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  1. Cherio


    Prozac and Elavil. Dozes up throughout 25 years. On March 2019 doctor took me off Prozac and the next day I started Celexa. Bad reaction added Trazodone at night. I fast tapered off Elavil during this time I have been off all antidepressant since June 1st 2019. Talk about withdrawals ! Insomnia is driving me crazy my brain zaps have subsided I still have buzzing in my head and stuffed up but I'm not depressed it's crazy I feel like s*** though lost a lot of weight went to doctor today for lab work everything turned out fine she gave me trazodone for insomnia and said the reason my head was buzzing and I'm stopped up was from lack of sleep. I'm not going to take it. I've started walking and eating better I've had some fun days but I mostly still sit around and watch TV or on internet
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