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Found 3 results

  1. I had started this heavy headed ness in December 2018..The feeling was like someone tying strong knot around my head and its getting tighter...with NO relief in site....I ddint knw at that time , it was related to depression. So i kept hoping that it will ultimately subside after diet change, sleep patterns etc.. but nothing worked ....After 6 months of this unbearable pain.I visited psychiatrist.In our society and family , visiting psychitrist is taboo. He has Started off with amixide-h, flunil 20...it helped me ...I got recovered to some extent .But not completeely. then my doctor advised me to visit another doc at metropolitan area. so i did... he started with having galop 10 and betacap 20 ....and increased dsage gradually... I recovered but new monster arised infront of me 'ANHEDONIA/emotional blunting/numbness' ...It was making me disassociated from everyone i am closer and affecting every relations i have. Then i talked this to doctor, he changed tab to Dulexetin , buproprien and betacap for this emotional apathy .....This has really helped me in relieving some symptoms of depression ..Anhedonia but remained ... After 4-5 month of treatment , Now i am recovered to the extent but last problem for me remains. In between i tried supplements like MUCUNA pruriens for dopamine, its very effective for me with libido increase, sexual pleasure, but not helped much with anhedonia. Now i started on with AGOMELATINE for this anhedonia thing...so will update about its effectiveness after 1 -2 months. If anyone has gone through plaese reply and suggest any new thing for anhedonia...LETS beat this bastard...
  2. I have been on Zoloft since 2001 and recently two months ago I stopped taking it cold turkey. Ever since then I have been suffering from loss of appetite? Has anyone else experienced that? I am never hungry anymore and I have lost about 6 pounds since. Also, I have experience the worst acne in my life. Break out pimples all over my forehead and chin. I was recently at the doctors because I was having breast pain for an entire month. She told me that it was because of the withdraw from the Zoloft that essentially my body was going through puberty again? I was wondering if anyone else had a hormonal imbalance after quiting Zoloft? Or is it just me? Thank you!
  3. Good Morning, I was searching online this morning to come across anything to help with this detox I am going through from Effexor. I have only been on it a year and 2 months. The first few months getting the dosage correct was hell! My doctor said it was best to stay on it for at least a year. I have since dealt with the issue that started the uncontrollable panic and anxiety so I figured I was ready to come off. I really want to start a family. I am currently on day 4 without any meds. Anyone else have any tips on how to get through this. I know its rough, I have done it before and survived, but this time I feel it is worse. Maybe because I know what to expect? But this time around I feel like nothing feels normal during points of the day. IE; being at work, driving down a road I drive down everyday, being at home, things that normally get me pumped and excited - just seem like thoughts now . Nothing feels like normalcy for periods of time to me. Anyone else dealt with that? It's such a disheartening feeling that I would almost trade feeling that for the uncontrollable crying and dizziness ! :(I am also experiencing anxiety while sleeping, or just waking up I am so glad there are forums like this, to not feel alone. Another terrible feeling I have been having lately, although I feel like everyone knows whats going on, it is really hard for them to understand! They are supportive, but just wish you wouldn't cry and breakdown in front of them because they don't know what to do, when in reality, all you want is someone to be ok with you and your emotional mood swings I completely understand that I am ok in these moments, I know they will pass. I also know that I will survive it, but the feelings are so uncontrollable there is nothing you can do to tell your mind otherwise - not that I have found. Any suggestions? Thanks everyone
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