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Found 1 result

  1. I've been counting the little balls out of my Cymbalta 20mg capsules for almost a year now. I know on average there are 200 little granules in there. I'm down to taking 70 granules out per day. Well, now I'm out of full pills and need to start counting 130 granuales and putting them into a gelatin capsule. Being that I did not think ahead and didn't even realize my prescription was out (and it's a federal holiday) this morning was rough. So... I DID NOT have a gelatin capsule to put the 130 balls into but instead counted them out into the lid and took it like a shot. Then drank water to rinse them all down. Now I'm panicking (Panic Disorder and PTSD) that I'm going to die because I did it without the gelatin capsule. I found in this forum to mix the balls with applesauce or apple juice (after I did that of course) but couldn't find anything about taking them the way I just did a few hours ago. I took a small dose of Ativan hoping to stop full fledge panic (weaning off of that also- PRN every few days or so). I guess I need some reassurance that I'm not going to die or someone to post a link where other people do this. I will go get gelatin capsules so I can use all the balls I've taken out since I have no refills now. Cold turkey is not for me either. Ended up in ER last time.
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