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Found 4 results

  1. ADMIN NOTE Also see: Overwhelmed, demotivated, apathetic? Cannot get going on interest or action Creating a new self after withdrawal Post by BrassMonkey How many of you, apart from the whole gamut of other symptoms, are suffering from emotional numbness as of present? How does it manifest in your case?
  2. Hi, my name is Adrian, I am a 35 year old male from Australia. My story is about emotional numbness/anhedonia, but first here's a bit about me. PLEASE READ THIS, because I am proof you can recover from prescription withdrawal. I was taking Xanax for years, since I was 17 for about 5 years, and a lot! about 10mg a day. I quit over the course of a month and went into severe withdrawal, had every symptom in the book, and I mean EVERY!!! recovered over 4 years and continued to get better over the next 10. Went on to own my own business, became an international edcator, exercise freak running 11k a day. YOU CAN RECOVER, AND YOU WILL. But this is not the story. 1 year ago I pushed things way to hard, exercised and dieted too much, took on too much with work, and one day I snapped. Started having panic attacks every day, the fatigue got very bad and I had to stop work for almost 3 months. Didnt want medication so I kept fighting getting nowhere. The emotional numbness was starting to set in for moments, but it scared me and sent me into another panic attack and so the snowball began. Took a better blocker propranolol, all it did was make me completely emotionally numb, which would wear off when the medication wore off. Took ativan and klonopin, had adverse reactions to them (probably as a result of my previous history with meds and withdrawal) Started taking citalopram, became extremely fatigued, walking off balance (I think afer previous meds and withdrawal you become hyper sensitive to more meds) so I tapered off after 6 weeks. Thats when the emotional numbness completely set in. Cant feel a thing, almost no emoton, no physical sensation to things like massage. Every few days, if I do positive thinking and talk to myself or go out for walks and smell flowers, and tell myself its just my body's way of protecting itself, I get a rush of adrenaline and im less numb than before. This brings me to the conclusion that the emotional numbness is your body's way of healing, don't be frightened of it! If I focus on it it gets a lot worse, ive had periods of feeling ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! If I talk to myself and tell my self thats its ok, I start to feel a little bit better. I feel that my physical symptoms are going away with the numbness. My burning and tingling feet are healing, my fatigue is lifting, no more headaches (the tension headaches were every day and I could hardly open my eyes) I am keen to hear feedback from others, and I would like to provide others with hope and insight. I have been able to reurn to work and move on with my life. Don't underestimate your body and brain, it will do what it needs to to get you better, and if that means shutting off your emotions for a time it will! The brain is very adaptable, during my first withdrawal and recovery, the more I looked at my symptoms as signs of recover the quicker I got better. I power walked every day, and yes, it started as not even being able to get to the end of the street and back and then sleeping for hours, but it ended up at running a kilometer in under 4 mins and doing marathons! I know this post is all over the place but I have a lot to say, and I am a survivor, and I want to continue to survive, so anyone with stories of recover or insight into emotional numbness please correspond with me. Love to you all. P.s who is Allostrata? (spelling sorry!) what an inspiring person.
  3. On December 21, 2017, my father and I went to psychiatrist because my brain cant stop from thinking and I cant sleep that much. I was diagnosed having Adjustment Disorder with mixed Anxiety and Depressed Mood. The doctor gave Risperidone. He said I need it to relax my mind and to help me to sleep. Taking it for 1 month, I experienced that I cant breathe through my nose, numbness in my thumb, some tingling in my hands, and got my eyes darken. I really dont know that these were side effects. Im so out of hope now, because i feel so regretful taking Risperidone (meds) for 2months and 1 week. I was on 1mg of it for 1month and then when i told my doctor that I cant sleep he increased it to 2mg (i took 2mg of it for 3wks) then i tried to taper it down to 1mg for i think almost a week. But theres one night came I cant sleep and cant breathe so, I quickly stop taking the Risperidone. Also, my father and I told about my situation to the doctor but it seems like he has no care :(. He said that I can stop the meds if i want to. If only I knew that the doctor is like that I never went to a psychiatrist These are what I feel. I cant sleep normally. I cant be myself. I used to be the one opening up a conversation and sharing stories but now i dont feel like to. Most painful of all is that... I cant feel. I cant feel the emotions. I feel like numb. I cant do my passion-music and arts. I love singing, dancing, and acting. I cant feel the emotions when im watching or when people are talking. I cant also feel the empathy and sympathy. I used to be an expressive and a happy person. I cant feel i am myself. Its been 1 month and 2 days off of it. I experienced little numbness in my left arm. I told it to my mother then she massaged it. The numbness gone after that. I think there's an improvement in my sleep. Sometimes I can sleep but I dont know if I really sleep. I regret that I did not continue reading about Risperidone before taking it I dont know how to live like this. Im hoping that my brain (all in it) will heal and repair itself.
  4. Hi, I took an SSRI (ecitalopram 5mg) which I think I did not need as I was all right and a friend of mine (doctor) gave me that nasty med. I remained on it for 3 months and then tapered it off in the coming 3 months. For two or 3 months I was ok but after that I developed moderate sexual dysfunction. The doctor gave me levosulphride (antipsychotic) along with some other supplements but there was no improvement so I quit taking those medicines and now for the last 1 and a half month I have developed emotional numbness/apathy. It was an intolerable situation for me and I was very much worried bcz of it. I could not stay calm and was on pins and needles. Since quitting that ssri my condition has gradually deteriorated. I started taking bupropion and alprazolam but no effect however I feel calm now and am not very much worried about my condition. I don't know whether this calm is because of anti-anxiety med (alprazolam) or I have just got used to being emotionally numb. Now I have a few questions. 1. I quit SSRI 8 months ago, and developed emotional numbness last month. Could it be because of levodulphride that I took a month ago (for 25 days and went off it cold turkey) or it is because of SSRI that I quit 8 months ago? 2. Since quitting ssri my condition has gradually deteriotarted. Can it further worsen??? 3. Should I go off all my meds?(bupropion+alprazolam) as they have not helped except giving me some energy and relieving my tension and worried state of mind. I want to allow my brain to heal itself on its own as i have been told that our brains are neuroplastic. 4. My pssd and apathy are not severe. Can it worsen over time? 5. Will this emotional numbmess ever go away?? Plz comment.
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