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Found 12 results

  1. Greetings, hope this is the right spot for this. I have been a "patient"since I was in college, am 62 next week. Had some suicidal thoughts around 2015 and went to Hope House. Was diagnosed with Bipolar and put on Lithium and Hydroxizine. Things progressed and was put on Geodon, Seroquel and Lorazepam. So I was taking 5 meds and was super unhappy with that, especially as I felt no benefit from all except the Lorazepam which was very helpful for anxiety. I went to a new psych nurse and she said Lorazepam causes dementia, so she took me off CT. Had some rebound anxiety and eventually learned to live with it. Did deep breathing and yoga and tried to reduce my stress level, so came off that. The Lithium I felt was toxic and useless so just decided to go off that. Nobody ever asked why, I just told them I don't take that anymore. No questions as to why. No withdrawal from that. Now we get to Geodon. I was taken off due to suspected EPS and had a horrible time. Insomnia, migranes, terrible three months, went back on. Two years later talked to doc and he said take one and the next day don't take one(I see this is a common thread) and after a week you will be off. This resulted in terrible insomnia and I couldn't function. I see insomnia talked about but if you really haven't slept the night before how can you function the day after? I can't! So I have been researching tapers and there is a lot of good info about it. My first month I made the mistake of doing a 20 mg Geodon and 10 mg the next which I know now does not work. Had terrible insomnia on the nights I did 10 mg so that was a clue! So I am doing 17.5 mg Geodon now for this month and just got my scale so I can do accurate doses. So far on the micotaper I have noticed hot flashes, a little tearfullness, and an increase in some feelings of happiness.
  2. marsha-preparing-for-my-librium-taper Hi. I hope I'm in the right place because antipsychotic drugs and antidepressants and benzodiazepines have caused permanent brain damage and I have trouble navigating on this sight. Is it possible to taper off geodon before gabapentin? I have read in the Road Back Program that I must taper off gabapentin and clonazepam before I can finish tapering off geodon. I am terrified of antipsychotic drugs. I want to get off it after I finish tapering off clonazepam. I successfully completed tapering off trazodone and propranolol and have tapered the clonazepam to 1 mg and have tapered the geodon down to 80 mgs. I was misdiagnosed as having schizophrenia and now am working with a team of doctors to taper me slowly off the drugs that robbed me of my memory and pleasure and motivation. I am desperate to get off these terrible drugs. Especially the clonazepam and geodon. I'm tapering off slowly the clonazepam right now. I have read that if you taper off geodon before gabapentin and clonazepam it increases the clearance time of clonazepam and gabapentin by as much as 50% causing you to go into clonazepam and gabapentin withdrawal even without lowering the dosage of the clonazepam and gabapentin. However, I have also read in the book "Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal" by Peter breggin md that you should make it a priority to get off the antipsychotic drug first especially if you are non psychotic. My doctor thinks I can just stop taking the geodon but I know that is wrong. I appreciate any help you can give me.
  3. My son is 26 and I/DD, has seizures, ADHD, ODD etc. He is back at my home after 8 years. He's a mess! On a lot of meds for all different things. His new NP med management person wants him off a few. I agree but am not so sure about HOW to do this. That's why I'm here.
  4. im just stating my experience with tapering geodon. this is just a be careful it may happen to you comment. i was on geodon three years when i did my first taper. i believe i was at 120 mg. i weened in a month and the entire ween was harmless. easy and no bad wd or side efects. but once i was off after that ween a few days in the withdrawl started. i dont get physical wd like the flu. mine are all mental and very hard to explain and ive yet to see another person say they experience what i do. i stayed off for a year but hade symptoms that mimmicked lymes. i had brain zaps and just felt so weird and tired and miserable. i didnt know any better it was before social media and phones i went back on 120 mg after a year off. i didnt know other solutions. looking back that withdrawal was not that bad and now after a decade on it each ween gets more difficult and my last wd effect was constant peeing or feeling a full bladder. so i didnt sleep more then 20 minutes at a time. after 3 months of that i gave up and went on again. now i notice i cannot make 20 mg decreases like i used to so its very hard to decrease less as you know they only come in 20 mg and they are capsules. so weening at 5 mg or less is a huge challenge i cant figure out yet. so being that u were only one geodon a year hopefully your time off it is not as bad.all i know about weening is doing it low and slow but im sure it depends on how long u took it and the dose. im on a decade so im going to be weening for years. its possible you are experiencing what i did on my first ween and will feel the paws after. our drug is so hard to reduce. and i hear compound pharmacies are pricey and i doubt i even have that here. i hope you see this and give an update as i just realized this is a year old.
  5. hello i was on prozac for 6.5 years with addition of effexor, welbutrin and geodon for breif times. i am 2.5 years off and still in withdrawal. i was prescribed the meds for physical illness after getting epstein bar virus. the prozac, effexor and welbutrin were used for stimulant effects. the geodon was used to combat the side effects of the other meds.( like taking a downer to take edge oof of the uppers).i did not have mental illness before this i now dont know how much of the way i feel is from epsten bar virus? or if i recovered from the virus? is what i am feeling from med withdrawals. the only thing i do know is i have extreme anxiety, insomnia and akathesia now and i NEVER had this problem before the meds. i just dont know how much of my flu like symptoms/ feeling like i have a hang over is from the med withdrawal? anyone with expierence please let me know? i also get a lot of joint cracking and popping sounds. anyone else get this? does anyone feel flu like symptoms get worse after exercise. thanks for any info
  6. i need some advice and/or help in navigating where i'm at with all of this. i have tapered with the help of, previously an inconsiderate doctor, and currently an excellent one. there were times where i was shifted about from tapering lexapro to various different antidepressants, i cannot remember all of them as there were many, but trintellix and was one of them. after a severe (and still recovering) bout of health anxiety, i stumbled upon the ashton manual (around november 2018) and folks talking about their experience with coming off of benzos. since i was taking ativan at the time, it was my scapegoat. i tried kicking it, lurked in various places online for other people's experiences, and started to shift my view to it being less about the benzos, and more about the psychiatric medication as a whole when it didn't quite work out. since february of 2019, i have tapered off of three medications in order: trileptal, geodon, and lexapro. the trileptal was easy enough, but the geodon was a world of hurt. in my signature i've listed that the lexapro and geodon were tapered at the same time- this is to the best of my memory, which is spotty due to the polypharmacy. i know the geodon was the priority, but i seem to recall going back and forth with lexapro's dose while dealing with the geodon withdrawal- which assuredly caused the only psychotic event of my life. i switched doctors after being told to simply 'take the geodon every other day for awhile,' which said doctor told me not to do with the lexapro, and i couldn't handle the fact that my appointments were less than five minutes long. i switched to a new professional, and they are great. i was introduced to the compounding pharmacy for the geodon since it did not go any lower than 20mg, and following the completion of that taper in sept 2019, i focused on the lexapro, which is now completed. i am no stranger to windows and waves, which are thankfully getting much better and easier to tolerate- though the waves are still intense. there are too many symptoms to list, but the FINISH acronym is very apt and applies to me, mostly the zaps, gastrointestinal issues, and insomnia. my biggest concern at the moment is dealing with my sleep issues. previously it was a complete lack of being able to sleep, but now it is more of a reversal of my circadian rhythm. 12 hours on the dot to when i could be waking up otherwise, and i cannot simply 'fix' this as far as i have tried. i have a lot of frustration about having been medicated for entirely the wrong things as a result of being diagnosed with a mental health condition that i do not have by a 10 question piece of paper at a doctor's office, but it is well beyond in the past to change it now. i cannot beat myself up for this, as i was dealing with a gnarly living situation at the time and thought they could help. they could not. this frustration, coupled with having a frazzled nervous system and having a wholly messed up sleep schedule, is getting to me. i have to tell myself that it's okay to be healing right now, as there is not much that is expected of me, but i am having trouble essentially pep-talking myself into feeling better when i feel terrible from still withdrawing. while i am done with all of my medication, there is much healing to be done, and i am very tired of how long this has been going on. apologies for the long post- i felt it necessary to post a bit of history/context, and i have trouble being unprompted for these sorts of things. i have not used a forum in a long time!
  7. Hello everyone! I've always been a lurker around this forum but I never really posted anything. I might as well post my journey getting off of my meds in hopes that it may help someone out there and for myself to look back at. I've been on Geodon since February of 2019, but I started taking psychiatric medication since 2014, on and off. I started with antidepressants and because that didn't work well for me, I tapered myself off of them. I had brain zaps for a few weeks and rebound depression. I suffered through my moods for 2 years. I became so depressed that I started having suicidal thoughts and unfortunately had a suicide attempt. I went to the mental hospital and was diagnosed with bipolar. I was given anti-psychotics and have been taking them on and off. Both times I have tried getting off anti-psychotics I went through flu-like symptoms, insomnia, and psychosis. I was told that the psychosis was from my bipolar disorder, but before I was given anti-psychotics I had never had any sort of psychosis or even mania (I had depression that was situational and due to being a recluse and being bullied in high school). I strongly believe that the psychosis is a withdrawal symptom and I assume (not a doctor by any means) that it is due to dopamine hypersensitivity that is caused by long term use of anti-psychotics. Why might the third time I get off anti-psychotics be different than the first two times? Well, third times the charm, right? I have done my research this time and will slowly wean myself off Geodon. I have insight in when I am feeling mentally unwell and have developed coping strategies. I have a wonderful SO who is supportive of my decision. I also have this forum where I will reside in if I need the help! I will also be checking up with my psychiatrist as well. I have been slowly weaning myself off of Geodon since August of 2019. I went down from 40 mg in the morning and night to just 20 mg at night. I didn't feel much withdrawal from 40 mg 2x a day to 20 mg 2x a day, but ever since I made the drop from 20 mg 2x a day to 20 mg at night, I have had flu-like symptoms and dizziness. The flu-like symptoms have subsided after 2-3 days but the dizziness has intensified. Usually when I am walking I will randomly have a feeling that my body is dropping. My brain and body will feel like its shaking and I feel that I may faint. Usually it subsides if I sit down somewhere. It has only been about 5 days since I made the drop to 20 mg at night so I'm hoping I will feel better if I wait for a month or two. Mentally, I feel okay. Actually, better than I did when I was on more medication. My thoughts aren't racing as fast and my mind is more clear. I am not suicidal/depressed and not over the top in my mood or energy. I feel a bit dulled down which I assume is from still taking a nightly dose of Geodon. Also, I am not experiencing insomnia and sleeping a good 8 hours or so. I will make sure to post more of my journey coming off of anti-psychotics/Geodon.
  8. I've been on psych medications since I was 14, I'm almost 36. I've tried almost everything. I cant do it anymore. I hate the meds so much I don't want to be anywhere near them. I'm very tempted to cold turkey them. I hope that won't kill me, but I can't live this way.
  9. Hello all! I am 19 and currently on Geodon (40mg), Zoloft (50mg), and Trazodone (50mg). I began taking these for depression, anxiety, and Psychosis. I began taking it for 4 days at a mental health institution. At first it was fine. But when i went home my mouth was dry and my jaw locked. I began experiencing palpitations and my stomach to burn. My body broke out into tremors and I began vomiting.I felt that it was from the medicine so I stopped taking them for one day. I felt like my old self that day. I went into work happy. However, the next day, all hell broke loose. All the symptoms came back full force and I called 911 begging for an ambulance. They came out and scolded me then left. After an hour my body broke out into convulsions and my mom thought I was having a seizure. She called 911 and I was taken to the ER where they gave me Benadryl and sent me on my way. I began taking the medicine again, but I see my therapist on Monday and I am going to request to taper off of it. It has done more harm than good. This is my first time on these drugs and will be my last. I feel I should have never listened to the doctor at the mental hospital. I feel like I'm dying.
  10. I went cold turkey off of Geodon which was the last in line of numerous antipsychotics and antidepressants I was on for cca 2.5 years. I went off in Aug 2015. Since then I haven't had an idea what I should have been doing. Now I'm ready to tackle my recovery process. Have I caused more damage by not adhering to some recovery regimen all this time? Or am I totally fine? Is there any place where I can get all the definitive answers on this whole issue? I want to mastermind the hell out of this process and you guys need to help me.
  11. I'm taking Strattera '100 mgs daily' and must come off due to current funds so obviously I'd love to come off as soon as possible. The problem is that whenever I titrate meds. at a so called normal rate, it takes me forever because my mind gets wicked, wicked sick and no matter what type of drug I come off of, and I've tried them all, I always get really anxious, restless, abusive, nuts, pumped, and I cannot have this because the danger is far too serious. For instance, I'm in the middle of reducing Geodon by 1 mg/week because anything more is just too much and I can smoothly tolerate this. That really stinks because of the duration and I have to weigh the contents of the pill on a scale every single day as well as the chemical lobotomy I've received unknowingly and without informed consent, but that's a completely different story, 'what an MRI has revealed...' I know strattera is an adhd med., but I've read it's also an antidepressant. Supposedly this should be easy to withdraw from, but I have serious doubts. Please, if anyone has any good information on this topic, I'd surely love to hear from you.
  12. Hey. I have two questions. 1. I am currently thinking of weaning off Geodon a drug that is in a capsule. And I have question about weaning it off.
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