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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I have been on antidepressants since the late 1980’s. My first, for severe panic and anxiety, was Nardil. I was switched after three or so years to Paxil. Paxil gave me a movement disorder so I was then changed to Effexor around 1992 and Bupropion was added around 2000. On was on those two for the next eighteen years. In November of 2018 I thought I was starting to have movement disorder symptoms again which frightened me so much that I discontinued both medications abruptly, unaware of the consequences (Effexor 150 mg, Bupropion 100mg). This (Neurologist now calling it a severe Akathis
  2. I am saddened that so many people are experiencing these things, but I am so glad I found you. I've been solo'ing the Effexor removal from my system, and while I haven't been exactly the most eloquent in my descriptions of what is happening to me, there is so much comfort in finding others who are having, or have had, similar experiences. Effexor and I have gone from one HCL 25 MG tablet a day (first one: July 7, 2018), to four HCL ER 37.5 MG C a day. I was last at one of each daily (Feb 13, 2020), as I have been planning to discontinue my usage but wasn't sure when the ideal time wa
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