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Found 9 results

  1. Reaching out for some support. My doctor prescribed sertraline for generalized anxiety. I took 3 days at 12.5 mg, 3 days of 25 mg, 4 days of 37.5 mg, and 1 day of 50 mg. I was extremely sick from the start with nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness, and a fast heart rate. I kept reading how things would turn around after a couple of weeks and the side effects would go away so I didn't stop. At the bump to 25 mg, I had a panic attack which I was able to control with lorazepam. At the bump to 50 mg, I was so sick and desperate that I went to the ER hoping for some relief. I had a 10 hour panic attack which the lorazepam wouldn't touch. The ER doctor was dismissive that this was just a regular anxiety attack and not an adverse reaction. He gave me a dose of Zofran to help with the intense nausea. I'm not sure why, but that had either no effect or made the nausea worse. I was sent home with instructions to follow-up with my primary care and to continue taking the sertraline as directed and use the lorazepam. I decided on my own to discontinue the sertraline. It's clear to me that my body/brain finds it toxic. It's been 6 days since I last took the sertraline. I'm still having significant nausea and dizziness. I can hardly eat. I can only sip ice water. I'm having vivid nightmares, which reinforces to me that I've changed my brain chemistry in a major way. I'm trying not to let that freak me out, but honestly it does. The mornings are the worst. I wake up and have to lay on my arms because they feel so wired. I'm struggling right now. My doctor's nurse said the symptoms could last a couple of weeks. I've read it could be longer than that. I'm trying not to focus on how long this will last because it's not helpful and makes the anxiety worse. I've ordered some fish oil and magnesium and it should be here tomorrow. I'm not sure that there's anything else that can be done other than trying to surround myself with other people so I'm not going through this alone. I'm feeling judged, ashamed, angry, and about a dozen other emotions towards the doctors right now. I know that's not helpful. It's just where I'm at.
  2. Hello, I just wanted to share my Citalopram story as I'm feeling terrible at the moment and just feel like I've completely ruined my body. I don't know if anyone else out there has advice or experienced something similar? I was prescribed Citalopram in February this year by my GP after experiencing a lot of anxiety. I took 10mg for 4 days but after contacting my GP when I was experiencing a lot of side effects, she upped my dose to 20mg and said it was normal to feel worse before I felt better. By this stage I was feeling pretty manic but for some reason I did what the doctor advised and upped my dose to 20mg as I thought my feelings were because I was so anxious. In hindsight I know now that it was the drug that was actually making me feel manic but I just wasn't aware of that at the time - I bought it was all me. I ended up taking Citalopram for just 7 days in the end and only stopped after a particularly bad night where I was experiencing burning all over my body and brain zaps - I knew I couldn't take it anymore. The Dr didn't want me to stop but I couldn't face taking another pill. Two days before I stopped taking it I started to experience a tremor in my arms but I thought it would wear off when I stopped the drug. Fast forward to around the 20th March having been Citalopram free for a month I began experiencing terrible, debilitating symptoms. My back & stomach is constantly pulsing - I have no idea what it is, I have pins and needles in my legs and tingling in my feet. The floor feels like it is moving when I walk and I feel very unsteady and dizzy. I feel completely detached from everything and everyone and don't even really recognise myself. Im just not interested in the things I used to be and everything is so much effort. I have major brain fog. I sleep very poorly and wake up after a couple of hours, body pulsing and unable to get to sleep. My neck tingles and I have a slight tremor in my neck/head. I never feel still or relaxed and I'm constantly on edge. My head throbs. My teeth hurt and my jaw is tight. My neck feels tight & my stomach is inflamed. Nothing I take seems to help with my symptoms. I have contacted my GP for help but they have said that it all sounds like anxiety, and have prescribed me propranolol and diazepam. They said that it is very unlikely that Citalopram has caused this but I really think it has. I've never felt like this in my life. I am finding it all so very difficult at the moment. I feel like a complete zombie and the physical symptoms are so hard to deal with. I used to be so active and now walking feels like a battle. Physically and mentally I feel completely ruined. I am so ashamed that I have done this to myself and cannot see a way out. Is there anyone out there who has experienced similar or who can offer a bit of hope? Does this get better? History: 11th - 17th February 2020 - Citalopram (3 days 10 mg & 4 days 20mg)
  3. HopefulDawn My medication and health history before I took sertraline just in case it is relevant. I realise I might be recognised by some of this but I feel if my experience can help others and possibly help research it is worth it. . Have mild athsma but rarely took inhalers. . Took antihistamine certraline 1 per day for allergic rhinitis for a number of years. . Took cocodamol fairly soon before starting sertraline. . Have a mild case of cerebral palsy from birth. spastic hemiplegia . Autistic (aspergers type) Brief overview of when things happened and symptoms: January 2018: Was struggling with a breakup, had an anxiety and issues getting to sleep; I really was hoping for counselling or someone to talk to and I believe that would have helped me but instead was given sertraline. First day I took it I was fine, second day I took it I was fine and on the 3rd day morning I began feeling unwell. My jaw started biting together on its own (like when your very cold but much more forceful), I was having numbness in different body parts, had mydriasis (really dialated pupils) I felt like I was dying in a way and I suppose that was when my personality was changed and my emotions changed. My sense of time altered. Began having movement issues where my body would freeze up and I couldnt carry out actions as my body would stop as if I was playing musical statues. Weird feelings when I moved sometimes and weird kind of pain in my body which was very uncomfortable. Feelings of terror. Emotional lability where I could not control my emotions they would just happen.Twitches. Went back to the dr: was offered propanolol but I refused it not wanting to take any more drugs. Got an MRI on my nerves as I thought I was developing MS but that wasn't the case. April 2018: I believe I developed depression which I had never had before; this lasted until January 2019. During this time I was having waves of feeling uncomfortably physically and also spells of emotional lability, movement issues and some others. Each day they would be less severe and less frequent though. During this time I pushed myself to keep busy a lot even though I could not feel positive about things as much. If I always did something like drawing or talking to a friend it would keep me distracted. I will not go into all the symptoms because there were sooo many. All of these things occurred in waves and windows pretty much like how a lot of you guys experience things. Slowly things got better and most have gone away 2019 I was back at uni but I had to take a year out as I am not as resilient physically anymore and get cognitive symptoms.If I do too much symptoms come back. Before I took sertraline I would not have considered the things I did as too much. My grades dropped as I kept having fatigue, difficulty completing actions, weird feeling skin and weird pains. I am hoping to go back to complete the year September 2020 but I feel it will be quite a struggle. April 2020 I feel as if my personality is back 100% which kind of seemed to happen overnight. I decided to join as I am still having issues mainly fatigue, weird feelings/pain in my skin and through my body, sometimes internal vibrations and tremors if I do too much (too much being walking to the shop and carrying shopping which I used to have no problem with, doing too much fitness), sometimes muscle stiffness and twitches, heavy feeling limbs, I seem to get worse with exercise, often delayed and I thought perhaps i'm developing chronic fatigue, my mum thinks I have signs of fibromyalgia but now I think it is still side effects from this drug. I still get cognitive issues sometimes which makes me worry I won't be able to go back to uni and also feelings of terror but thankfully they are much less frequent. Official diagnosis from the dr now is: movement disorder due to anxiety 😕 however my anxiety has basically gone now so I now know it is not only anxiety at all it is definitely physical. Thanks for reading I hope this helps someone
  4. Hello, I am a 31 years old italian doctor. I was prescribed amytriptiline for tension headache by a neurologist. I started with a very small dose ( 2 drops 4 mg First 3 days and 6 mg 9 days). After the second days i started to have fasciculations so on the 12th day i stopped cold Turkey because the doc said the dose was so small and also the duration that i could Just stop It. So i did but u started to have burn all over my body, head shakiness specially during the night, bad fasciculations, my heartbeats changed became faster but less Powerful. I cant stand now and im intolerant to efforts. Ive Lost 7 lgs of muscles and i had tonic breats which Is now fluffy. Also i had mental changes, in part due to the med (brain noise) and i cant feeel emotions, only desperation. This made me so depressed i wanted to die and ive got checked by a neurologist Who told me It was fine so send me to a psychiatrist Who put me on Prozac. I also dont have sensitivity all over my body and this effect also my sexual sensitivity. What do you think? I think It Is a permanent damage. Maybe the drug destroyed some neuronal cells (muscles, sensitivity and brain ). Do you have any advice? Thank you, Beatrice
  5. Hi Everyone . New member here and in need of advice if possible . I've been taking mirtazipine for just over 7 weeks for sleep issues which caused me anxiety. My doctor subscribed me sertaline which only after 3 dosed send me to extreme anxiety and took my anxiety from 3 too 100 . When back to my GP and he subscribed me mirtazipine 15mg ...I was on it for 4 weeks and although it helped a little with sleep ...didn't knocked me out all night like most and as I didn't feel any improvement as was feeling very groggy , brain fog etc...my GP advised to increase to 30mg which I've been on just over 3 weeks . I definitely don't think it's helping at all and I'm feeling pretty the side effects and half of the time I feel like a zombie ...sorry for the long post but my question would be how should I tamper of this medication as I was to get out of this medication. Do I need to tamper slowly even if I only took this medication for 7 weeks ? I would realy realy appreciate and information regarding this matter as I'm new antidepressants. Many thanks in advance
  6. ADMIN NOTE We have a group of people here who have had a fairly immediate severe adverse reaction to SSRIs, often within a few doses. Generally, they experience them as too strong, with symptoms of activation -- the drugs are simply not suited to their neurologies. Serotonin toxicity is probably the closest medical description, but nobody knows if the adverse effect is due to inhibition of serotonin reuptake or some other downstream effect. This iatrogenic condition is simply not studied. Discussing this condition with various specialists probably isn't going to yield any remedies other than experiments with other psychotropics, as few doctors know anything about diagnosing psychiatric drug adverse reactions and even fewer know anything about treating them. What we have observed is that people who had this immediate severe adverse reaction to SSRIs have post-discontinuation symptoms very much like withdrawal symptoms, which indicate nervous system destabilization. Like people with withdrawal syndrome, people suffering this iatrogenic condition may experience The Windows and Waves Pattern of Stabilization and may have become hypersensitive to other psychotropic drugs and even supplements and foods. Recovery follows the same arc as post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS): Halting, frustratingly slow, and very gradual; measured over many months. You will need to be patient and learn self-soothing techniques to allow your nervous system to settle down and to heal. Definition of Adverse Reaction to a Medication or Drug - Verywell Health https://www.verywellhealth.com › Health A-Z Sep 24, 2018 - An adverse reaction is an unwanted or unexpected negative reaction to a medication or treatment that is used in an approved manner. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am interested in anyone personal accounts or knowledge of anyone who experienced a negative experience from taking an ssri with their symptoms persisting and not down to general nervous system instability from tapering or withdrawal. Basically, If you experienced initial negative symptoms as a result of taking ssri's, (as opposed to experiencing them through tapering or withdrawal) Could any correlations be drawn of effecting the length/severity of withdrawal of these symptoms?
  7. Hi, I want to stop using this awful drug. My doctor wants me to try something else. I don't want to try anything but stopping. I have only been on 25mg of Zoloft for 6 days. Can I just quit? I need help
  8. hi my name is rich. my story starts 3 years ago.i became addicted to opiates after a shoulder injury ,I took them for around 18 months .I was absolutely hooked,they helped me sleep and got me through the day,and if I,m honest I had no problems,i thought I could stop any time.wrong. I forgot to take a couple of doses 1 day and all hell came my way.after my first ever anxiety attack I decieded to stop c/t. after 16 full days of no sleep I went to the doctors.he put me on a taper and at my request Prozac, at 20mg,to help with w/d. if your wondering why Prozac,my girlfriend takes them as needed and had great success every time. I took Prozac for a year and tapered off quite quickly and had no problems whatsoever. a very difficult albeit self inflicted time in my life was over. fast forwards 3 years to November 2015. I was under a lot of pressure at work and spent more money than I should,even though I was earning enough to cover it.i had a couple of slight anxiety issues which scared me,then a health scare which made me worse.then bad news about an investment.it was still something I thought I could handle,but I was wrong.I had a panic attack,so I went straight to the doctors and asked for help. after a conversation with him, I asked once again for Prozac,and he agreed. I took one 20 mg tablet and went to bed.i didn,t sleep all night, so I didn,nt take another.after about 2 weeks I still wasn,t feeling myself so I just thought man up and take the tablets. I took them for 6 days and on day 6 felt so bad I went to hospital.the doctor told me I needed to stop right away,so I did. that was 2 months ago.i have been in hell ever since. I have been lurking on this site for a month and can say has helped me a great deal ,although some stories scare me badly. I,m scared everyday as my symptoms change hourly ,I,ve read a lot of stories and know I,m not alone. any advise on coping would be very welcome . after reading stories for a month I feel I know all of you ,and think this site is a lifesaver. thanks,rich.
  9. Has anyone ever felt like there neck is heavy (harder to hold it up) and their body too (slower movement)? Is that a symptom? Thanks
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