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Found 2 results

  1. I'm in a pickle. My roommates son was playing in the bathroom one day and was messing with our supplements. He emptied out my Vitamin C capsules & replaced with 200mg 5-htp instead. I'm sensitive to serotonin & had a bad experience a number of years back which had serious consequences for me. I haven't taken meds since. For about a month I'd been getting really ill. I'd be spacey & lethargic then foggy minded, I lost my sense of taste. I thought I had Covid & got tested. Test was negative. I noticed I was more anxious and almost paranoid so I cut coffee out. Nothing
  2. Hello, I'm currently coming off Risperdal and I'm wondering how I might feel and act once I'm off the drug compared to how I am now. If you have been on Risperdal and are now off it, what is different? How do you act and feel different off the drug? I would especially like to hear from people who have tapered off Risperdal safely. I'm still on Risperdal, but I imagine when I'm off it I will have more affect. I don't really know what else. Thanks!
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