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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all., I am from South Africa, new to this site and hopeful that I will get advice on continuing my extended Lexapro taper. I have been on an extended Lexapro-taper since Nov 2016. I also have tapered off successfully from multiple other psychiatric medications (including Olanzapine, Clobazam) and I am now on 1.55mg Escitalopram per day (20mg of 10mg tablet weight). I taper using a small digital scale. I am ready to start another taper (10% of previous dose) but I need advice. At some point during my taper process, (Jan 2020) I thought it was a good idea (I know better now) to take my medication for 6 days and skip the 7th day in an effort to taper this way. I was at that time not yet aware of the 10%-guideline of tapering or the effect that skipping a dosage day will have. I have since just kept going with this, meaning, I take my daily dose of Lexapro for 6 days per week, and then I skip the Sunday-dose. I didn't want to change this later since I thought it would result in too much of a change in dosage over time, so I have kept at it since 2020 throughout my tapers. To be clear, I take 1.55mg Escitalopram for Monday until Saturday and then skip the Sunday dose, continuing again on Monday. I am now wondering if I should rather take my dosage for 7 days a week in stead of 6, but then adjusting for the amount that is not taken on the 7th day. Meaning, mathematically, that I would go from 1.55 mg Escitalopram for 6 days, to 1.33mg Escitalopram for 7 days a week, if staying at the same dosage. I hope that I am making sense. If my calculations are correct, then the dosage per week will be the same however I know that a change will bring side-effects, especially since I will be adding a dosage either at the end or the beginning of the week, so I add the adjusted smaller dosage on Sunday and then keep going with that dosage for the rest of the week and eventually everything will stabilise, or I start taking the lowered daily dosage on a Monday, continue with this lowered dosage until Sat and then add the Sunday dosage). I would appreciate any sort of insight in helping me determine how to continue from here. I was planning to start another taper this week, but I am now unsure of whether I should continue with the 6-days a week-dosing or change it to 7 days a week dosing? In making this change I will first stay at my current dosage and wait to stabilise before I undertake another taper. I am very weary of the resultant side-effects that an alteration of my meds will bring but at the same time I am wondering if this will help with future tapers in that it will ease future dosage changes (make them smoother) since I am not skipping a dosage every week. I would appreciate any insight or advice on how I should continue. I am a bit at a loss. Thank you.
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