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Found 2 results

  1. Hello I am 24y old male. Around july 2019 my medication was switched from valdoxan (agomelatine) wich I used for 4 years without any problems to some SSRI medication and some antipsych. - meds. I cant remember the name of my medication since it was switched numerous times cause I instantly felt that it affected my sexual drive. The condition gradually got worse with symptoms like: total death of sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, absent feeling of sensation in orgasms. I finally stopped taking any meds cold turkey around this july 2020 with my last medication being sertraline accord 50mg if I remember correctly, so I was on the SSRI -meds about a year. Now 5 months later after quitting the meds my symptoms are still as bad with a new symptom of having numb feelings: I dont feel sadness nor hapiness and its hard for me to feel interested romantically. I learned about PSSD several months ago but found this forum about a week ago. One post really shocked me here. In the post user wrote something like this: "there are over 4000 users in this forum yet only 40 success stories". This really made me sad and desperate, even suicidal. Is the situation really this hopeless? I'm really running out hope right now, and would like to hear your stories and some encourageing news and studies. I can also provide exact medical history next time I have an appointment.
  2. Today is my birthday and received this book I just ordered and read it through (an achievement in itself these days!) "How to be Sick:" a Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers," by Toni Bernhard Just lovely notions of about acceptance, loss (of former self, friends, profession, etc.) and how to use basics of Buddhist practice when dealing with our own illness: to completely feel but try to let go of guilt, bitterness, sorrow, and loss and embrace the happiness of others without envy, our own abilities given our limitations, and solitude. Basically, she emphasizes not to judge ourselves, and treat ourselves with compassion and kindness. Especially like how she advises a breath practice where INSTEAD of breathing in "health and well being" and exhaling "suffering," to do the opposite and extend a sense of self-care and nurturing to others. In other words, try not to panic and really feel what is happening, but to try and let it go. This is especially true in relationship to others in our lives: to embrace what other people can and cannot do for us with understanding. So for my birthday I extend hope and good wishes to all!
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