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  1. Hello I am based in Central London and have been dealing with the devastating effects of antidepressants for the last 10 to 11 years. I am now 30 years old. I was first put on antidepressants by a GP when I was 19 years old for 'mild/moderate depression'. I was at university at the time and 2 years prior my father died. Looking back I certainly had high anxiety and periods of depression following my father's death but nothing to rival the devastating symptoms I experienced in the first two weeks after taking my first doses of Citalopram and the endless medication cyclin
  2. Hello, I just wanted to share my Citalopram story as I'm feeling terrible at the moment and just feel like I've completely ruined my body. I don't know if anyone else out there has advice or experienced something similar? I was prescribed Citalopram in February this year by my GP after experiencing a lot of anxiety. I took 10mg for 4 days but after contacting my GP when I was experiencing a lot of side effects, she upped my dose to 20mg and said it was normal to feel worse before I felt better. By this stage I was feeling pretty manic but for some reason I did what th
  3. I tried Citalopram for 2 weeks had terrible symptoms so stopped, was given buspirone stopped after a week then trazodone because i couldn’t sleep, stopped that after 5 days was horrible, now I can’t eat or sleep can barely function, that’s been 5 weeks since then
  4. Reaching out for some support. My doctor prescribed sertraline for generalized anxiety. I took 3 days at 12.5 mg, 3 days of 25 mg, 4 days of 37.5 mg, and 1 day of 50 mg. I was extremely sick from the start with nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness, and a fast heart rate. I kept reading how things would turn around after a couple of weeks and the side effects would go away so I didn't stop. At the bump to 25 mg, I had a panic attack which I was able to control with lorazepam. At the bump to 50 mg, I was so sick and desperate that I went to the ER hoping for some relief. I had a 10 hour pan
  5. hi , i"m a single mom and was given celexa 10mg for head aches and brain fog . the side effects where too much for me from day one , so three weeks after starting i was told to just stop taking them and i did... that was feb 28th the first week was fine , 2nd week i had some anxiety feelings and now the 3rd week I'm having insomnia , the sweats , nausea , and anxiety... I can't seem to find any stories on here from people who where short timers taking an ssri , I would really love to read a success story . my question is am i going through withdraws or is this relaps , please any help would be
  6. Hi everyone, After many months of reading and gaining some hope and encouragement from the stories here I decided to join your great forum. Sorry, but this is a very long story. Im a 39 year old male from Australia and I have been taking ssri’s for GAD for the last 10 years. I started on Paxil 20mg for around 18 months and was switched to lexapro 10mg due to weight gain, sexual dysfunction and fatigue. Lexapro was a little better but I really didn’t feel like it was doing much apart from keeping the weight up and the motivation down. I am 6’2 and was alwa
  7. I've been larking for a year now, but I have a question of something that has been happening to be. So, ive been depressed from all the symtom that ive experience of the last 1 year and 3 months and in a way sort of thoating off a part of my brain. There has been a pressure in my head whenever I get depressed for long periods of time due to a stagnant life style, like a knot in my head. Today, although, that knot has been popped in a way, feeling injured in a way. This in something thing indirectly affected by that withdrawal experience I believe. I really look to get to the bottom of it.
  8. Well, who knew you weren’t supposed to just stop taking this stuff when you felt like it? Back in January 2020, I had gone to the doctor 3 times over a one month period swearing I had kidney problems based on some symptoms I had. After the third appointment and all tests coming back normal, the doctor diagnosed me with anxiety and prescribed 25 mg Sertraline. I started taking it immediately and within a few days I had developed limb pain. I didn’t relate it to the medication and actually thought it was a symptom of anxiety. Another week or so went by and limb pain spread to joint p
  9. End of this August I start having severe Chest Tightness which triggered panic attacks thinking I was not breathing. My primary physician put me on 25mg Zoloft. Sure the chest tightness was relieved in two weeks but the real nightmare started .... depersonalizations, deattachment from reality, suicidal thoughts, extreme panic attacks , fear living my house, desperation, nausea in my soul!, eye issues like on of my eyes was focusing at a different level than the other, non stop fear for no reason, going literally crazy.... and the symptoms continue during tapering making my doctor including my
  10. G'day SA community My name is Anthony and I have been lurking on this site for a few weeks and thought it time that I start my contribution. And hopefully get some well needed support without being too selfish. I would firstly like to preface my intro by thanking all the members, staff, moderators and founders of this site. It is helping me get through a dark time in my life that I have never ever experienced before. And it has been and still is scary. My story is long (as is most sufferers) so I will do my utmost to be as concise yet brief as possible witho
  11. Hi everyone! I’m not a native English speaker but I’ll try to write my story. I was taking Zoloft (Sertraline) and one Russian antipsychotics drug for 3 weeks. 2 weeks - 12,5 mg of Zoloft. 1 week - 25 mg. Then I got an overactive and painful bladder. I didn’t know what happened with me. It wasn’t UTI because of good tests. I cancelled cold turkey all of drugs. And my bladder became ok over 3-4 days. My psychiatrist insisted that I needed to figure out which drug was caused an overactive bladder. I trued one pill of antipsychotics and my bladder became overactive again. I immed
  12. Hi I took 50 mg of ssri Zoloft a month ago and after 5 days I took 25 mg, I noticed low libido and I googled it and I saw pssd forum and I had major anxiety attack for week, after a week I started getting normal but with Excessive mastubattion but I had few problems it was hard to cry I felt disconnected idk if it is my anxiety or dp but I felt nothingness. It was hard for me to cry or laugh, insomnia was hard and heart raising at night. I experienced burning all over my body and sweating, and feeling not tired at all. After a week I had the chance to sleep I felt happy to slee
  13. Hi. I am new here and not sure if I am posting right. Last year I was put on 20 mg of Citalopram. I used it for 2 weeks and stopped. The burning in my head and body was so bad. Head pressure ect. Being new to the medicine world I didn’t know my intense anxiety was due to withdraw. I thought I was going crazy and tried it again at a low dose of 10 mg for 30 days. Things were so bad. But I thought it was normal. I had read it gets worse before better !? But my reaction comes to find out was adverse. My Dr CT’d me. No taper. After that I experienced intense head pressure for a month. Shaking whe
  14. I am 56 year-old male. I started 50mg of Zoloft on December 12,2020 and Ativan as needed when I went to the hospital for a panic attack. It has been 9 years since my last panic attack. I took .50 Ativan at night for 2 weeks, then .25 at night for 2 weeks. Down to .125 Ativan over the weekend. My experience with Zoloft has been a nightmare. Extreme anxiety everyday and didn’t have that in the past and terrible insomnia. Bad tremors at night, confusion, memory issues. I can’t imagine doing a 10% taper as my life is very miserable right now. Not really sure what to do. Slow taper is going to be p
  15. Hi new on here, at my lowest point now, had felt stressed in work didn’t feel right then was prescribed Citalopram, had horrendous symptoms with this so stopped after 10 days, was then prescribed buspirone only lasted a week on that, after that trazodone because I couldn’t sleep, lasted 5 days on it, been off everything 6 weeks now I’m basically in a constant fight or flight mode, have no hunger at all for any sort of food and barely sleep at all, have started to shake as if I have flu the last few days also
  16. Hi! Was hoping someone would be able to give me any advice as I’ve been going through withdrawals for weeks now. I was put onto Citalopram 10mg in October 2019 for mild anxiety, I had no symptoms of depression. I was doing fine on this and felt good. I stayed on this until June 2020 when my anxiety got a bit worse and I upped to 20mg. Within a few days my anxiety had gotten worse, my mood was much lower and I then began to have suicidal thoughts. My doctor changed me to Venlafaxine 37.5mg even though I didn’t want swap to another drug, but trusted their advice! After a couple of week
  17. Hi, I want to share my story and get some of your advices. I was diagnosed with pure O OCD in November 2019 and I started to take Lexapro (10mg/day) in January because of insomnia linked to intense anxiety. This med helped me to sleep again (but poor quality of sleep) but it increased the intensity of anxiety and it depersonalized me. Also, I experienced many suicidal thoughts while I took this medication so I told my psychiatrist and he thinks I needed to increase my dose while I thought that this medication didn't help me cope with my OCD. So now I decided to stop
  18. Not sure if this is where I start as a new member? anyway I’ve been through hell and back for the past 8 months. And need a place where I don’t feel so alone in my medication journey
  19. Hello everyone, I'd like to thank in advance for reading this. Last week I took 3 half-pills of Citalopram (10 mg). I have mild depression, and this was given me to help psychotherapy. The first night, I only had insomnia and the next day I felt my libido at zero, so I look up better the side effects, and found about PSSD and this group. I started feeling very anxious and couldn't sleep. 5 days have passed, still have anxiety and insomnia, and know I kinda feel apathetic and can't have an orgasm. I can't understand if I had an adverse reaction to the drug or
  20. Hello all, Several months ago I was brought to the ER for bad vertigo, nausea, and vomiting. Had a pretty traumatic experience in the hospital room when I was gave an anti nausea med. I had extreme akathesia towards the point when I needed to escape!! The doc said all of the results came back fine.... the next day I had panic attacks due to the experience. Contacted another doc and told him that I used lexapro like 12 years ago and it helped panic. He prescribed me Lexapro. The next 2 months on Lexapro was crazy. Depression, increased panic attacks, GI issues, DP/DR, and the lost goes on
  21. In fall, 2019 out of the blue, without warning, I had two vertigo attacks (different weeks). For 4 days after I had dizziness while driving to work. I learned about maneuvers to re-set ear particles and those helped. 4 days after the 2nd vertigo attack I had my first ever panic attack. Typical first-timer story: had no idea what was going on, went to the ER. All tests came back negative. Was diagnosed with GAD, even though I've never had an anxiety problem or depression diagnosis my whole life (middle aged here). 3 days after panic attack was prescribed lexapro. That's when the hell
  22. Hello everyone, you all seem very knowledgeable on the dangers of using antidepressants and I would like for your insight. In February 2019 I was given Zoloft and for two days I took 2 pills of 50 mg each at night. They caused shivers down my spine (something I’ve never ever felt in my entire life), and a rapid heartbeat each time I drifted off to sleep. I stopped taking them after 2 days because of these effects but I went from sleeping 8-10 hours of deep uninterrupted sleep a night to lately 3-4 hours of sleep that is so incredibly light, I feel entirely awake, the sleep I do get is dreams o
  23. Hey, I want to intodruce myself on this site because I´m suffering a lot from the Paxil withdrawal even though I have not taken Paxil for a very long time. I was prescribed to Paxil in January 2016 because of a Burn Out / Depression. While Cipralex has not taken the huge panic from me when my Depression/Burn Out started my Doctor said we should try Paxil. My mood was very quickly a lot better with the help of Cipralex but the panic was huge. I´ve never experienced a depression in my life so it was very frigthening to feel such a huge impact in such a negative way. Anyways after abo
  24. Bonjour, je suis une fille française de 27 ans désolé pour mon anglais. Je n'ai jamais eu de problèmes psychiatriques avant cela. J'aimerais dire que je suis très passionné par les animaux, je les aime tellement, j'ai un chat depuis 11 ans et un cheval depuis 8 ans donc c'est très difficile pour moi d'en parler mais j'ai besoin d'aide. .. En juin 2020, nous emmenons un chiot avec mon copain ... En même temps, j'étais un peu anxieux et déprimé à cause de mon travail, mon médecin m'a donné 5 mg de Brintellix ... C'était le début de l'enfer sur Terre ...
  25. Hi everyone, I am unfortunately in a very tough spot. Here is a synopsis of my story....I am a 40 year old woman who gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl 13 months ago. I have been dealing with postpartum depression, I guess I would say it was mild to moderate- I was functioning well, going to work and taking care of my two girls, but at night I was tensing my muscles in my sleep and I would deal with severe muscle pain all day on most days. I saw my doctor, we concluded that my stress must have been manifesting during sleep causing all the muscle tension and pain (which I'm sure
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