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Found 1 result

  1. This is difficult to write about. But it's important for people to know. So many women are struggling with bulimia and I wonder how many cases are triggered by SSRIs. In 1994 I was put on Prozac and within weeks began obsessing about sugar. Thoughts so intrusive that I had to drop out of school; developed serious bulimia, spent enormous amounts of money on food; similar to heroin addiction. I felt so ashamed, responsible, no one made the connection that it might be the meds. Doctors upped my meds, was hospitalized many times, in therapy for an "emerging eating disorder". After 17 years of trying everything and 100s of thousands of dollars to heal (CBT, DBT, inpatient + outpatient therapy), three months after stopping SSRIs for 1st time in 17 years (symptoms worsened for first 3 months) my food obsession miraculously stopped. Went from being unable to think about anything but food, or participating in a real social life, always hiding my habit, to eating three meals a day plus snacks, with absolutely NO desire to binge or purge. Please pass my story along to anyone who is struggling. It has been a real awakening. I would like to write publicly about it, since this was so miraculous, so clearly connected. One day I'm an addict who tries everything to stop, but can't. Three months off SSRIs, the bulimia is gone with no effort on my part. No therapy, no attitude or life change. Just gone. Because I haven't seen anyone write about this, please let me know if you know how I might get this story out to people anonymously. Thank you for reading.
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