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Found 2 results

  1. https://www.beckershospitalreveiw.com/legal-regulatory-issues/53-medical-professionals-indicted-in-federal-opioid-bust-here-s-who-they-are.html Let the buyer beware, folks. Safest place for all of us is out of a hospital and out of a doctors office. May all of us find healing through our own accountability for taking care of ourselves in the most natural ways possible. Peace, Glosmom
  2. let me preface this by saying this post is more about any iatrogenic illness rather than just psychotropic withdrawal. as the months go by, I find myself fluctuating between acceptance and complete frustration and misery with my condition. sometimes it develops into full blown hate and aggression to the PA who prescribed me accutane to be specific. i feel less anger towards my psychiatrists i think because they understood how much mental unrest i was experiencing originally with OCD and subsequently with the withdrawal from meds. if anything its a manageable frustration that motivates me to become an activist for less reliance on meds. but I knew the potential adverse effects that accutane had. I did all my research but I was so ready for an excuse to take it and get rid of my bad skin once and for all. that PA prayed on my vulnerability and swore there would be no consequences despite my concerns. Im starting to realize that at some point I absolutely have to confront her to let her know what my life has become because of her negligence for the sake of her future patients and some closure in my life. however, I find the idea of the confrontation to be very harrowing borderline traumatic. this was a pivotal time in my life and her response symbolizes the cost by which I lost control of it. will she own up, be empathetic, and take the appropriate amount of responsibility, or will she blame it completely on me relying on her medical "expertise" to divert blame from her practice and the drug? will her response elicit forgiveness in me, or will it further my disdain and regret? this almost feels like a duty of mine. I cannot die without getting my revenge in a sense. I respect my existence too much to let the damage just be done so to speak. I feel a deep need to do this in order to make peace with the damage that I unintentionally caused myself. I feel so much anger about it. any experiences in confronting doctors out there about personal damages? similar thought processes? stories? love to read them.
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