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Found 3 results

  1. I am having electrical spasms throughout my body and also in my brain. Not sure if they're also called brain zaps? But I heard that supplementing with Omega 3 might help. Also, correct me if I am wrong, but I heard that adding omega 3 in withdrawal is safe. So, I have two options - buy fish oil or ground flax seeds. Which one would you recommend?
  2. Christiana

    Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids vs Fish Oil

    Just wondering... Which is better to take... A Combination of Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids OR Fish Oil? I remember reading somewhere, from what I understand, that when you take the Omega Fatty Acids they should be in a certain ratio to one another. Also, you shouldn't just take one, but all three. I know Fish Oil is good to take, if you can tolerate it. I'd like to know your thoughts about what I said, concerning how you should take the Omega Fatty Acids, as well as whether you think it's better to take them or Fish Oil. Is there a benefit to taking one vs. the other or are they basically the same? I know Fish Oil can be stimulating to some and have ingested the Omega Fatty Acids, without having any issues, but haven't tried taking any Fish Oil yet. I just wanted to get your input, before I decide what to do. Of course, I'll take a very low starting dose, no matter what I decide, just to be on the safe side. I sincerely appreciate any help you can provide.
  3. Hi guys im gonna show you my intresting story, im not a long time ssri user and my withrawal may be not happen or wil be minimal. But my experience can help you guys to survive withrawal. this escitalopram thing is worked like a charm on me 2 hours after poping first 5mg pill. its aiitng like a benzo on me may be because of proven ''synergistic and on set speed up'' properties of my gym suplements. when i and my gf realized my male member* is getting smaller and im having wrinkles all over my face i freaked out and went cold turkey. i was using 2.5mg ritalin + 25mg sildenafil before sex on 10mg because it is making my libido disappear its giving priapism a wrong time long erection. Used about 11 weeks of 10mg lexapro for anxiety and depression first 3 weeks was 5mg . went off cold turkey today 5. day and no brain zaps no dysphoria, libido is going highger day by day and feeling a little euphoric. when i was on i was careless as hell but now im a little bit less careless. may be i will experience withrawal later BUT : im using these things on and off about 2 years : 50 to 200mg zinc 200 - 100mg magnesium sulbutiamine, thiamine, hydroxocobalamine 5 grams creatine 1-5 grams of fish oil 300-1000 ml filter coffe every morning 1800mg (3x600) to 10800mg (3x3600) NAC going off for 3-5 days and restarting pseudoephedrine, ritalin sometimes as needed drinking loads of water im going gym 3 times fullbody, other days doing gpp work, have very high work capacity (good for my adhd) and im very strong. i dont know what is responsible for my ''no withrawal as now'' story but there is studies about pshcopharmalogic effects of these things you know and creatine is speeding up onset effect of ssris and synergistic nac magnesium zinc fish oil too. if i feel bad i will write here and inform you guys. may be this can be helpful for other people just pop these suplemental pils and get rid of ssri without or minimal withrawal. edit: BTW im 78kg (172lbs) %15-18 bf and athletic as hell. may be my diet is important too because when i started listening dr charles parker and eat shitlaods of protein and carbs at breakfast my adhd drug started to work at very very low dosages. my diet is about 2800 to 3600 calories as i bulk cut or maintain- recomp daily 150 gram protein, daily 25-45 grams of fat maximum. majority of it come from egg yolk and taking fish oils you know. my macros like morning : 70-100 gram protein from egg whites, one egg white,fatless milk, bread.etc 1 kilos of fruit + 1-2 vegetable white bread, honey..etc just 300 grams of carbs. afternoon or evening : 70-50 gram protein- 100-200 grams of carbs, little fat. a lot of fruits, vegetables. dont eat this amount of carb as a sedentary people you can get insulin resistance eat around your TDEE at healty bodyfat.
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