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  1. Hi.. About year ago October 2020 I joined uni I had a lot of stress and chronic diarrhea for months with severe physical symptoms which did not go with physiological med... I went to a doctor in may 2021 ,he gave me cipralex 10mg.. And I was supposed to take it for a months as he said.. He gave me buspar too, the first day I took cipralex I feel like iam not normal but I thought itis a fatigue or just we can stay up in the morning not in the mood.. Until one of my friends said why you are like that?? I was laughing at everything.. I thought it was something like cocaiine! I cannot even describe the feeling.. I continued until the third day then I closed it on the fourth.. This day I got a bad headache then I had uterus bleeding for about 20 days.. I went to a phaychologiat and I had sessions I thought that my sudden confident was from the sessions but after some months I recognised that I cannot feel I cannot even concentrate or feel iam very numbed.. I went to another psychologist this months she said work ve emotional numbness and adhd.. And she wants to give me stimulants.. I need your help I cannot think anymore.. And if I told anyone that this symptoms are from med they do not believe me cause the med need month to work iam now 21 sep 2021 and I cannot feel anymore or just focus u feel like iam not real or iam dreaming just a bad feeling... Sorry for any mistake iam not English
  2. Well, who knew you weren’t supposed to just stop taking this stuff when you felt like it? Back in January 2020, I had gone to the doctor 3 times over a one month period swearing I had kidney problems based on some symptoms I had. After the third appointment and all tests coming back normal, the doctor diagnosed me with anxiety and prescribed 25 mg Sertraline. I started taking it immediately and within a few days I had developed limb pain. I didn’t relate it to the medication and actually thought it was a symptom of anxiety. Another week or so went by and limb pain spread to joint paint and then to this feeling of being bruised or punched in my thighs, stomach, hips and chest, even though bruises never surfaced at that point. I also had an off and on lump in my throat and my voice would randomly go hoarse. By end of March, I had rigid muscles, had gained 30 lbs and clusters of red dots and small bruises were forming all over my body. I thought I was developing a serious blood disorder and since I had seen a hematologist in the past for iron deficiency anemia, I was able to get an appointment without going through my gp. A few weeks before the appointment, around mid-April (so 3 months on Sertraline), I read online that bruising was a rare but possible side effect of the medication. I quit immediately to see what would happen, and within about three weeks the bruises, red dots and some of the pain disappeared. Everything was normal at the hematologists. However, even though the bruises went away, I had started getting these other issues like “restless arm syndrome” (only way to describe it), dizziness, numbness in feet and hands, muscle twitching, panic attacks and other things I can’t remember. After my appointment, since my blood tests were fine, I reinstated the 25 mg Sertraline in early May. I had no clue these were withdrawal and assumed I had developed either a severe neurological disease or Somatic Symptom Disorder. I still can’t believe I went back on the meds, but as soon as I did all hell broke loose. The withdrawal symptoms went away but I developed horrible muscle cramping to the point I couldn’t hold a phone, pain in response to any kind of touch including my pants rubbing against my legs or someone touching my hand softly. I had pain in my ears, eyes and throat. The bruises and red dots came back immediately and with a vengeance. At this point I knew it was the Sertraline. And I was only on 25 mg!! I managed to stay on for around three more weeks then quit cold turkey again. Right away I got a plethora of symptoms: -restless feeling all over -Muscle twitching all over body -muscle weakness -this weird warm feeling that started in the back of my head and spread down my spine (I no longer have this) -loss of coordination -pulling in my thumb, forefinger and cheek on my left side like they were trying to move themselves (This doesn’t happen often anymore) -brain zaps - not really sure if that’s what it is since it feels less like a zap and more like someone holding an electric razor up to my head in different spots. -Numbness/tingling in feet, lower legs, hands (I no longer have this) -Nausea -panic attacks -short of breath -forgetfulness -dizziness -loose feeling in joints like they won’t hold my limbs together -joint pain -cracking joints -muscle pain -buzzing in legs and feet -palpitations -feeling like I would fall down (I no longer have this) -this feeling in my sinuses like they would tighten and then clear up (this is rare these days) -general soreness -lump in throat -insomnia - often only getting 2 or 3 hours of sleep at night -acute fatigue (this feeling of intense fatigue that feels like I spent hours working out in the sun that will last maybe 20 minutes to an hour) -heartburn There were so many more I can’t think of. I’ve been off the medication around 4.5 months now, but not much of this has improved. A few of the scariest symptoms seem to have gone away, probably around the three month mark, and with the remaining symptoms, I have gotten a few windows recently. The body pains used to be constant, but now I get a few days off per month. This encourages me. At the same time, I’ve developed new symptoms recently like intense stomach discomfort, palpitations and the lump in my throat, although I had this when I first started the meds too. Many symptoms have gotten less severe/intense and that helps a lot. The craziest thing about all of this is that my highest dose was 25 mg! Not to mention I was only on it 4 months total. I’m really hoping I’ll be back soon to post a success story. I remember reading a post from a success story poster that basically said whenever a symptom would go away temporarily, even if it came back and hung around for a while, they knew it would be gone eventually because it had shown its weakness. I wish I could remember who it was because it’s completely true and that has really helped me get through the last few months. I'm not sure how to post my timeline in the signature, but it’s pretty short so I’ll leave it here. 25 mg Sertraline from January to mid April. Cold turkey mid April to early May. Re-instated 25 mg Sertraline from early May for next three weeks then cold turkey again. Have been off for 4.5 months and take no meds or supplements at this point.
  3. Hello all, My name is Alex and I was prescribed 1/2 x 10mg Escitalopram (Cipralex), 0.5 x Clonazepam (Rivotril aka Klonopin) for about 5 months now, for mostly anxiety. After already 2 months I hit tolerance / dependence with Clonazepam and from that point, for the little I knew, I should have give up on it, but my psychiatrist pushed it even more from 3/4 to 1 (0.5 Clonazepam). Clonazepam is the "horror" benzo of them all, but I did not knew back then and would have been fantastic if I removed it since month 2, instead of keep it in 3 more months. Escitalopram did not help me either, as if it had did, I would not been feeling worse after 5 months, than I was in the first place before taking the medicine. I really I very sad of my decision to actually go to the psychiatrist in the first place, but I did now knew much then. As I know now, the symptoms that I had then where really easy compared to the ones I have now (after 5 months of "treatment"). But that is what usually people do, driven by fear, instead of actually be a little realist and powerful and first, at least, document yourself of what you are doing in the first place. I have found At last a life book, by Paul David and I can say it's a life saver for the anxiety suffering people out there, but I just found it 3 weeks ago, after that I decided to start tapper the benzo. All this being said I am now on this schedule of benzo withdrawal attached in the picture. Unfortunately I got to 0.3 from 0.5 in 3 weeks instead of 8 and I feel quite a lot of withdrawal symptoms ( mild depression, mild / intermediate anxiety (but much longer than before), mild headaches, dizziness, mild blurred vision. I thought as I was just 5 months on these 2 drugs would make it to a fast withdrawal, now I know it is not the case and I need to listen to my body. Will hold benzo for now at 0.3 to stabilize. The big question is : Should I start the Escitalopram taper as well ? I read a lot already on the forum and I see usually people take it 1 by 1. Of course I asked a psychiatrist of tapering both at the same time and she said if I do it slow it's ok as I did not took them for long time and the doze is quite small. But I know you guys know better and would be much appreciated if you give me a hint here. So a small taper from the 1/2 x 10 mg Escitalopram , like 10-20% each month at the same time with the benzo taper would make sense ? Of course I will try to listen to my body / brain response, but I am unsure how much time will be needed to feel the withdrawal from Escitalopram, from Clonazepam is easy, in 2-3 days you feel the "response" of the cut, because of the 18-50 hours lifetime of it. Cheers !
  4. Hi all, unfortunately, my story begins long ago. In 2008, To cure the anxiety symptoms caused by the finasteride withdrawal I was prescribed paroxetine and, already on the first day of intake, I developed PSSD with anesthesia and narrowing of the genitals (which still lasts). After a month of completing a forty-day course of taking paroxetine without a long tapering, the anxiety symptoms returned much stronger than before and included panic attacks, muscle twitching, motor agitation and restlessness, mental confusion, insomnia and so on. I developed, in other words, a withdrawal syndrome. An indescribable ordeal began in 2009, with continuous prescriptions of antidepressants and benzodiazepines (citalopram, cymbalta, mirtazapine and Xanax) to contain the continuation of anxious-depressive symptoms. The more antidepressant drugs I took, the worse I was. Extreme anxiety, panic attacks, twitching, confusion and insomnia were joined by tremors in the hands and limbs, shivering, motor restlessness, numbness and mental confusion, photosensitivity to sunlight, tingling along the neck . I solved this vicious circle after a year and a half of suffering by administering high doses of testosterone for six weeks. The extreme anxiety, panic attacks and all other related symptoms disappeared, while the effects on libido and genital sensitivity remained there and continue to this day. For thirteen years, however, I have lived without drugs of any kind. From February 26 to March 19, on the advice of my doctor and believing that it was not dangerous at dosages below 150 mg., I made the colossal mistake, only for a period of three weeks, of taking trazodone with muscle relaxant and sedative targets (3 days 25mg., then a week 50 mg., then another week 75 mg., and then three days drop to 50 mg. and then stop). I specify, in this regard, that before taking trazodone I had no particular problems of anxiety or depression, but only a difficulty in falling asleep due to work thoughts and so on. Nothing to justify taking an antidepressant. I was really very stupid. Within a few days (March 22) I began to experience unusual levels of night and morning anxiety, with restless awakenings around 4.00 o'clock. I had to take again Xanax as needed, but on April 23, more than a month after the suspension of trazodone, the symptomatic crisis worsened and, to extreme anxiety, I got panic attacks with fainting, muscle twitching, tingling, shocks along the head, neck and arms, strong agitation, motor restlessness, dullness and mental confusion, insomnia, photosensitivity to sunlight, difficulty in relieving, intestinal cramps, exhaustion and so on and so forth. I recognize, in short, the same symptoms as in 2009 and a new persistent withdrawal syndrome. To manage the withdrawal crises, a doctor prescribed me clonazepam. Now I'm taking 0.5 mg. in the night to combat insomnia and, during the day, 1 or 2 drops as needed, but not regularly. Clonazepam accentuates my depression symptoms and, sometimes, I have the impression that, as soon as it is taken, it provokes paradoxical reactions before reducing anxiety and agitation levels. I don't know if you can kindly answere and help me with some advice, but I am writing because I am really desperate and would like to know if, in these cases, something can be done to alleviate the symptoms, for example restore a small dosage of trazodone (in addition to clonazepam?). Doctors, obviously, don't believe in withdrawal symptoms, but they are really too strong now and I risck to lose job and the rest of my life. Thanking you in advance for the attention you will be able to dedicate to my message, I cordially greet you.
  5. Hi my name is Alberto and I’ve tried a ton of ssris and antipsychotics over the past 7 years. Most recently I had a really bad experience with rexulti that gave me akithsia (which went away once I discontinued thank gawd) and my current ongoing bout with Effexor. I’m in a bit of weird situation in that I wasn’t in it for long and am looking for help as I’m at wit’s end and am seriously inching closer to suicide due to my symptoms. I started Effexor June 24 75mg. I immediately noticed really bad headaches and nausea but stayed he course as “that’s the side effects for 2 week”. By 5 days in the headaches had gotten really bad but I also had started getting burning sensations across my whole body and head. After dealing with this for a few days we reduced my dose to 37.5. The symptoms continued and got worse so we discontinued Effexor Monday 7/4. The first two days were a continued hell of body burning headaches nausea anxiety shortness of breath etc. The intense while body burning thankfully went away 2-4 days later tho lighter leg burning remained. The anxiety and shortness of breath have slowly gone away too but the headache and nausea feel worse/like they’ve stagnated. I’m two weeks post stopping this hell drug (for me) and almost a month since starting it but my nausea and headaches are just insane and making it impossible for me to live a good life and function well. It’s really impacting my work but most importantly my wife and kid. Has anyone every heard of or experienced anything like this? Did it go away, when? Did anything help you manage the symptoms til it did ? I have this fear that this is going to be a chronic thing I have to live with forever and tbh I won’t live long if that’s the case. The klonopin, zofran, and advil I take to manage do a meh job and I’m at wit’s end. Guess I’m looking for some success stories related to this and advice to help me get on the right track and ultimately save my life. Thank you and sorry for the really dramatic post, I’m just really hurting.
  6. Hello All, I am 5 1/2 weeks completely off meds, and noticed recently that caffiene and/or sugar, has enhanced my withdrawal side effects. For example, this afternoon I drank a cup of apple cider, and shortly after had bad brain fog, then felt dazed, followed by a crash, with depression and fatigue. I'm now just fatigued mostly. Is it normal for sugar to cause this during withdrawal? How long can I expect this extra sensitivity to last?
  7. Hi I am presently very foggy and unsure how to go about composing this but I’ll do my best. About eight days ago (May 20) I took one dose of a 20mg adderall XR prescription I had recently been given for ADHD. If I’m remembering correctly my focus was improved and I was able to get a lot of things done without incurring much fatigue the way I normally do, but it immediately caused some pretty intense side effects, including elevated anxiety (nearly to the point of panic frankly), sexual dysfunction, appetite suppressing, GI problems, numbness/tingling in my extremities, and insomnia. I discontinued after the first dose and some of the symptoms subsided, but many didn’t and fairly quickly some new ones emerged. Presently I’m experiencing severe brain fog, anhedonia, sexual dysfunction (v low libido and genital insensitivity), difficulty w speech, heavy fatigue, dissociation (maybe depersonalization/derealization? It’s hard to tell), tremors in my hands and head and some involuntary movements, numbness/tingling in extremities (different from when on the med, less of a squeezing more like “drained”, I think I read that adderall affects blood flow), difficulty eating (also a different quality to the appetite suppressing effects of the meds), occasional insomnia, altered perception of time (everything feels much slower) and very intense depression and anxiety. I am very distressed ab these. I’m a trans woman w a history of sexual abuse and medication-induced sexual dysfunction (both very distressing! tho the dysfunction was never quite persistent iirc) as well as long term dissociation due to dysphoria who has only within the last year (since I fully came out and started hormone replacement therapy) that I’ve begun to heal and enjoy being present in my body and to experience a sexuality that doesn’t feel poisonous to me, and it has been more or less heartbreaking to feel as though the like. Fruits of my progress have been taken away from me. Additionally, I’m a survivor of long-term withdrawal from other meds, most notably lamictal, and it’s very triggering to be experiencing symptoms that so closely parallel my experiences with that. I’m hoping very much I’ll experience some relief soon because I don’t feel remotely like myself. I haven’t been able to engage with any of my interests in any sustained way since the dose. I’m very afraid I’ve given myself a case of PSSD in a roundabout way, though I’m trying to stop myself from jumping to conclusions. I am going to pursue specialized treatment for PTSD w/o meds in the meantime. I would appreciate any comfort, reassurance, advice, etc — (until I figure out how to pin a signature I’ll just put one here manually) extensive history of prior psych meds usage for adhd, depression, anxiety lamictal march-august 2018 (abrupt taper over latter four months, don’t remember dose) abilify, three days september 2018 concerta September-October 2018 reinstated lamictal at microdose, then tapered off probably too abruptly May 2019-July 2019 Estradiol, Spironolactone, Progesterone April 2021-present 💗 Adderall XR 20mg May 20, 2022
  8. Hello, I’m trying to find stories similar to mine with hope. My dr prescribed me Lex 5mg and Busp 7mg for anxiety. I took both at the same time and around 4-5hrs later, I had a severe reaction. I felt drugged, fear, pure panic, anxiety, high bp, nausea, paranoia, my vision was jacked up. Felt like a bad high I couldn’t come down from. Fast forward 7 weeks today, I’m still having a lot of issues. I quit the busp immediately but continued the lex for 2 more days until I couldn’t take it anymore. My dr basically gaslighted me saying there’s no way blah blah blah. However my neurologist believes I was heal and that my body just needs time. I’m very scared and hopeless at this point. I am starting to see more windows than waves however the waves hit hard. A group I’m following told me that a/r can cause similar symptoms to w/d and I needed time to heal as well. From the stories I am reading the first 4 months are hell. Im not even in 2 months yet and it’s terrifying. My symptoms are: Hyperarousal, akathisia, anxiety, panic, fear, weight loss, dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision, fast heart rate, heart palpitations, brain fog, chemical sensitivities, concentration loss, dr/dp, insomnia, vivid dreams, dry mouth, increase thirst, exhaustion/fatigue, fecal incontinence, vomiting, high bp, hair loss, hypersensitivity to sounds and light, intrusive thoughts, twitching, severe nausea, obsessive thoughts, seeing flashing lights, sinusitis. I’m sure there are more that I’m forgetting. Another thing to is I don’t always experience these symptoms at the same time because of the windows. Mornings seem to be the worst I believe because I’m not sleeping and I feel out of it. The past 3 days have been ok with some anxiety ( I have gad, health anxiety) but today it all hit at once. Reading everything on the internet does not help because I can’t stop thinking which causes anxiety and makes everything worse. Really need some hope right now.
  9. Hi there, I had 3 doses of Lexapro and then stopped. The last dose was October 8th. I believe I had a severe adverse reaction. Since then I have been suffering daily and have been bed ridden this entire time. Symptoms I’ve experienced: Dizziness Weak Lightheaded Hot flashes Chills Facial nerve pain Derealization/Depersonalization Increased Anxiety Intrusive Thoughts “Drunk” type vision I’ve been bed ridden for so long now. When will this nightmare end?
  10. Hello. I'm 21 y.o. male. My story with ADs. I was taking Cytalopram ~8 months in 2019, then I stopped it myself as I was not seeing any effect. 07.07.2022 I took first 30mg of prescribed duloxetine before sleep. (Also I was prescribed it with Lamotrigine, Atarax. I strated them a week or two before.) After 2.5h of sleep I woke up with strange feeling. It was difficult to focus, it was getting dark in my eyes. Seems like my pressure got low so I even called to ambulance, but they said ti is just adverse effect and it's ok. Then it got better, but it was a strange feeling in my head all next day. I drank a lot of water (~6 liters) to decrease this drug effect. I was trying to sleep, but wake up every 1-2 hous. I read about a possible PSSD, even after a few days of taking it. Fortunately, yesturday I tried and it seems like it was ok with orgasm. Also I slept today and seems I'm feeling better, but have slight kind of lightheadedness. Of course, I wouldn't take this drugs anymore. Maybe you can reassure me that nothing terrible will happen to my brain from one pill? I would like advice about some lifestyle changes/supplement/diet to minimize effects of this drugs and reduce anxiety. Btw last few months I used to go to the gym and eat healthy diet. When is the best time for me to exercise? Thank you in advance. I appreciate this community.
  11. The signature shows how short of a time I was on Sertraline. I only went to the doctor because I was feeling a bit fatigued from life and within 5 minutes I was leaving with a prescription for Sertraline (Zoloft). From the very first pill I took, I could tell that it was doing nothing but damaging my brain and body. The sad part is that everyone, including doctors and the internet, tell you that it gets so much better with time and to just ride it out. I felt spacy and anxious, like I couldn't breath the entire time I was on the "medicine." It got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore and I just tapered off quick. The doctor I went to said that I wasn't on the drug for very long so I could just half the pills for a few days and stop taking it. Its been about 7 weeks off of the drug and I can say the only thing that brings me here is the depersonalization/ derealization that is not going away. I can't even tell if it is getting any better in the slightest. I wouldn't have any anxiety or depression if the dpdr wasn't so debilitating. I haven't been able to work since the day I took my first dose of the poison and am afraid I will never be able to find myself again. Honestly the suicidal thoughts and depression brought about by the thought of having to live like this forever are overwhelming. From what I've read you all are going to try to tell me to reinstate the drug but to be honest, I'd rather eat glass than ever take another ssri or other psych med again. I've talked to a psychiatrist and she prescribed me olanzapine ( I never took it) and then she prescribed me abilify (never took it either). I decided to start talking to a therapist and doing emdr therapy to try to lessen the stress of the whole situation and so far have only done one session. All in all, I'm just trying to get some input from the community about how this might get a little better. From what I've seen very little people on here have stories about recovering from sertraline.... It's almost like it should never be given to anyone. I haven't been able to find anything about how long the dpdr will last or if it will ever get better. I feel like I have lost who I am. My eyes feel like they are permanently damaged from the drug. I have a very hard time focusing on anything and when I do I still feel like what I am seeing isn't real. Do your eyes ever recover from sertraline?
  12. If anyone can offer me some tapering advice I'd be so grateful, I'm really struggling here. I had severe OCD and Tourette's as a child, I was HEAVILY over medicated (Haldol and a bunch of other toxic ****) and then refused meds for 20+ years but smoked pot daily (so I was self medicating). 3 1/2 years ago my son was born and my OCD got significantly worse. I went to a doctor who put me on Sertraline. I was SO SENSITIVE to it - 2 weeks horrible side effects, 2 weeks lessening side effects, 2 weeks the worst side effects, 1 month lessening, 6 weeks feeling really good (better than before the meds it felt like), then wake up one day and over the next week would start to feel more and more depressed with SI that I'd never had before in my life. Then go up again. This was with 12.5 mg increases. I tried liquid but even a .5 increase would cause the same pattern so I just muscled through on the 12.5 increases. Once I got to 200 mg, the same pooping out would happen after 3 months, and the doctor started talking about 300 or 400 mg. I decided I had to do something else. I started Ketamine IV. The initial round of 6 helped with the mood and OCD a TON. However, in the week following, every day I woke up feeling like my sertraline does had doubled. I was drowning in serotonin (or whatever it was that was happening!). I very quickly dropped down to 150 and then 125 and felt better for a month or two, while getting ketamine IV every 3 weeks. I had 0 side effects from the quick drop, but that probably has something to do with the ketamine. But 3 months later, the same crapping out happened. Just one day I'm sobbing and hitting my head and thinking I don't deserve to be alive. Got a new doctor who thought Prozac might be better with the longer half life. Switched to 40 prozac, barely had any side effects. For 5 weeks thought answers were solved.!Then one day I woke up and it was like I was drowning in serotonin again, worse every day. Eventually it was much worse than even post the ketamine IV. So I went down to 30, but I got pretty sick, felt really bad. In retrospect, this was my first time where lowering ***** with my system. I went back to 40 but I was immediately (well, within 48 hours) snowed again. Talked to doctor who said let's try lexapro. I said, can I switch to lowest dose possible and go up if I need it? She said "sure!" Went to 5 lexapro, tapering VERY fast off the prozac over 3 weeks. That was 6 weeks ago, when hell really started. On 5 lexapro alone I started having horrible side effects after 2-3 weeks. Went up to 7.5 but had INCREASE side effects, went back to 5. At this point every dose change was making me have SI and sobbing, feeling insane, ecetera. Decided, can't do the SSRI this is madness. Found a really wonderful place that does microdosing psylocibin, started that 3 weeks ago. It for sure helps, a lot, especially on the non break days. Switched back to 5 of prozac, I had the smoothest experience on the prozac of the 3, honestly felt like Lexapro was poison to me and I was only on it for 6 weeks, half of which was on prozac. So just went back. Debated going to 5 vs 10, but I really wanted to be on the lower dose, so I did 5. My mood is more stable by the day, but I'm having severe brain zaps pretty much all day long. I found this forum, watched all the suggested videos. I now know to do a liquid tape, 5 to 2.5 to 1.25 to .6 to 0, a month at a time, and I won't even start that taper till I'm a month out from these brain zaps. My question is, given how bad my brain zaps currently are, at 2 weeks on the 5 mg of prozac, should I INCREASE the prozac until the brain zaps stop? If I did this I was thinking maybe go to 10 mg, wait 3 days to see if they stop, if they don't go up to 15, so on and so forth, then once they've stopped, at THAT POINT being the 10% taper per month? OR should I just wait at the 5mg of the prozac and once I'm a month past side effects continue. Overall I wish I could just stay at the 5mg, because I'm already here. But if the zaps could be here a LONG TIME, I just can't take that. And maybe it's too late to go back up? I just don't know. Any advice anyone could offer on the best plan, given where I'm currently at, I'd be so so grateful.
  13. I’m a 21 year old male. I was on Prozac from November 2019 to April of 2021. Weened off of it quite quickly but had no problems. 2 months after that. My symptoms of severe anxiety came back so instead of going back on Prozac my doctor suggested I try Zoloft. So I did and it just made me sick for 8 days so I got off of that. Then I tried lexapro - stayed on it for a month. Increased my anxiety and crippled me a lot - so I weened off of that. And then for 3 weeks I was doing great off medicine no issues, working out again and living life. And then I realized I started to feel my anxiety increasing again after stopping and my mood started to plummet. So I said **** I need meds again. So this time we tried celexa (20MG) and I took it for 8 days and it gave me awful side effects so I took 10MG for two days and stopped. Now 2 -3weeks after that - for a week now. I’ve been anhedonic and apathetic. I went on meds for anxiety and now I can’t feel anything - I have to force myself to do anything because I don’t feel anything. I think the SSRI induced this anhedonia. Can anyone help ? Im in therapy and see my medicine doctor soon.
  14. Hello to all users of this forum! This is Jan - husband of Dominique and father of a 4.5-month old son. I am currently writing here for my wife, who is lying in bed next to me and is of course aware of this forum and my contribution. My wife gave birth to our son in July. A lack of postpartum and a few other things led to her getting postpartum depression in August with difficulty sleeping through the night (only 3-4 hours a day). At first we couldn't really place it and for a few weeks we suspected other things as the cause. I tried to support her where I could, but the sleep problems (depression) continued. That's why we had a blood test done at the hospital at the beginning of October to check whether the pituitary gland was damaged. According to the test results and the doctor, there was nothing wrong with the gland. However, she informed the psychiatrists at the hospital who asked us to come for an appointment. They told us that my wife suffers from depression and that she urgently needs antidepressants. 50mg Sertraline and 5mg Diazepham at the beginning. There could be side effects at the beginning (which exactly were not said), but these would soon disappear. My wife would soon feel better. One of the health officers told us that she might have suicidal thoughts at the beginning, so it was important to watch her intake very closely. We have always lived a very healthy life and have not taken any medication so far. I consulted a few friends and the unanimous opinion was "Antidepressants are not good, but a short-term crutch. Once the depression / sleep problems are better, stop it again". Already very exhausted by the last few weeks and encouraged by the doctors' and friends' assessment, I did not consult further and persuaded my wife to take the antidepressants. A terrible mistake! Taking the medication over time like this: 13.10.21 - 50mg Sertraline + 2mg Diazepam (doctors suggested 5mg, stop after 7 days). 13.11.21 - 75mg Sertraline (doctors suggested 100mg) 14.11.21 - 50mg Sertraline (reduction because side effects) 15.11.21 - 10mg (decission to stop sertraline) 16.11.21 - 20mg 17.11.21 - 20mg 18.11.21 - no more Sertraline since then The side effects: The first few days went relatively well. My wife was able to sleep a little more (6.5 hours - thanks to Diazepham?). Strong side effects were not noticeable at the beginning. Weaning off the diazepham after a few days was uncomplicated. After we had a conversation with a doctor every 2-3 days at the beginning, the critical initial phase seemed to be over. After some time, my wife noticed slight hair loss and increased bruising. However, she could not pinpoint the cause. A lot of cortisol from the depression could also have been a reason. A head pressure, especially in the morning, was noticeable and slowly became stronger. About 4 weeks later, my wife told me that she was having suicidal thoughts and that I had better lock the front door. I was surprised and shocked. I had the feeling that the anti-depressants had made the anxiety disappear and that there were no more panic attacks. Of course, I was in an absolute alarm mood and took my wife's statement very seriously. I started to inform myself about Sertraline. 2 days later I had another appointment with a psychiatrist and my wife also had to pick up a new pack of Sertraline from her doctor. Both advised to increase the dose to 100mg after one month. However, my wife did not mention her suspected side effects and suicidal thoughts at the appointments. Instead of 100mg, we only increased to 75mg. The side effects after taking it, especially the suicidal thoughts became even more intense. For us, there was now a clear connection between the side effects and Sertraline. Stop Sertraline: Suicidal thoughts as side effects are gross. That's why we wanted the stuff out of my wife's body as soon as possible. A doctor's appointment was imminent. Here I dealt more comprehensively with the subject of antidepressants. A change to another class (tricyclic?), additional drugs to tide her over until she was adjusted to the new antidepressant. In forums I have seen how one gets more and more dependent and how it becomes more and more difficult to stop. We no longer had confidence in the doctors who surprised us with the diagnosis of depression and the immediate prescription of antidepressants (we were there for an examination of the pituitary gland). Doctors who had not informed us about the blatant side effects. In my opinion, they also started us on too high a dose and recommended increasing it to 100mg. Hence the decision to continue without doctors / psychiatrists from now on. My assessment was that the intake period of 31 days at 50mg is relatively short and low. A very short intermediate step (3 days with 20/10mg Sertraline) would hopefully be sufficient. The side effects with suicide thoughts extreme. I thought it would be dangerous to stop for weeks/months. Since 18.11. my wife has stopped taking Sertraline. Current status: The time after stopping Sertraline was / is really intense! I don't feel it myself, but as a husband and father I am with my wife 24 hours / 7 days a week. Look after her and take care of her. Shortly after coming off the suicidal thoughts became very strong. I have locked away dangerous objects from the flat and sleep with my mattress outside her door (so I can also look after our son who sleeps in the next room without waking my wife like that). The suicidal thoughts have decreased now, but I am still extremely mindful. The worst side effect / withdrawal symptom for my wife is the head pressure. This head pressure started insidiously when she started taking Sertraline. However, it still persists and is consistently at a very high level. From 6 - 10 am in the morning this time is extreme. She then takes high doses of vitamin C and I have to stroke and comfort her. But the head pressure is really very extreme. My wife says "head pressure of death", "I'm losing my mind" and says I don't want to go on living like this. Cries, screams and is desperate. From midday onwards, a kind of "switch" seems to be flipped, even though the head pressure is still there. Luckily we can usually go for a walk then and have been to cafes / restaurants. We hope that this really blatant side effect will diminish over time. The sympthoms of depression have now returned. My wife sees a lot of things negatively, thinks of the good times during pregnancy and blames herself. Fear of little sleep and headaches in the morning has returned. There have also been three mild panic attacks since then. These things are ok and we are looking at different ways to get better. With the "anxiety" coming back, other feelings are coming back too, which is nice. After 4 weeks of Sertraline, I have found my wife to be an emotionless robot. There are no other side effects. The bruises on the legs have decreased significantly, the hair loss has decreased. What we do to alleviate the side effects / withdrawal / depression: - Freshly squeezed juices - Only raw vegetables and nuts if possible - Vitamin C in high doses (especially in the morning) - Vitamin B complex (very cautious, as it may increase headaches in the short term) - Vitamin D (very cautious) - Omega 3 (very cautious, as it may aggravate headaches) - Drink a lot (water, lemon juice + Himalayan salt) - Walk every day if possible - Meditation / positive visualisation if possible - Epsom / magnesium bath - Sleep goggles - Daylight lamp (still cautious, as it may increase headaches) - Towards evening, if possible, "normality" (watch travel reports) - NO sugar or bread etc. Our contribution may read simple and not serious. But I can say that the last 5 weeks on Sertraline were really physically and mentally extremely exhausting - first of all for my wife, but also for me. Since the months before were also very exhausting for various reasons and with a baby, we are really at the limit. I am of course aware that most people on this forum have had much longer and more gruelling experiences with antidepressants. I have an inkling of what this may mean and what strong personalities are on this forum, but certainly tragic fates as well. It saddens me that people can be so destroyed by antidepressants in the hope of help. My wife and I would be very happy to receive assessments, perhaps valuable tips and an exchange of experiences with people who also have extreme head pressure due to Sertraline / Zoloft. Jan & Dominique
  15. Hi, My experince with psychiatric drugs started last summer (2021). I was unluckey enough to get tinnitus. With the tinnitus came sleep issues and stress, which in the end lead to dp/de. I was put on zyprexa 2.5 mg at night to sleep and combat my anxiety. The dose was increased to 7.5. During the month i took it the dose i took fluctuated between 2.5-7.5 mg. As i did not like the way the Zyprexa made me feel, i got switched to an antidepressant, Mianserin. When adding the Mianserin to the Zyprexa my CNS said enough is enough, and i developed severe akathisia. Had to be hospitalized and c/t off both drugs. Got put on valium, ambien and proprenalol to combat the akathisia. Mine was so bad i could not sit down for one moment. The akathisia went away after a few days luckily, and i started to taper the valium. The akathisia returened upon finishing Valium, and i was put on oxazepam. Got bouts of akathisia, pgad and dp/dr coming off of it, but not as bad and i quit in oct -21. Lingering dp/dr got better, but increasing tinnitus and sleep problems. Fast forward, i got put in in patiant care i december -21. Here i got prescribed mirtazapine 15 mg and zopiclone to sleep. Took mirtazapine 15 mg for approximatly 1.5 weeks, and then quit as i was under the impression that it was such a low dose, it did not need tapering, and could be taken as needed. Which is what i did. Over the next to weeks i took mirtazapine four times with few days inbetween, which i now know you’re not supposed to do. The last time i took mirtazapine whas the second week og jan -22. I immediatly felt something was wrong. My body felt heavy and not like my own. Over the next days this feeling lessened a little bit, but my body still felt weird. I got new symptoms like dizziness, lightheadedness, like there was a vail over the world, flu-symptoms, and an annoying restlessness in the chest and legs and arms (mild akathisia). I also suffered blunted emotions and mild anhedonia. Two weeks after last pill things got worse. The akathisia increased a lot, mostly in my upper body, had increased anxiety, head pressure, crying spells and panick attacks. As well as loss of consentration and massive brain fog. This state lasted two weeks, until symptoms worsened again. I got a new symptom, which is that i have no emotions at all. Noe reaction in my body, no connection or interest in anything. No anger, anxiety, sadness, happiness, love. Just nothing and boredom. Akathisia has grown much worse. And i dont have Windows in the evening and early night anymore. Back to pacing a lot also, and a lot of mental akathisa which makes it Impossible to concentrate on anything. Extremely loud tinnitus in brain and ears, worse head pressure, weird heavy feeling in my body and mind, insomnia and worse dp/dr. I am now two months into withdrawals, and things are only getting steadily worse. My question is what would be the best thing to do in this situation? Try to reinstate a small dose of mirtazapine? I am afraid though that the on and off caused some kind of kindling reaction, which is what i am suffering now. My worst symptomer are emotional anesthesia, akathisia and the incredible lack of mental clarity. I have wondered sometimes if its just all in my head, and that it is just anxiety causing these symptoms, but i feel medicated, and also believe its possible these symptoms come from withdrawals. Worsening symptoms: - No emotions at all/emotional anesthesia - cannot feel sad, angry, anxius, happy, motivation, interest, love. My body is empty and werid. Feels like i am brain dead and everything is hard to do. I just feel bored all the time and dont get much out of anything. I could basically just wander back and forth and not care. i dont have a personality or any drive anymore. Whats weird is that in the first months of withdrawal i could not stop crying and had a lot of emotions. I was not happy, but i could feel interest in a few things and i liked watching tv-shows. Now i cant watch tv because i cant connect or react to anything. -I feel like there is no connection to the body, and i register pain in my stomach, but i dont have an emotional response to it. Same with hunger, i can feel physical sensations of hunger, but in my brain i am not hungry, and i struggle to eat because i dont have feelings of want twowards food, and everything tastes like paper. These symptoms came on after roughly two months into withdrawal. - Akathisa - at first it was just an annoying restlessness which made it Impossible to relax, but then it startet getting worse. Had the restless feeling mostly in my chest and upper body, but it has now spread to legs as will, cant sit still and i cant concentrate on anything. It is exhausting and terrifying. At first i would have a lot of anxiety and feelings of doom, but since the emotional anesthesia i just the restlessness in my mind and body, and not the emotional part. - Depersonalization/Derealization - i dont recognice myself in the mirror, my arms does not feel like mine, and the world around me is strange. Feels like i am not me and that i am not really present. - Lack of focus and mental clarity/brain fog - i cant read books, hard to watch tv, cant study! When i look at the tv sometimes i can register what i am seeing, so its like lokking at a wall - Lack of emagination, visualization and creativity - Head pressure - intense headpressure getting worse. Mostly in the back of my head and on top of my head - Increasing tinnitus - Insomnia
  16. End of this August I start having severe Chest Tightness which triggered panic attacks thinking I was not breathing. My primary physician put me on 25mg Zoloft. Sure the chest tightness was relieved in two weeks but the real nightmare started .... depersonalizations, deattachment from reality, suicidal thoughts, extreme panic attacks , fear living my house, desperation, nausea in my soul!, eye issues like on of my eyes was focusing at a different level than the other, non stop fear for no reason, going literally crazy.... and the symptoms continue during tapering making my doctor including my husband who is a physician to say it is my illness progressing and not the medicine. At the moment I am bedridden can’t function, I am loosing my mind and only had a few hrs of a window feeling normal during the tapering. The doctors want to put me in antipsychotics , at the moment I am not sure if they are right that I am loosing it or if it is withdrawal... How could 3.5 weeks of sentraline destroy me? I am desperate I can’t take these feelings anymore . Any help advice?
  17. hi , i"m a single mom and was given celexa 10mg for head aches and brain fog . the side effects where too much for me from day one , so three weeks after starting i was told to just stop taking them and i did... that was feb 28th the first week was fine , 2nd week i had some anxiety feelings and now the 3rd week I'm having insomnia , the sweats , nausea , and anxiety... I can't seem to find any stories on here from people who where short timers taking an ssri , I would really love to read a success story . my question is am i going through withdraws or is this relaps , please any help would be a blessing
  18. Hi everyone, just joined this forum today and was hoping for some advice. Back in January 2022 I was diagnosed with a panic disorder and put on 10mg Lexapro/day. As a preface, I had no symptoms of depression at all at this time, it was just anxiety that I did not know how to handle which would spiral into panic. I have been going to therapy since mid January and now feel much better about handling the bits of anxiety that previously caused panic. I had pretty bad side effects for the first two weeks of Lexapro, mostly bad nausea and insomnia, but nothing horrible. The next two weeks were great, no panic attacks or anxiety at all, I thought I was getting back to normal. Then during the fourth week I got absolutely ravaged by side effects. It felt like brain zaps, horrible ruminating/negative/depressive thoughts, feelings of hopelessness, heightened anxiety that all kicked in about 5 hours after I would take the medication. I didn't notice this until about the fourth day of side effects, but I looked back and observed the pattern. After about the fifth day of these horrible side effects I decided to half my dose and 5 hours later my side effects were the same, but noticeably weaker - so I decided that I would cut it off completely. I tried to get in touch with my psychiatrist who prescribed me the meds but he was super unhelpful and said I needed to wait until he had an opening to meet in a week before we changed up dosages, which was incredibly frustrating due to how bad my mental state was at the time. Anyway, cutting it off cold turkey made me feel better almost instantly the next week, with minor similar side effects occurring 5 hours after I would normally take the dose, these were much more manageable. After that first week I had a relapse of pretty strong depressive and anxious feelings, which I completely attribute to cutting if off cold turkey. It's interesting that most of my windows have been during the week and most of my waves have hit during the weekends, the pattern has been pretty consistent since I cut the Lexapro off cold turkey. I would love input on anyone who was in a similar boat of having an SSRI work really well for a while and then getting punched in the mouth by it. The last week I was on it, it definitely felt like my brain was reeling from changes being made in a terrible way, and I definitely feel like it needs to heal after that experience. I don't mean to exaggerate, but it was one of the most traumatic things I have experienced in my life. Has anyone else dealt with withdrawal symptoms after short term use? Thank you Jan 29-Feb 29 10mg Lexapro/day - cut it off cold turkey
  19. I’m really really struggling lately. Suffering akathesia. Depression. Suicidal thoughts. It’s overwhelming and horrific. It’s been 13 months since this started and it doesn’t seem to be improving. My mind just won’t shut off with the negative ruminating. I feel there isn’t any way out of this. And it kills me this is my life. Just needed a place to vent my thoughts. Thank you for listening
  20. I am so glad that I came across this forum! I feel like crying when reading peoples stories and their struggle with coming off the antidepressants! I was prescribed Zoloft for anxiety and Depression which I have been suffering for years! Mainly anxiety and panic disorder! I am otherwise healthy. Zoloft caused PGAD that has caused me so much anguish, I feel like I am living in a nightmare! I only took Zoloft for 3 days 25mg and this happened to me! I wanted to and still have thoughts of suicide! I felt that I was some kind of a freak and pervert! It has been 4 weeks and things have improved but not completely gone! I constantly feel burning sensation, and tingles that drive me crazy! I can deal with the burning sensations but tingles I can not stand! I got better then I took a herbal supplement for anxiety and it has come back today! I am taking fish oil supplement and I wonder if I am now sensitive to fish oil too??? Should I stop or cut back on fish oil? I just don't know what to take anymore! I never could imagine that this could happen to me as I was not aware! The doctor did not mention anything so I had no idea! I am naturally a slim person and my only worry at the time was if I was going to gain weight while on antidepressants, and my doctor reassured me "Very Unlikely". I took her word for it and I took the medication. In did not want to deal with, anxiety, depression and plus weight issues as a result of antidepressants! I told my doctor what happened to me and like many others have reported "she has never heard of it". That made me feel so humiliated and embarrassed. The point is that the doctors are not educated in regards to this issue. I recently went back to her and told her that I am still experiencing issued down below, burning sensation ever since Zoloft and she said that it is a coincidence! I am sick of doctors, they are full of ****! You tell them one thing and they turn it around! I just prey this eventually goes away and settles down! If this does not settle down I would consider removing sensitive part of my anatomy! I hate it! I can't stand it! How is everyone else coping with this? What have you found that helps? I have not felt peaceful down below for the last 4 weeks! I have never heard of this condition prior to taking antidepressants. Please help, Thank you.
  21. Hello Everyone! My psychiatrist provided me Zyprexa (20 mg) to divide and use PRN when "manic." I took one 10 mg dose, then a series of 5 mg doses over three to four weeks. Since my first dose, I have continued to experience brain fog, memory loss, and depersonalization. My family intervened and (fortunately) the total exposure was 55 mg (maybe less). My average daily dose was around 2 mg over the nearly the month I took it. The last 5 mg dose was on June 6th, 2022, this was when the tinnitus began but has seemed to improve some (though still present). [Withdraw Begin] Tuesday (June 14, 2022): I was lethargic and vomited after eating a meal, while experiencing loose stools. Slept all day after taking a Zofran. The timing of this makes sense, as this marks (nearly) four elimination half-lives of Zyprexa. Wednesday (June 15): Napped all day and my family went out to eat. I was very removed from the conversation, feeling trapped in my mind. After nearly 20 minutes, I just remembered that I went to the grocery store and package store. My anxiety began to manifest and only slept four hours that night with 10 mg melatonin. Thursday (June 16): I cannot remember this day at all (which was yesterday). I faintly remember being an anxious wreck having to pace. I entirely forgot that I went on a car ride with my mom. I woke my mom up in distress around 2:30 am to help talk me down (I thought this happened yesterday). I have no idea if I slept last night or not, if I did it was very light. Friday (June 17): I don't remember this morning. I think I sat anxious for hours until my mom gave me 30 mg of CBD. This seemed to help for several hours, allowing me to go outside and do some yard work to sweat. This, combined with the CBD, made me feel like I had improved some. This feeling has somewhat wore off three hours later. I am concerned with getting sleep tonight. I am feeling very hopeless. I reached out to my past psychiatrist which assured me nothing I'm going through is likely permanent, though I wasn't able to give him nearly enough detail. My current psychiatrist still has not returned my call. I have several questions (well, reassurances... I understand no one can tell the future): (1) Has anyone else experienced this severe of memory loss and recovered (preferably within six months)? (2) Based on my history (low total dose, short length of treatment, current symptoms), are my withdraw symptoms normal? (3) Would going back on a low dose of Zyprexa improve my recovery? I went off of the drug for the same issues I have now and would be skeptical to consume more. (4) My cognitive issues are seemingly worse without the medication in my body, is this normal? I began magnesium, fish oil, and stress B-complex today. I believe my brain will benefit from not staggering these. I intend on sweeting everyday. Fortunately, I have a very supportive family and do not have to worry about anything other than recovering (I'm 25 years old). I feel like in the past year, I have been robbed of my intelligence and personality. I was supposed to return to college in two months, but that is likely out of the picture. I am hopeful for beginning this spring in six months. I have read so many horror stories from Zyprexa causing lasting damage. Thank you all for your support!
  22. Curious to know if anyone can give me their thoughts on my situation. My GP gave me Celexa at the beginning of February for general anxiety...very mild. I took the Celexa for 2 days and it made me few worse. She switched me to Paxil (took 5 days) and it did the same. I had panic attacks, felt like I was coming out of my skin, etc. I then went to see a psychiatrist, hoping he would give me advice on going the natural route. He said he thought SSRIs were not compatible with me, but suggested I try Zoloft. I really didn't want to, but he promised me it would be worth the shot. I took it for 11 days and on the 10th day, began having unwanted, depressive thoughts. He asked me to immediately stop the medicine, so I did. I had taken 12.5 mg for 5 days, 25 mg for 5 days and 36.5 for 1 day when I stopped cold turkey. The unwanted thoughts and anxiety increased for about 2 weeks and last week, began to taper some. I'm 3 weeks into being off them meds, but the depressive thoughts have not diminished. I was never depressed or experienced anything to do with mood swings or depression before SSRIs. I know what I am dealing with has to be my chemistry trying to balance out, but it's miserable. The doctor says I should be back to normal by week 4, but I'm struggling to have confidence in that...especially since he didn't think the Zoloft would mess me up in the 1st place. I feel like I've really messed myself up. I just want to be back to my normal self like I was before all of this. I don't like having thoughts of hurting myself or others...it's not me and I want it to go away. I would love advice or thoughts from anyone with similar situations.
  23. Hi everyone. I hope you are coping okay and moving in a positive direction towards recovery. I'd like to share my experience if you don't mind and would like to hear from anyone who may advice or relevant experience. In November of 2021, I was prescribed the SSRI paroxetine and the benzodiazepine clotiazepam for anxiety and rumination. I didn't know what the medicines were exactly, but cautiously decided to take one as prescribed, I chose (basically at random) the clotiazepam. After two weeks taking the benzodiazepine, I discovered what the medicine was and decided to stop taking it. I suffered severe withdrawals. I consulted the doctor again who advised me to take both medicines and taper off the benzo. So I reinstated the benzo and began the paroxetine. After a few weeks of taking both medicines I started having bizarre, painful erections in the night. But I was suffering so many unpleasant side effects I didn't think much of it. In February this year, after about three months tapering the benzodiazepine and taking a costant dose of around 2.5mg paroxetine, I decided to start tapering the paroxetine too. When I dropped the dose of paroxetine to 2mg, I began suffering painful erections all night. This got worse when I completely stopped the paroxetine. Now, in June, I have painful erections all night. Basically, as soon as I fall asleep I get an erection. These are not normal erections, they are constant and painful and are not associated with sexual arousal. I wake up every hour or so to try to get the painful erection to go down by moving around and apply a cold towel. It has severely impacted my sleep. I have discovered the condition is called Sleep-related Painful Erections (SRPE). I am seeking assistance to recover from the injuries I feel I have suffered from paroxetine and a benzodiazepine.
  24. Hello I am based in Central London and have been dealing with the devastating effects of antidepressants for the last 10 to 11 years. I am now 30 years old. I was first put on antidepressants by a GP when I was 19 years old for 'mild/moderate depression'. I was at university at the time and 2 years prior my father died. Looking back I certainly had high anxiety and periods of depression following my father's death but nothing to rival the devastating symptoms I experienced in the first two weeks after taking my first doses of Citalopram and the endless medication cycling that followed. I spent about a year going up and down on various SSRI/SNRI's. I had a few brief periods of stability but spent most of that year dealing with crushing physical and mental side effects. After a year, I was on 100mg Sertraline and decided I was not going to change anything. Side effects remained. I dropped out of university but I was able to work on and off over the next 6 years. At some point during that time I increased my medication to 200mg. However, since 2017 I haven't been able to work at all, my social life has dwindled to nothing and I really haven't had any sort of life for the past 3-4 years. I've spent the vast majority of that time in bed. I finally mustered the courage to come off Sertraline in August 2020., tapering by 50mg every 2-3 weeks per the advice of my psychiatrist. I have now been med free for about 7 weeks. I realise that is a quick taper compared to others I have read about on this site. I continue to feel pretty ill but not significantly more ill than I had been feeling on the medication. Indeed, the last 7 weeks have been better in some ways, despite some more severe symptoms that I wasn't experiencing before such as periods of intense rage. For the past 3 years I have had infrequent appointments with a psychiatrist who I respect and like very much. He is far better than some other psychiatrists I have seen and generally is sceptical about the benefits of drugs. However, he isn't as open to the notion that these drugs can do real damage to people. Although I am very grateful for him, it would mean the world to me to find a professional in London who would say outright that they believe my account of what has happened, that they have seen it before and that they are going to help me through it. I have been searching for 10 years with no luck. Alternatively, some kind of antidepressant withdrawal support group in London would also be a great find. Like many people, I have been bounced around all kinds of services, none of which really recognise the harm done by antidepressants. My main questions are - What should I do now? Might I start to feel a bit better if I went back on a small dose of Sertraline and came down more slowly? (This doesn't seem an obvious route to me because I was feeling just as bad when I was on the medication.) Alternatively, I can just stay off the meds and hope it improves over time? How long might that take? Are there any up to date lists of clinicians in London who have a good grasp of antidepressant withdrawal? I have contacted people over the years who have been mentioned in the media in connection with antidepressant withdrawal, but they don't tend to reply. Are there any antidepressant withdrawal support groups in London? Thanks in advance for any advice. It really is appreciated. Apologies also if the above isn't entirely coherent. My brain isn't what it was. Happy to answer any questions. Thanks.
  25. ADMIN NOTE We have a group of people here who have had a fairly immediate severe adverse reaction to SSRIs, often within a few doses (see "immediate adr" tags). These are people who are so sensitive to drugs, usually antidepressants, they have a severe adverse drug reaction (ADR) to drug after one dose or only a few. This also occurs after single doses of LSD or MDMA (also serotonergics). They experience the drug effect as too strong, with symptoms of activation and perhaps desperate and violent thoughts -- the drugs are simply not suited to their neurologies or metabolism. This is because of variability in individual reaction to drugs. It is not a psychiatric or neurological disorder. Though these people don't take the drug long enough to be at risk for withdrawal, they have symptoms identical to withdrawal symptoms after they cease the drug. Serotonin toxicity is probably the closest medical description. Recovery from these iatrogenic conditions is simply not studied. While ruling out real medical issues is always a good idea, discussing a psychiatric drug-induced iatrogenic condition with various specialists probably isn't going to yield any remedies other than experiments with other psychotropics, as few doctors know anything about diagnosing psychiatric drug adverse reactions and even fewer know anything about treating them. If you have had this reaction to a serotonergic, you probably should avoid serotonergic drugs. We presume that the drug has shaken the nervous system and that is why it is producing these symptoms of instability, as it does in withdrawal syndrome. Like people with withdrawal syndrome, those who had immediate ADRs (or serotonin toxicity) may experience The Windows and Waves Pattern of Stabilization and may have become hypersensitive to other psychotropic drugs and even supplements and foods. The recovery process is the same as for withdrawal syndrome: Very slow, gradual, frustrating with waves and windows over months -- as long as you don't upset your nervous system again. Other antidepressants, alcohol, even antibiotics and other drugs can cause further upset in this vulnerable period. From what we've observed, as long as they take care of themselves, the immediate ADR folks recover sooner than people with true withdrawal syndrome -- still, it could take many months. You will need to be patient and learn self-soothing techniques to allow your nervous system to settle down and to heal. Many people find fish oil and magnesium supplements helpful, see https://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/36-king-of-supplements-omega-3-fatty-acids-fish-oil/ https://survivingantidepressants.org/topic/15483-magnesium-natures-calcium-channel-blocker/ It's prudent to try a little bit of one at a time to see how it affects you. Definition of Adverse Reaction to a Medication or Drug - Verywell Health https://www.verywellhealth.com › Health A-Z Sep 24, 2018 - An adverse reaction is an unwanted or unexpected negative reaction to a medication or treatment that is used in an approved manner. There is a group in Auckland, New Zealand, of 12 such individuals. How rare is this supposedly rare reaction, really?
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