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Found 2 results

  1. I suffer from mental and emotional dullness after using depression and delirium medications, so that I used intermittently and for a short period of time, ecitalopram and arpiprazole. I do not feel the same as my previous feelings. Please help me from someone who has experience on how to get rid of these symptoms, especially the problem of concentration and forgetfulness. Thank you very much.
  2. UnfoldingSky

    Cat's Claw (Una de Gato)

    I haven't read anything about this here and am curious to know if anyone has tried this. Reason being I have read it is a possible treatment for chronic fatigue (as well as many other conditions which aren't related to ADs, like cancer) and it would appear I have drug-induced chronic fatigue. I am also looking to possibly try it for arthritis. My big problem is as herbs go it apparently is very potent so I am worried about the possibility of an adverse reaction. Initially in severe withdrawal I could not tolerate herbs, but after partly recovering and particularly after healing severe dissociation/DP/DR I found I could tolerate herbs if i was very careful about what I took. I would not even consider Cat's Claw though as it sounds very potent except that I possibly have mild arthritis and it is keeping me from pursuing a possible job opportunity (a job I would really like to have too.) I have read it seems to cause a healing crisis when you first start taking it so wonder if that might be too taxing what with my now delicate nervous system. Anyone with any experience with this herb, even if it was prior to having psych drug issues I would welcome to comment.
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