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Found 2 results

  1. I was on it for four (not entirely sure) years, 25-50mg. The first time I had to abruptly quit it was last year, 2020. I was in the hospital for 12 days and they would not give it to me there. That was when I was on 50mg. Withdrawal effects from that year: I had to pee every couple hours at the most and every 15-30 minutes at the least and my oxygen levels dropped (normally they were 99-100 but then they were 92). I would wake up gasping for breath and generally feel very off. This year: The imipramine quit working and was even making me feel worse, so I quit cold turkey from 25mg. Since then I have gotten a mysterious infection and was put on antibiotics, which I completed this morning. My primary doctor thinks I have an infection but could not find bacteria, just elevated white blood cells. I just had flu-like symptoms--headache, nausea, elevated temperature (about 100 degrees in the morning), fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, mild dizziness (which is improving) and visual hallucinations, which are not unusual because I also have schizophrenia. Doctor thinks COVID is unlikely, given lack of gastrointestinal issues and also lack of respiratory issues. Also I'm fully vaccinated and not very social. Questions: Would it be a bad idea to take just a tiny bit of imipramine to see if this goes away? Or should I just press on? Here is what I am more concerned about: I recently got a genetic test and do NOT have the MTHFR mutation (inability to process folic acid). But I will be taking Deplin, if insurance approves it, or generic methylfolate if it doesn't, starting with half of a 7.5mg--can it still help even if I don't have the mutation? I read that a lot of my health issues, like non-alcoholic fatty liver, poly-cystic ovary syndrome, depression, and schizophrenia can be helped with folate. I don't eat vegetables at all, and certainly no leafy greens, so is it possible I'm low in folate anyways? I am not looking to change my diet at the time as I'm barely eating as is. Just the idea of eating makes me want to throw up most days. I know it would be good for me to eat better, but I just try and try and it feels like nothing changes. I do actually manage to eat in the afternoon when the nausea fades for a while and I get hungry. I've lost ten pounds in a few months and I'm at 139 now. Thank you for reading!
  2. Hi guys. I've just started tapering off Efexor XR 75mg tablets once a day. I've been reducing the beads by 1 every two days. For e.g. I take out one tablet today, one tomorrow, then two beads on the third day, two on the fourth, three on the fifth, etc. I have been experiencing withdrawal symptoms of sore eyes, (I do wear glasses), become very tired and have to take a nap half way through my day, brain fog, flu like symptoms such as slight runny nose, cough. I was wondering, and read somewhere previously that there are other things to take while on the taper to help. I was wondering if anyone knows other things to help such as fish oil tablets. I'm a male, 40 years of age, and I am getting off this horrible drug because I want my life back. Efexor has made me like a zombie for a while now, I am tired all the time, have low motivation and it is terrible for me, because I am a singer/songwriter musician, and I haven't worked for months as this drug has just controlled my life, and I want to get off it. I originally had to get back on it as I was having regular panic attacks. The Efexor has kept the panic attacks away, but the cons far outweigh the pros for mine. I know some doctors have even tried to have this drug taken off the register. Just a horrible drug!
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