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Found 8 results

  1. Gridley


    In 1986 I was prescribed a tricyclic antidepressant, 75 mg Imipramine PM, to slow bowel function and to relieve pain resulting from ulcerative colitis. I was also put on 1 mg Lorazepam. In 1991 I went CT off both the Imipramine and the Lorazepam, resulting in a terrible colitis flare-up. After a few months I reinstated with success. However, these medications, and everything else I did for the colitis ceased work about three years ago, and in January, 2015, I underwent surgery to remove my colon and replace with an internal J-pouch, which cured the colitis. But that left me with the 30-year-long Imipramine situation. In January, 2016, I began tapering the Imipramine 10% every three weeks, which went fine until I got down to 19 mg, then 12 mg, at which point I began experiencing severe anxiety as well as dizziness. Realizing I had tapered too quickly, I updosed to 25 mg a month ago but have not as yet stabilised at this dose, as I am still experiencing considerable anxiety as well as insomnia. Until September 23, my tapers were approximate percentages as I hadn't yet bought a scale. I use the supplements Theanine and Nature's Balance Happy Camper to help with the anxiety, along with magnesium glycinate. It's only been a month, but I'm a little worried that I am never going to stabilise at 25 mg. In 2004, due to depression, I was put on a succession of SSRIs, in addition to the Imipramine, including Zoloft, Prozac and Effexor. Lexapro 20 mg seemed to finally work and I remain on it at this time. In 2011 I was prescribed 1 mg Lorazepam for insomnia, now 1.5 mg.
  2. I was on it for four (not entirely sure) years, 25-50mg. The first time I had to abruptly quit it was last year, 2020. I was in the hospital for 12 days and they would not give it to me there. That was when I was on 50mg. Withdrawal effects from that year: I had to pee every couple hours at the most and every 15-30 minutes at the least and my oxygen levels dropped (normally they were 99-100 but then they were 92). I would wake up gasping for breath and generally feel very off. This year: The imipramine quit working and was even making me feel worse, so I quit cold turkey from 25mg. Since then I have gotten a mysterious infection and was put on antibiotics, which I completed this morning. My primary doctor thinks I have an infection but could not find bacteria, just elevated white blood cells. I just had flu-like symptoms--headache, nausea, elevated temperature (about 100 degrees in the morning), fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, mild dizziness (which is improving) and visual hallucinations, which are not unusual because I also have schizophrenia. Doctor thinks COVID is unlikely, given lack of gastrointestinal issues and also lack of respiratory issues. Also I'm fully vaccinated and not very social. Questions: Would it be a bad idea to take just a tiny bit of imipramine to see if this goes away? Or should I just press on? Here is what I am more concerned about: I recently got a genetic test and do NOT have the MTHFR mutation (inability to process folic acid). But I will be taking Deplin, if insurance approves it, or generic methylfolate if it doesn't, starting with half of a 7.5mg--can it still help even if I don't have the mutation? I read that a lot of my health issues, like non-alcoholic fatty liver, poly-cystic ovary syndrome, depression, and schizophrenia can be helped with folate. I don't eat vegetables at all, and certainly no leafy greens, so is it possible I'm low in folate anyways? I am not looking to change my diet at the time as I'm barely eating as is. Just the idea of eating makes me want to throw up most days. I know it would be good for me to eat better, but I just try and try and it feels like nothing changes. I do actually manage to eat in the afternoon when the nausea fades for a while and I get hungry. I've lost ten pounds in a few months and I'm at 139 now. Thank you for reading!
  3. Hi, I'm a Spanish member who developed neuropathic pain in both legs during 2 months of successive trials with 3 ADs (2 weeks desvenlafaxine, 2 weeks amitriptyline, 4 weeks imipramine), during last December and January mostly. The pain subsided mildly but not totally after stopping them and now the pain is usually a 6 and a 7.5 during waves, I really don't have actual windows. I do take mirtazapine 15 mg and tolerate it well since 2 years ago, when it was prescribed to deal with very severe IBS pain. But the combination with the aforementioned ADs shattered my nervous system, my IBS pain (which was a 5) disappeared and was replaced by this torture in my legs. It's now 4 months off the ADs that destroyed me, I am desperate for other people's experiences since I don't think I'm any better after all this time... PS: I have an extreme food intolerance with the IBS, I've been practically disabled for the last 3 years (30 now) and unable to eat anything appart from white meat, white fish and rice. Recent electromiogram is negative for neuropathy, lumbar RM shows Schmorl's hernia with edema in L5, but Drs don't think that's the cause of the burning pains. This is my history with meds: I began with extreme IBS pain, and my first year tried all kinds of natural approaches and diets. I ended up eating 3-4 things and still with crippling pain. Then... Dec 2018 to Sep 2019: Mirtazapine 15 (pain reduced from 7-8 to a 5) Sep 2019 to Oct 2019: Mirtazapine 15 + Olanzapine 2.5 Nov 2019 (2 weeks): Mirtazapine 15 + Duloxetine 30 (gave me extreme nausea after 12 days, but it was working for the pain) Dec 2019 (2 weeks): Mirtazapine 15 + Desvenlafaxine 50 (5/10 IBS pain disappears and 7/10 neuropathic pain appears in both legs) Dec 2019 to January 2020 (2 weeks): Mirtazapine 15 + Amitriptyline 20 (burning gets worse) January 2020 to Feb 2020 (4 weeks): Mirtazapine 15 + Imipramine 25 (burning gets much worse, I'm ready to quit after 2 weeks, but Dr claims the pain will subside if I keep taking it, after 4 weeks the pain is brutal, I stop imipramine on the 10th of Feb and keep just the mirtazapine, pain gets a bit better) March 2020 to April 2020 (1 month): I stop mirtazapine to see if it's causing the burning pain, with inconclusive findings. After a month WD kicks in, can't sleep and the pain is way worse, I reintroduce and symptoms calm down after 3-4 weeks. I still take the mirtazapine 15 and haven't done more changes.
  4. I tapered of Prozac in early 2014. I tapered over 4 weeks by taking every other day so basically ct. I had taken Prozac for 17 years for anxiety and depression. It took almost 4 months to get very bad by which time Drs had prescribed me sertraline and citralopram both of which exacerbated things tremendously. I only took a single dose of each. It never occurred to me or Drs to put me back of Prozac and by this time I was too terrified to take anything. The last 3 years have been horrific, losing my husband, my health and my income. I was unable to work for 2 years and now work part time from home which I still struggle with. I'm diagnosed with cfs fibro and severe depression all caused by protracted withdrawal. Iv seen dr Healy a few times and a neuropsychiatrist who both back my cause. I haven't taken a drug in 28 months but am about to start imipramine on their advise. I hope to get some relief from the crippling depression and pain and then hopefully taper off. I know this is a risk but desperate times call for desperate measures. I have terrible tinnutus caused from the destabilising effect of ct Prozac. I also have vertigo and chronic insomnia, especially early morning waking and sleep maintence. I use magnesium glycinate and lactium but Iv not noticed a noticeable difference. I have learned to not panic too much during extreme anxiety, instead of it breaking me completely like in the old days, I open the door and invite the beast in. This also helps with odd flare up of akathesia that was relentless in the beginning. I'm completely amazed at the lack of knowledge from Drs about the dangers of drugs but I have also found at leat 3 who are well very knowledgable. It gives me hope at least that we are not completely alone.
  5. PeanutBuster

    PeanutBuster: My story

    Hi there, Imipramine, Clonazepam, Cogentin are the drugs my doctor has me on to deal with the anxiety and aka that an antipsychotic has given to me. I’m worried the Imipramine (antidepressant) may be irritating the aka more. I’ve also been on Effexor, Pristiq, and Prozac since last summer tried them all for my anxiety but Imipramine seems to be the best so far. I know jumping from one to another is bad but they were not helpful. Clonazepam seems to be the only thing that is helping most symptoms. I’ve had people on another site telling me it almost killed them and is hard to get off. What to do? Should I wean off the Imipramine? Which my doctor also told me doesn’t cause aka but I’m not so sure to trust that. I think any antidepressant can irritate it? Does anyone have any light into this? I take it at night and wake up feeling hung over. It makes me sluggish and I feel only sadness and wanting to just not exist any longer since I’ve been on it. Bad thoughts all day. My body just feels poisoned from everything and I don’t know how I will ever recover from this. The aka is unbearable without the Clonazepam. I’m scared the anxiety will be worse if I go off the Imipramine tho. How to cope? How do I help myself? My doctor just gives me more drugs each time I see him for the symptoms. Invega has ruined my life. I don’t feel I’m strong enough to keep going or figure out what med to taper first. My poor nervous system is shot. Any ideas if getting off Imipramine would be a good start? Sorry so negative I just feel like I’m drowning here tho. Please help
  6. I have been taking Imipramine since my late teens, and have been on it for the past 38 years. (50 mg., but sometimes 75 mg. for short periods) For a long time it helped in varying degrees, but seems to have become completely ineffective as of approximately 4 years ago. I have tried numerous times to get off this medication, but always end up going back on due to withdrawal symptoms. Each time, the withdrawal is different, but equally awful. I have been working on tapering down for the last 3 or 4 months and am currently taking 12.5 mg. This is my fourth week holding at that dose. I've been dealing with the typical withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, achiness, as well as weird symptoms typical to this drug. Apparently Imipramine is also used for bedwetting, and after 38 years of being on it, affects my bladder control going off it. Combine this with a histamine effect coming off as well, and you can picture me trying to breathe, sneezing my head off, while trying to keep from peeing every time I sneeze. I have no appetite or energy, no love for life, and am impatient and cranky. Just forcing myself from one activity to another to stay afloat. I would love to hear from folks who have been on this med long term and have succeeded in coming off. I am so miserable right now I am thinking about going back on. If I do, I feel like it's resigning to being on it for the rest of my life.
  7. Hey there. I'm new to this. I am thinking about discontinuing my antidepressants. I am currently on Tofranil been taking it about 7 months. I feel like it doesn;t really help. and every time i speak with my psychiatrist she just ups the dose and i feel like it really doesn't make a difference, I really need supoort on what i should do or suggestions. thanks.
  8. Hi to Everyone on this Forum! I have been on Imipramine for more than 7 years. The dosage had peaked to nearly 110 mg at one time. Over a period, I started with Prozac 20 mg which is also my current morning dosage. The night dosage is Clonil 25 - this is supposed to be a very unique sub-product of Imipramine in high concentration. It is also supposed to help folks tapering from Imipramine and also helps to overcome PME which had surfaced last year. This is the journey so far: Week 1 - slowly tapered to 25 mg Imipramine Came off gradually from 110 to 100 to 75 to 50 to 25. Feeling so lethargic and sleepy at all times. Some degree of blurred vision too. Not much but at times. However, no gastrointestinal discomfort - the main worry that had gotten me started on Imipramine. Noticed tendency to get bloated. Week 2 - stopped Imipramine. Started with Clonil 25 mg under my psychiatrist's advice. NO major symptoms apart from feeling of laziness that remains all day long. Wanted to sleep all the time. Bloating in small bouts. Week 3 - completed 7 days with Clonil instead of Imipramine. Some headaches but nothing too serious. Cycles of bloating and some bowel movement issues. Week 4 - compleetd 15 days with Clonil instead of Imipramine. Sleep is generally good. Gastro issues seem to be rising. Re-started taking enzyme tablets along with food. Taking care not to eat outside, especially where hygiene seems a bit suspect. Today - 12 March Had the first, official episode of upset stomach since stopping Imipramine. Did not take any GI meds as such. Continued with daily routine. Contacted my psychiatrist. Not sure if all of this is Imipramine withdrawal but want to share some mild symptoms: excessive blinking easy straining of the eyes alternate days of too much and then seriously little urination bouts of extreme irritation sleep settled but not as deep as before Current State: Awaiting my psychiatrist's update Sticking to my schedule Will start exercising again from tomorrow morning Not going to quit and hurry back to taking Imipramine Feel am ready to grind this out...
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