15, 15 to 10, 10 to 5, and then I sometimes halved the 5 if I could or I took it once ever other day and then once every three days and then stopped. So I went from April to the beginning of September with my taper, practically going from 5mg to 0 in one step. Maybe 3 weeks have passed, and I'm noticing this dizzy, cloudy feeling and sometimes a palpitation thing with my heart, but I'm not sure if it's real or what. I pray that my symptoms don't worsen and that other ones don't pop up. I made an appointment with my GP for three days from now. At the time I made the appointment, I thought it was for a possible sinus infection. Now I'm going to share with him what I've learned here. I might ask for him to do the EKG thing on my heart or whatever it is to monitor any weirdness. I've also moved up my next appointment with my psychiatrist to ask about this. My question is this... Has anyone had withdrawal symptoms, gone back onto the medication, and then tapered off again but much more slowly? And did you have success? Did you reduce or eliminate your withdrawal syndrome? Or do you know someone that has done this? I appreciate anyone taking time to read this and comment.
  9. So, after about 7 years on varying dosages of Zoloft (varied during pregnancy), I've spent the last 9 months stepping down from 100mg to 75mg (no withdrawl symptoms then) to 50 (insomnia, irritability, visual twitches). My provider helped ease those symptoms with supplements: Thorne's cortisol manager and 5HTP --these made a HUGE difference for me. Simultaneously started a very low dosage of plant based progesterone (am in early perimenopause). I inadvertantly missed three doses of the Zoloft at the beginning of the week (I sometimes fall asleep putting my little one to bed and feel too sleepy if I take the sertraline in the morning). Since, I have been feeling pretty dizzy and irritable and somewhat weepy. I am trying to decide whether to just forge ahead with added Pharma Gabba and extra 5 htp supplements suggested by my provider or to reactivate the Zoloft at 25 mg. My provider has indicated she supports either decision as long as i "feel safe." I started on Zoloft in the first place because of post-partum depression and anxiety. I now have two young children, a middle school-aged boy and a rocky marriage resulting from poor choices I've made, I think, because I was seeking stimulation -- to feel something again. That's why I decided to get off the ZOloft. I am hoping that feeling some hghs and lows instead of stable -- but flat and dulled, will help me be more present in my life. While I trust and like my main health care provider and am in marriage counseling with my husband, I do not have an individual counselor or psychaitrist. Am I taking too big of a risk by not continuing to taper? I have a refill waiting for me of the 50 mg pills to break inhalf ...
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