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Found 2 results

  1. Aria's recovery from poly drugs. I had no idea when I walked into a psychiatrist's office 25 yrs ago the horrible labyrinth I'd entered. Slam dunked at a point in my life when I was feeling low and the loss of future possibilities taken away. Being told I was mentally ill, would never function again, needed to be on disability and poly drugged for the rest of my life repeatedly took it's toll. All this impacted my relationships with family, friends and enjoying life. The pdoc constantly added new psych drugs, changed doses and took me off the old drugs at an alarming rate. I became a morbidly obese woman who mumbled or talked rapidly and it was obvious to everyone but the pdoc I was totally messed up on something. I had Seroquel Induced Acute Pancreatitis that landed me in the hospital for quite awhile and my pdoc put in my open med chart I was crazy. I didn't know this till later but ill as I was I did notice some of my physicians were treating me oddly. One good thing about being so ill was I referred to a neurologist for chronic pain and found out my problem was profound drug induced Akathsia. This neurologist actually screamed at me, these psych drugs are killing you, they're killing you. I knew I had to get off these drugs not matter what it took and reclaim my life. At my next appointment I asked my psychiatrist why he was drugging me like this and he looked directly at me (probably for the first time in years he saw "me"). He started sobbing, loudly sobbing, "Oh God what have I done to you", over and over. I'm sitting there thinking oh crap, I don't need this. Our 15 minute med check was up and this guy calmly goes to the front desk to get the next patient and proceeds without any other fanfare. He's robot. A robot. All this in itself was mind boggling. Hell, closure?? No way. I found out I had Tardive Dyskinesia and a few other psych drug induced issues. My face was a road map with twitches and jerking that yelled hey, I'm on massive psychiatric drugs. Will my face be like this forever?? The TD has mostly gone away and I'm so grateful (the pdoc adamantly said I did not have Tardive Dyskinesia from psych drugs). Well, guess what?? The psychiatrist was wrong...horribly wrong. Other doctors, psychiatrist, therapists said you're not mentally ill and never had been. The sad but very scarey part is I'm labeled as profoundly mentally ill and that info is in my medical charts. One pdoc did this...one. I've gone through the gambit of emotions dealing with this. I will probably always be mad at this jerk for what he did to me and for what he still does to others. It affected years of my life and he was wrong. I'm a Success Story because I'm psych drug free and have been for several years. My journey was extremely difficult and I did it on my own hit or miss tapering off numerous psychiatric drugs. I endured drug withdrawals that paralyzed me month after month. Was it worth the hell of tapering? Yes, very much yes. My reward was my clarity of mind, my passions for life returned and I have hopes for my future. I mended fences with family and have made new friends. I strive everyday to be productive. I'm me but a different me because no one could go through all this and not be changed by it. (for more in-depth conversations about my struggles, coping and self awareness with surviving psychiatry please visit my ongoing thread Aria's Psych Journey http://survivinganti...psych-journey/)
  2. Hi all! I'm proof that the tapering method is possible by keeping it slow, simple and stable. I took 9 months to get off 75mg Effexor. I'm not sure if this was too quick, but I managed to avoid most of the awful brain zaps and other effects of withdrawal, only having to go to previous levels once or twice. I went well and felt really good. And so proud of my seat finally getting off the drug after 9 years. Then, a little over 2 months drug free I was hit by the biggest anxiety attacks my doctor has ever heard of, lasting for days at a time instead of the usual 10 to 20 minutes! At first the doc treated the symptoms only - with heart medication (serious stuff) and Valium. When this wasn't doing much after a few weeks of me being unable to function and unable to eat it got to the point where the only other option was to be put back on 75mg Effexor. This made life more bearable but wasn't fixing the problem. So I got put on 150mg Effexor and off all other drugs. Worked like a charm! So my problem is worse now than before tapering off the 75mg dose! Did I taper too fast off the 75mg? Did that cause the severe aniexty attacks? Is it true that these ad drugs cause a gene to turn on, and mine didn't turn back off after the drug had left my system? What should I have done differently? I'd really like to reduce down to 75mg again but I am so frightened of the severe anxiety. Do supplements help or are companies cashing in on our weakness? Has anyone else had this happen to them? I feel so alone and trapped on a medication that seems to have done something permanent to my brain. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks in advance ????
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