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Found 57 results

  1. I'll try to keep this kind of short. I've finally decided to post an intro today after reading posts on this site for a few years now which has helped a lot with understanding what's going on since most doctors just told me my SSRI discontinuation/withdrawal symptoms-which were unlike anything I'd ever experienced before and physically and emotionally worse than I'd ever felt-were a return of my depression & anxiety or possibly a bipolar disorder according to one doctor. I knew for a fact that it was not my original anxiety & depression, but I had no idea what was happening in the beginning or how to explain it. I had social anxiety, depression, & general anxiety since age 12 and was not allowed to drive/take the bus/go out or do much by myself other than going to school (because everything was too dangerous) by controlling, religious parents with their own high anxiety and agoraphobia. I was never allowed to receive counseling for these issues & when I went off to college, it was an extremely difficult struggle going from not being allowed to do almost anything to suddenly being responsible for figuring everything out on my own. I was also not great with time management skills & knowing how to plan ahead. (I actually relate to a lot of symptoms of ADD & Asperger's, which both greatly affect social skills & ability to get through college and would explain a lot of problems I've had. I have learned more about them in the past year, but can't afford to get diagnosed right now so I've just been looking at support groups for days when my nausea is lessened.) I felt overwhelmed all the time and all my negative thoughts worsened severely. I didn't see the free counselor at college during this time either because I was embarrassed about everything and about asking for help. I finally decided I wanted to try to make a change and try counseling the summer after sophomore year of college at age 20 and was at rock bottom, desperate to not feel depressed. I knew someone who said their antidepressant helped them, so I asked a doctor for medicine and they prescribed sertraline. After taking the first pill, I had a surge of anxiety and racing thoughts that made it impossible to concentrate. Within the first couple days on 25 mg of sertraline, I was gagging and dry heaving over and over for at least 20 minutes as soon as I ate anything. I would also throw up multiple times in a short timespan after one snack or meal. I called my Dr & was told to skip a dose and then change the time I took the dose from morning to night. After a week of this (dry heaving & vomiting all meals) on 25 mg, and another call to the doctor, I was told that digestive issues are a possible starting symptom and to increase to 50 mg. As soon as I increased, the gagging & vomiting increased even more. After 6 days of this, I called the doctor again and was told I could stop taking it altogether since it had been such a short amount of time on it. And to come in for a different medicine Rx after the weekend. The very first day that I didn't take the sertraline, I felt the worst nausea I had ever felt in my entire life. I ended up asking a friend to drive me to the ER because I felt so sick. I told the Dr how I had just stopped sertraline. The doctor said that my pupils were dilated and my reflexes were overactive. Then, he listed off illegal drugs & asked if I had taken those. (No, I've never tried any drug before). He said "You need to tell me what else is going on because the antidepressant couldn't have caused this." And I said "I don't know" and started crying. I do know that people in my family are highly sensitive to medicines and have since found out I have a gene that causes me to metabolize slowly so things build up for longer in my system. Anyway, the Dr left the room and at one point I was given Ativan in an IV by the nurse which did ease the nausea. When the Dr came back, he told me I had SSRI discontinuation syndrome, (he didn't explain what that meant), that I could never try another SSRI, and gave me a Rx for a small bottle of Ativan. My mom said he mentioned something on the phone to her about serotonin syndrome which dilated pupils and overactive reflexes are symptoms of, but I don't remember him saying anything about it directly to me. He also mentioned reinstating a small amount might help but my mom didn't pass this on to me until much later because she didn't want me to take it. After that, I experienced: -more dry heaving which gradually lessened in frequency -random times of vomiting after eating and after exercising when I wasn't sick & the food wasn't bad (or sometimes nothing was left to vomit & only a small amount would come up) -continuing debilitating nausea & dizziness -olfactory hallucination (putrid smell that wouldn't go away, would intensify around strong scents such as soap & car exhaust) -uncontrollable crying at every tiny thing (neuro-emotion, not regular sadness) -uncontrollable rage (neuro-emotion) -intrusive thoughts & floods of bad memories which I "word vomited" in texts to my sisters -didn't want to be around people who I associated with bad memories because it would greatly intensify neuro-anxiety. (I'd guess the feeling is similar to what people mean who talk about experiencing bad drug trips and how it's important to be with people you trust) -nightmares -paranoia/suspicion/distrust (felt like my mom & sister were not really my mom and sister even though logically, I knew it was them. Things feel creepy & sinister -almost like a horror movie sometimes. A post I read here compared the sinister feeling to a bad LSD trip. I have never tried LSD, but I understood what they meant & is the closest way I found to describe it. -cognitive fog (thinking, processing speed, & reaction time is noticeably slower) (I was a slow thinker/processor before, but it feels like I have brain damage now) -memory problems (I was somewhat forgetful before, but am even more so now) -depersonalization ("it feels like the medicine changed who I am & I don't have an identity/sense of self which I still hadn't fully formed before sertraline) -derealization (feel emotionally disconnected & distant from people/atmosphere. I know things are real, but they don't feel real. Sometimes it feels like consequences won't matter or there is no sense of helpful anxiety even in a potentially dangerous situation. Logically, I know they do matter and still want to do the right thing) -anhedonia/apathy/emotionally numb (don't care about things or have the same amount of passion for interests or feel empathy for other people's emotions or feel spiritual even though I had some spiritual beliefs before. Couldn't feel hopeful about anything/future or feel love towards or from anyone. These emotions have slowly returned to a certain degree since then & levels of ability to feel them have changed at different courses of time) -blurred/cloudy vision (when DR was at most intense, vision was different. Hard to explain) -eye floaters ( random black specks & lines) Didn't notice these until a year after DC-ing -constant yawning/air hunger -stomach/digestion issues -burning, tingling, itching, numbness, redness in feet -brain zaps/"crackles" (sometimes annoying, sometimes painful, but my most tolerable symptom) -head pressure/tightness, feels like head is being squeezed -headaches There was also a period of 6 months where I thought certain symptoms were over and after that period, the dizziness returned. Those are most of the symptoms I've experienced in the past approx 3.5 years. They're not in order. I'm 24 now. A few have gone away for the most part (vomiting, olfactory hallucination, yawning) and most are less intense. I have really improved a lot, I don't mean to sound overly negative. But, I still have the issues I went on the SSRI for & I have trouble accepting where I am & worrying about where to go from here & the uncertainty of how long this lasts because it has put lots of areas of my life on hold (I wasn't able to go back to college, I hope to someday) and ended up making things harder to deal with when I was told it would make them easier. (BTW, I am now seeing a counselor). I don't understand why people say SSRI's are not technically drugs when they have this much of an effect on your mind, mood, & perceptions. Sorry if I have over shared, I might need to post a shorter version of this at some point that's easier to read. And I'm still figuring out the layout of the website & where to post about certain questions & topics. I just know that sometimes other people's explanations made me feel better because I had some understanding of what was happening & words to describe feelings I'd never had before and didn't know how to explain. I've also had other stress & health issues and a few (physical health) medicines that have affected my withdrawal progress, but I guess that's a topic for a separate forum. Any advice, similar experiences, recommendations, tips for using the site, or insight into what happened to my brain is appreciated if anyone feels so inclined :)
  2. Hello all! I am completely new to this. I have been creeping around forums and reading as much as possible since last August. I finally found this site and have been reading for about a week. I now have the courage to create my own post. I guess part of me feels like what I have gone through is only a fraction of what I’ve read here in some cases and feel bad for taking attention away from those who may need it more. I have been AD free for a week. I’m doing a lot better than when I was on medication but am still struggling. Just a quick rundown of what I’ve been through: June 2016, I gave birth to my beautiful son. He’s my only child right now. I struggled bad after being readmitted to the hospital only a day after being home. I was decent until September of 2016 when I had a panic attack and decided to start the Zoloft my OB prescribed. It took a bit but I was ok. More a zombie walking than a human it felt like. I weaned myself off the following March (2017) when I started feeling better. I did GREAT until July. I began having serious anxiety that my son was going to dry drown. We have a pool, so it was really bad. When I moved from that I thought I had colon cancer and couldn’t let that go. I finally made an appointment with my OB who prescribed me Prozac 20mg because I discussed the apathy and lack of sexual desire on Zoloft. The night I took it, I woke up having the WORST panic attack of my life... my only panic attack until that point. I was trying to claw my chest open it was awful. I stayed on it 4 days and woke up with suicidal thoughts. I immediately discontinued the drug and started Zoloft because I knew it had worked before. At this point Sept 2017 I made a psychiatrist appointment and started Mirtazapine 7.5 for sleep and appetite. I had lost 25 lbs in a month and was averaging 1.5 of sleep a night. I stabilized at 75 mg Zoloft and 7.5 mg Mirtazapine in Sept 2017. I discontinued the Mirtazapine shortly after as everything was ok. Fast forward to January 2018. I had a panic attack on Jan 15, 2018 and fell into a deep hole. Tried 100, then 125 mg Zoloft until February 27, 2018. It didn’t work. Psych wanted to switch me to lexapro. He had me abruptly stop Zoloft and start lexapro. 3 weeks later I was have serious suicidal thoughts. Other than the one time on Prozac this had never happened to me before. I was scared to be home alone. I went back and my psych labeled my issue as major depressive and stopped the lexapro immediately and had me start Wellbutrin. 3 weeks into that I was having suicidal thoughts though not as bad. I tapered quickly off Wellbutrin. Needless to say, I’ve been a mess. I am functioning now. I have passive suicidal thoughts though very minor. (Please tell me these will stop as I get better) I have started taking magnesium, high EPA fish oil, vitamin b complex and a probiotic. I also take vitamin c every other day. I have cleaned up my diet. I cut dairy, sugar, gluten. I am still having a small cup of coffee in the morning. It’s a hard habit to break. I wake up EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. With anxiety and nausea. Most mornings dry heaving. This morning I didn’t though so I count that as a blessing. My main reason for posting is, I know Wellbutrin isn’t a SSRI, so do you think all my symptoms stem from abruptly stopping the Zoloft in Feb? Is there any other advice anyone has that could help my healing? I lack motivation still but am much better in the evenings and on weekends when I’m home with my family. I just want to get back to normal. Whatever normal is. I have so much guilt over reinstating ADs last year. It’s been a heck of a ride, and the more I read about long term effects and the difficulty discontinuing im trying my hardest to keep from going back. I know that’s a lot, so I really appreciate whoever takes the time to read my story and provide feedback.
  3. Hi I am new here. I started Zoloft last Sunday with horrible side effects and with the guidance of my GP decided to discontinue. Here was my week: sunday -25 mg monday - 50 mg tuesday -50 mg wednesday - 50 mg thursday - 25 mg my doctor told me to quit cold turkey but I've read so many bad stories. My pharmcist said I could take 25 mg today and possibly 12.5 mg tomorrow if I wanted to. how do I get off this drug? Will I have any withdrawal symptoms?
  4. December 15 started lexapro 5mg for panic attacks and anxiety. One week after notice mild hamstring soreness two weeks after severe hamstring soreness, (maybe restless leg)?, and full body joint pain. I was basically bedridden and went to a clinic where they tested me for the flu, I tested negative. I quit taking the pills after two days of this. The symptoms subsided a bit over the next week then suddenly got bad again a week after discontinuation. I had Burning skin sensation, severe restless legs or hamstring pain, and joint pain that feels like theflu. Currently I'm a few days from three weeks after stopping and can barely sleep because the pain is so great. I'm terrified this is something else because no Dr will admit that this **** drug is poison and "there is no documented case of this happening" WELL ITS HAPPENING TO ME SO DOCUMENT IT! The pain I would describe is me, a 27 year old male, feels like I just turned 99 years old. I'm calling my mom daily crying about not being able to sleep and being in constant pain. Has anyone had anything like this after a short and low dose? I'm really afraid I have some other terminal illness. Besides anxiety about this pain, I haven't actually had a panic attack in a while.
  5. Hello. My GP put me on venlafaxine for very mild depression and neuropathy one week ago. It has helped my neuropathy, but always nauseated, shaking, and tired, not sleeping, but tired. I want to get off it. Do you suppose I will experience the same withdrawls those listed above only being on it for 6 nights? 150 mg hcl er. I'm thinking of splitting a capsule tonight just in case, I do not want to have brain zaps and all the other things listed above. It is horrible that they don't put that info in the Rx information. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Hi, i was taking 10mg of paroxetine for 6 days, and on the seventh day i increased dose to 20mg as doctor told me (today is the 8 day of taking paroxetine), i experienced bad side effects such as increase in my tinnitus and i decided that I wont take paroxetine, how to quit it? Should i take 10mg and then decrease doses or keep it 20mg (i took 20mg only once, yesterday)? And how long should I be "tapering" if I only took this drug for 8 days?
  7. Hi everyone. Need some help. Ever since our little one was born, I had trouble sleeping. A couple of weeks ago, it got worse to the point where I was barely sleeping 3 or 4 hours a night. I was prescribed 50 mg Trazodone for sleeping. Day 1, 2, 3 and 4, it worked great. I slept 7 to 9 hours per nights (but woke up in the middle so split in two per night). Day 5, we had to go out so I did not take it. I barely slept 3 hours that night. The next day, I had some rough symptoms, mainly severe headache and nausea. That night, I took the pill. I slept OK at night but the next day, I was a wreck. Nausea, headaches again but also "foggyness", as if my brain was outside of my body. I don't know if this make sense but I felt like everything was in slow motion... So the day after was yesterday, I decided not to take the pill ever again. I thought it was due to the pill but reading here, could it be due to withdrawal cold turkey? I never thought I could have withdrawal from taking the pill 5 times! I'd rather not ever ever take this pill again and figure out another way to sleep but will my symptoms of withdrawal go away soon? Should I restart it with the 10% decrease? I am OK riding the symptoms for a couple of days, a week if needed but if this will take months, it will be rough...We have a newborn at home and I already have trouble helping my wife during nights awakening due to my insomnia, I'm really looking forward to being normal.. Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone.... I've had GAD and panic attacks for as long as I can remember. I've just dealt with it and called it a day. Work triggered more stress so I finally said something to my doc. My sleep hasn't been in the greatest. She put me on 10mg of Escitalopram/Lexapro. I started it on a Monday morning and on my way to work I had the worst head burning feeling of my life. I had to pull over. It was one big wave and stopped after a few minutes. Silly me thought this was just some strange side effect and it would wear off. The burning would come and go in waves, by Wednesday my bp was increased to 145/92. I also have Chronic kidney disease stage 2, so it's ideal to keep bp low and records of it. This was not normal for me...I run around 125/80. Fast forward to Friday evening. I felt off all day. Every emotion heightened, everything burning. My head down to my arms. My heart rate was around 115. I get home, try to relax. Around midnight I have the worst panic attack I've ever had. I fainted at the top of the stairs, they took me by ambulance. They check my bp and it's 180/110. They wouldn't say anything, just gave me a sedative and dismissed me around 2am. At 7am that morning, I wake up to my head on fire again. Back to the hospital I go...new ER doc looked at me and said I was having an adverse reaction to the Escitalopram. I could continue taking it or stop it and find something else. Well, fast forward to eight weeks later. I stopped it cold turkey. I'm back to doing yoga and meditation but my blood pressure has yet to fully return to normal. The head burning has decreased to only when I get a little stressed and constant aches and pains. I pretty much feel like I'm starting over at square one at coping with anxiety and living with it. My body is taking a super long time to heal. I know I have a good ways ahead of.me still.
  9. kronymom

    kronymom: hi all!

    Hi everyone! I have been following this site for a little while and finally getting around to introducing myself. I am one of those so called "rare" individuals who has had an adverse reaction to an anti-depressant (citalopram). My start date on this journey was Dec. 17 2009. I took one 10mg. pill of citalopram and my life has been totally changed (health wise that is). I spent the first 2 yrs. fighting my way out of a living nightmare. And at current time am recovering from a relapse of symptoms brought on this past winter from trying some supplements that I shouldn't have touched. The list of issues this crap has brought into my life since then blows my mind. I'm sure most of you know what they would be. Issues I never had before. I took the drug for some slight depression I thought I was having from progressing through pre-menopause. Now my nervous system is so screwed up that I can't take anything without it throwing a wrench in the works. I guess I found the hard way that I can't take these types of drugs. I have always been able to take any drug that most could take so I thought I was safe in trying just one of this type. But no it was not to be. I had no idea that these worked in the brain like LSD or I wouldn't have touched them. I always had avoided any thing that would mess with the brain in this way. No one told me that these could do what they did. The health care providers always leave out so much information that would help us to make better decisions. I am a statistic with the FDA as my NP reported my case to them and they called me to find out what had happened. All I got was we are very sorry and that was about it. And my NP basically told me after I told her about my reaction that I should have been a better informed consumer. HA! You can't do that if the info you need is being suppressed so as not to shed bad light on these drugs. I thought they were relatively safe to try. Now I know better. My husband and kids have had to bear witness to the hell this reaction has put me through and still is. It's become part of our lives now. I have to say I don't like crying anymore because that's all I did for the first few months everyday like clockwork. Along with many other terrible things. I had gotten back to a better place by this past December and was back to exercising and losing the weight I had put on through all of this. Until I relapsed. The problems where the same just not as severe but bad enough to keep me quite down at the beginning. My nerves right now are still very sensitive and I have to be careful of all overstimulation even on the skin. I wanted to tell my story especially after I found Tony's adverse reaction story on this sight. His initial reaction was stronger than mine but so similar in many ways. We communicate now through his FB psych drug reaction group. I also thought this sight and the members here would help in this journey also. Your all in my prayers and please keep me in yours. I sure need them. My faith has been THE thing that has been bringing me through this long tunnel of darkness. I hope someday I will be able to see the light at the end of this tunnel. The nerves take sooooo long to heal. UGH! Thanks for reading any questions or comments are welcome, Jill
  10. NOTE: This topic has been merged with a very similar one posted in the Tapering discussion, so there is some duplication of post subject matter. ~Jemima Hello everyone, I am currently tapering off of Zoloft, 25mgs, after a very short time of taking it [7 weeks] due to the fact that I do not like the emotional numbing it causes. I love to feel a range and depth of emotions. My taper plan is half a pill for 2 weeks, than a quarter of a pill for another two weeks, and then completely stopping. I don't really have a pill cutter to taper more slowly, although I have considered slowing the taper. My withdrawal so far has included emotional breakdowns [can not stop crying due to the thought of being emotionally numb forever], and increased anxiety, which I am on Ativan for. I hope that I am not emotionally numb forever...I'm scared of never being able to feel again. I start crying because I fear that all of my senses will be reduced forever and I will live in a world without color. I am going to begin day 6 of the taper today...currently at half a pill or about 11.5 mgs...wish me luck.. theelt712
  11. My stats: Male Age 19 Green eyes Good body 6ft tall Tall handsome looking for love, passion. Well endowed. Basically I've got a giant...whoopsss, wrong forum! Forgive me! Shame because I have got a massive....problem! Hi all! How are my fellow ssri buddies who are/were going toe to toe with these drugs? I'm new and here, and am here to talk about my withdrawal, Representing the many of us who have been lied too, deliberately forced, left in denial and lost are own true self to oblivion. For those of us who are pushing on forwards redeeming our full potential becoming the strongest version of our self. Because all of this is just experience really isn't it? We took these medications as a result of how we were feeling, a by-product of the demons we battle with inside us. Life tests us, these walls and road blocks that are put in front of us mould us. They make or break us. It is our choice if we choose to slide backwards or push on through. Anyhow! Enough of the dramatic, pretentious, opening introductory literature rubbish! Of which I am compensating for my tiny brain, But of which I hope some will find enlightening. I am no uneducated peasant Ill have you know my good sir! I do ramble don't I?! haha Anyway, I've had an underlying mood disorder, or mental illness...what ever you want to call it for as long as I can possibly remember. Bad anxity, OCD and deppression, cue violins and sympathetic music! But funnily enough I was convinced I hadn't. Up until last year I was sure that my problems were biological, Or perhaps a tad In denial when I look back! Even with the fact that both my parents and sister are on ssri of one sort or another who lack the emotional capacity of a butter knife and are practically robots... I respectively refuse to became chemically lobotomized and join your robo-cult! Anyways I dropped out of college down to extreme tiredness and lack of ability to think etc.. and turned to alcohol. More wine squire! vida did flowww! Unfortunately like pringles once you pop you cant stop! This didn't help obviously and promised myself that I would find out what was truly wrong with me. I went down the medical route. Unfortunately being a Brit unlike our trans atlantic cousins, with your 'medical insurance' and 'healthcare viewed as a consumer product' ensuring the patients health is treated optimally! Over here Its different. Although the healthcare is national and public for all, it is socialist in nature- I succeeded In avoiding the word communist their. I did this to avoid America breaking ties with our country ending are special relationship forever to associate us with extreme evil! Yes well here its here all about the functionality of the patient and spent over a thousand pounds going private to several doctors getting blood tests all under the sun to try and discover that mystery illness! The last doctor I went to admitted that biologically I was fine, which was ruled out that I had something psychology wrong with me and gave me the ssri citalopram 20mg as casually as that. How dare you! I have nether been more insulted In my entire life I Cried! How dare you give me the stigma of a mental illness! Not even an evaluation! This is immoral! inhuman! unethical! I shall not being subjected to this! I demand I see your doctors degree! Call the guards! Off with his head! Obviously that never happened. I simply got my meds and left. After taking them for 6 weeks with all manner of side effects that I won't go into now I stopped them. ended It. finished it. Because I didn't like who I was becoming... Because I didn't want to have to take a drug to escape reality instead of dealing with it myself! Redemption come within ma brothers! So I stopped cold turkey... Because I couldn't get any more tablets? Because I just didn't want anymore of this poison in my body? Or because I'm becoming a full time bad man? I don't know! haha I've been off for 5 weeks! cue applause! My withdrawl! 1st week vertigo, dizziness, headaches! mood swings! 2nd week, just dizziness and depression 3rd week improvement! 4th improvement! 5th week which Is what I'm In now! I've noticed I'm getting a lot of brain fog? Like It takes me longer to say what I wanted to say? Cognitively impaired and my short term memory is suffering! Very annoying and affecting my work! Any advice would be much appreciated on how to approach this thank you everyone for reading much love to you all and best of wishes! Ps. Big pharma you are a rotten cancer criminal organisation! Your deadly pills ravage the western world like a plague stealing the lives of people! You should all be shot at dawn!
  12. Hi – I’m hoping someone can relate, as I’m having a very hard time with this experience. I took Zoloft for 3 days (25mgs) in late December 2015. I stopped taking it after the 3rd day after intense panic attacks each night. My withdrawal has been horrible. For 3 weeks after, I had extreme anxiety, insomnia, and panic. I could barely leave my house – and there wasn’t much relief at my house either. I couldn’t escape the experience. I initially decided to take the medication for slight case of panic disorder after it flared up after a recent move out of state and leaving my support system. After the initial withdrawal symptoms, I was able to get back to my day to day life, but was not close to feeling as I felt before. I had this chemical depression – that took away all my hope and optimism. I’ve never had any depression, and was always a very positive person. I couldn’t shake it – it was so palpable. After 4 months, that started to lift from my mind and I was feeling close to normal (pre medication). This lasted for a two weeks. Then – I was hit with the exact same pattern that I experienced for the 3 days on the medication – diarrhea followed by extreme panic. I’ve never experienced that apart from the 3 days on the meds and this one time. That was followed a few days later with extreme depression – crying bouts 10+ times a day, insomnia, hopelessness. That has lasted the last 12 days – to which I’m currently experiencing. I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this severe reaction after only taking it for 3 days. I’m very worried and scared with the uncertainty and my future. I feel as if I have none - and all the mistakes from my past have come back and I can't escape them. If anyone can offer any guidance I would be greatly appreciative. I'm a 32 Male - usually very optimist, social person. I don't think I've been lower than I am now. The pain I'm feeling is overwhelming and unrelenting. No one believes that the SSRI could cause this - especially after 3 days. My parents think I have depression - and my psychiatrist says there is a 0% chance the medication is the cause of this. However I never had depression before taking this medication. Thank you for your time. Any insight, thoughts, recommendations, words of encouragement would be very much appreciated.
  13. I had been suffering from insomnia for 6 months and went to the Drs who decided that it was depression rather than just insomnia. In my niavity I took the 10mgs for 8 days. Within those eight days, I completely changed. I stopped sleeping, I couldn't eat and had crazed anxiety I wanted to crawl out of my skin. Plus all these thoughts entered my head that were never there before. I lost all comfort in my own company, which had never been a problem I had spent 9months on my own. Over the last 3 months it has got progressively worse, to the point of feeling suicidal. How can a drug have such an effect and has anyone been able to come out of the otherside? I have now been prescribed trazodone but don't really want to take it, but am scared I have run out of options.
  14. Hi everyone, beware! My story is very long, I’m mostly just sharing my experience in hopes that anyone else this has happened to knows they’re not alone or crazy despite what they’re doctor says and it’s reassuring to know people have experienced this and recovered. i am new to this site so i am still getting the hang of how things work! i am a 21 year old female, a mother of two beautiful babies and married to a very amazing supportive and kind husband. Approximately two and a half weeks ago both of my children (2 yrs old and 10 months old) came down with croup, a common illness in children that causes inflammation and restricts the airways sometimes making it difficult for them to breathe. So naturally, like any mother, i became very anxious and when my son was struggling to catch a breath i began having a panic attack. i have had panic attacks in the past (maybe once a year if that?) and they never lasted longer than a few minutes at a time. Well in the middle of this panic attack i remembered that my OB had prescribed me 50 mg Zoloft after id had my daughter just Incase i were to have post partum depression because I’d had it after having my son. (It had been a very dark two months of crying spells and feeling hopeless. I’d taken Prozac for the PPD and found it odd but also great that only a few doses brought me right out of the ppd so quickly when they said it’d take a few weeks to even work, so i never took any again after that week and was fine ever since!) Typically i only take medication as a last resort, even Tylenol. i will not take it unless i absolutely need it, but in the middle of this panic attack i told myself i could take it for a few days to help me the way the Prozac did. 😑 So i took it, determined it would help me. I had just finished a z pack the day before that (I’d been sick with my children) and i now know that z pack and Zoloft have a moderate reaction together. Anyways, i awoke the next morning with my heart racing and i sweating and i could not sit still to save my life. Just pacing around the entire house standing up and then sitting back down but no matter what i did nothing could calm me down or relax me. I felt like i had just smoked a ton of crack or something! My mind was racing and there was this burning sensation beginning in my chest and just spreading and shooting through my extremities. It was constant but would intensify in waves, the panic attacks were constant too, I’ve seen alot of people who say they thought they were having a heart attack while feeling this way but i knew this wasn’t that, i knew immediately that this was from the Zoloft. But i was sure this was it, i had destroyed my brain, i was on the verge of losing it completely. But at this point I️ got horrible pains in my stomach and (TMI) i began having diarrhea followed by complete loss of appetite. My mom had come over and ended up taking me and my two kids to work with her because i was terrified to stay home alone with the kids while my husband was at work. This continued for the next three days. I became a zombie just completely consumed by my own thoughts, like there was a war going on in my own head. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me, the ONLY emotions i had were dread, fear and hopelessness. I broke down when my son was looking for my approval when he did something funny and i couldn’t even force a smile. I couldn’t feel a single bit of happiness, excitement or anything towards other people even my freaking children. My mom took me to my doctor, my HR was 162 and i don’t remember my blood pressure but it was higher than normal but not dangerous and i explained everything going on and watched as he wrote down that i had general anxiety disorder and panic disorder (which is not true at all) and told me that one dose could not effect me. I began crying and told him that this WAS NOT ME. Ive never been so unstable and i told him three days ago i was completely functional and perfectly fine!!!!!! Of course I’ve struggled in the past with some depression and anxiety when things happened like a family member dying or after having a babyAfter explaining this he said maybe i am a low cyp2 producer or something like that and wrote me a prescription for Xanax to stop the panic attacks and to come back in one month. And we could look into other SSRIs 😂 yeah SURE. I didn’t even need them in the first place!! i left feeling a little better about having something that should calm me down but freaked out again when the Xanax did nothing. My heart was STILL racing, my mind wasn’t slowing down, the burning was still there in my chest but physically my body felt heavier and slower. I ended up going to the ER the next day when nothing changed where the doctor denied blood work at first and asked if I’d like to see a psychiatrist. I was mostly calm while explaining everything to her but I could just see in her face she didn’t believe a word i was saying. She told me Zoloft couldn’t do something like this and that it was just me. She was, and i quote, “98%, actually 99% sure that this is not the medication doing this.” Then proceeded to tell me maybe i am just now beginning to exhibit symptoms of panic disorder because some people don’t exhibit any symptoms until they’re in their twenties and then used PSYCHIZOPHRENIA as a freaking example 😡 and then that’s what began the intrusive thoughts. I left the hospital feeling more hopeless (aside from the random nurse who came and told me that Jesus loves me on my way out, that was encouraging) than before. I started convincing myself i was just losing my mind and it terrified me, what if i snap and hurt my kids? What if i black out and try to kill myself? What if i hurt my husband? Y’all, my family is everything to me and these thoughts were KILLING ME. The worst things i could think of just kept running through my mind over and over. Just as i was about to have my mom take me to a facility where i could be monitored or get some help or anything because i was so afraid i would just lose my mind, i got my first window. It was the first bit of hope i had felt since it all happened! And then i knew, what is happening, is not me. I finally had the ability to get out of my damn head for a little bit and i began googling and googling every single thing i was experiencing. By discovering that this exact same thing has happened to so many other people gave me great comfort, not that anyone else having to go through this is comforting but that IM NOT ALONE AND I AM NOT GOING CRAZY!!! So currently it has been 2 weeks and 4 days. The only remaining side effects are loss of appetite and waves of anxiety which trigger intrusive thoughts followed by depression. I still get some windows and distractions help a lot. But mornings are extremely hard, i wake up anxious and depressed and it takes a while to calm myself down, reading a lot of other people’s stories helps me to relax some. Driving around helps a lot too and sun light makes me feel much better. I’m hoping since it was only a single dose that i will fully be back to my regular self soon since thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and I’d love to have my appetite back so i can enjoy the food!! I guess the only plus side I’ve found to all of this is i will have a much greater appreciation for life after overcoming this and i lost 12 pounds lol i just really hope to enjoy my baby girls first Christmas with her too. Three weeks ago i loved mornings, waking up before the kids and having my coffee and enjoying tv waiting for them to get up and come play. Now i dread mornings and have constant mom guilt because i feel as though i have been failing them. I think the hardest thing has been the intrusive thoughts, it absolutely terrifies me when i have them. It just blows my mind how carelessly they prescribe this medication to people. I feel so stupid for not feeling the need to research or check what I’m actually taking and what it can do to me. I just always trusted that doctors wouldn’t prescribe anything to you that could hurt you, i know there are a lot of good doctors out there but i feel like they should be more careful with this stuff. I mean both the doctors i saw gave me a list of benzos to choose from and i just looked at them like they were crazy both times. Im not touching any of that crap again. I’ve even looked into anti biotics and those are even dangerous too!!!!
  15. Hi, I have been a long time lurker and didn't think I'd need to post but I am hoping for a bit of reassurance and support. I have so far not involved myself, because I am one of those who didn't take ADs for long and had a reaction. I am generally a happy, healthy and pretty confident, level person. My young son got ill in 2013 and had to have a couple of operations. He’s absolutely fine now but, having held it together all the while I think I started to process it once it was all over and I noticed that I was worrying excessively about him. By February 2014 I was getting concerned that, if left unchecked, my issues could smother his adventures and exclude my daughter so, when it spiked around the time he started school I decided to see someone about it. At this point I had never had a panic attack or anything even close to it, a few intrusive thoughts about my son’s health that I felt were gaining a bit too much traction for a couple of weeks but was generally still enjoying life and getting on with my days. The day before I saw the psych I went to the movies with my girlfriends and had a lovely time. The week before we had friends over and I remember feeling happy, almost to the point smug, thinking 'I love my life. I'm so lucky'. I went, just expecting to talk it through but instead spent 15 minutes with a psychologist who diagnosed me with GAD and did a real number on me about how sick I was and how I would never get better without medication, which I was reluctant to take. She phoned the female GP at my practice (my normal doctor was away) and told her that I needed meds but would resist. The GP scared the crap out of me, telling me the next stage is psychosis and I would be hospitalised if I left it untreated, did I want to be away from my children for a month if that happened, etc, etc. None of it stacked up against my own experience of myself and my husband didn’t get it either but these people were the experts, they should know, right? Anyway, I took pristiq and ativan for three days and everything just fell apart. Within hours of taking it I was being hit by wave after wave of panic attack, then came the hallucinations, suicidal and violent thoughts, agoraphobia, it just kept on giving. I was convinced I couldn’t be trusted around people, let alone my children. It was a living nightmare so I stopped taking them. The withdrawals were terrible; more obsessive suicidal and violent thoughts, vomiting, watery diarrhoea, dizziness, headaches, blurred vision and pain behind my left eye, adrenal jolts and just fear like I’d never known. I was determined not to go back on them and in hindsight should have just continued through it. Instead I went to see a naturopath who gave me a fairly hefty dose of St Johns Wort. I was worried about taking it so soon after discontinuing the pristiq but he assured me I would be fine. I wasn’t. It was awful but I stuck with it for several weeks. Worried about another set of withdrawals, my psych dismissing all symptoms as not possibly related to the meds or herbs (which she laughed at) and mistrusting doctors I had totally lost sight of who I normally was. I tapered off it as fast as I could – all the usual, though less pronounced physical withdrawals, increased anxiety, more suicidal thoughts and a very strange dysphoria – like someone else jumped into my mind, thought a load of random, truly awful negative stuff that I would never normal think and then hopped back out again leaving me muddled and anxious. Eventually I went to see my own doctor, who has been treating me and my family for the past ten years. I told him what was going on and he said that he had seen similar in people who are really sensitive to psychotropic drugs and that I had probably suffered serotonin syndrome and to ride it out. He pointed out that worrying about your kids, particularly after times of stress, isn’t a mental illness and that the hand pain I was experiencing (the psych told me these were a symptom of my anxiety, as my heart was pumping blood faster and I didn’t even realise it was happening) was more likely referred pain from a whiplash injury the month before. So fast forward to now, a little over a year later and I have been doing well. I have been having waves but they are manageable and I am back to my normal self during windows, which are lengthy (the last being four months). Until now. I am presently in a wave that has lasted for nearly a month (with the odd window within that time) and as about as bad as during the earlier phases of withdrawal. I am having some serious obsessive and scary thoughts and a whole barrage of physical symptoms; nausea, bloating and a butterflies feeling) headaches, a cold, trickily feeling down my spine, some brain zaps, pain behind my eye and, when there is a reprieve from those, an almost depressive state where the negative self talk takes over - like I am incapable and not good enough to do the job I have been doing perfectly well for years. If it wasn't for the emotional/psychological symptoms, I would think I was really sick (the anxious withdrawal-hypochondriac is chanting that I probably am. Very). Does anyone know of people getting such a pronounced wave after such a long time? I know it can't be a relapse, because I was never even remotely like this before, but it is scary. The further out from taking the pills, the less assured I feel that it is still withdrawal, which I guess is the catch 22. My normal doctor is away again and whilst he is sympathetic, I am frightened he will become sceptical as time draws on. I would appreciate any insights people can offer. Thanks
  16. I started to get head pressure when started sertraline 50mg Oct/2016 stopped 8 days in change to citalopram on that for 3 months head pressure was unbearable was told it was side affects they'll pass by doctor i CT 13jan/2017 never went back to doctors and I'm still dealing with severe head pressure intrusive thoughts since I'm clueless what's happening
  17. I Hello I hope I’m starting this topic in the right place, if not let me know! Ive always had terrible anxiety and OCD. On March 11th I was precribed Celexa 20mg and began taking it each day. It caused side side effects like dizzy ness, weird feelings, stomach issues and other things. All were manageable. At about 3 weeks in I started to get these hypnic jerks at night, right before I fall asleep a part of my body will “jerk”. The jerk usually involves a feeling of anxiety and a weird feeling in my chest and stomach. I stopped taking the Celexa on April 2nd (yes I know this was a bad thing to do, I just kinda freaked out ). I had terrible withdraw symptoms after a couple days like flu symptoms, dizziness, muscle spasms and other things. Most have left by now but the hypnic jerks are still here. It has sent me into panic many times, thinking I have some form of neurological disease like parkingsons or ALS. This is the only motor symptom I have right now. I have never experienced anything like this before the SSRI. Anybody with similar side effects of a SSRI and how long did it take to go away? I hope I can get some news here. I told my doctor and she didn’t know about this, I have scheduled a appointment with a neurologist but that won’t happen till June 24th. Thanks for any info!!
  18. SadDad88


    I felt betrayed and poisoned by my psychiatrist. A little short brief history. Two years ago I had a series of panic attacks. GP suggest Lexapro, so I take 10mg and panic gets extremely worse. Kept on that dosage for almost a week and suffered from 24/7 panic. After many trips to the ER, I saw my now psychiatrist which prescribed 1mg a day clonzepam, (Benzo). Anxiety and panic started to reduce but after reading about benzos, I wanted to get off. I tried buspar later that year of 2017, it seemed to work for a while but then I experienced muscle rigidity and weakness. So doc stopped that med this early August. I definitely had withdrawal from Buspar, which included, anxiety, agitation, depression, changes in body temperature, tremors, etc. So my pysch suggest an ultra low dosage of Lexapro again. I expressed my hesitation with great concern because of previous usage of the same medication. He assured me it would help and that since is was an ultra low dosage .5mg oral solution I would feel no side effects whatsoever. Eventually every week I would increase it by .5mg. I almost made it two weeks before things spiraled out of control. I woke up with my hamstrings and glutes super tight (which started happening to a lesser degree when I started) it was then followed by leg agitation, like RLS which then encased my entire body. I couldn't stop trashing around. I had extreme short term memory loss, denationalization, brain fog, anxiety, very odd mental state change, shaking, tremors and probably more things that I can't even remember. I quit that pile of s**** medicine and filed a grievance. My question is, how long is this crap going to last? I made it to almost two weeks on a "low" dosage which seemed to affect me severely. Its been about two weeks since I stopped. Since stopping, I've had extreme muscle contractions, anxiety, depression (which I never get) malaise, a great sense of mental and physical sickness, waking to my hands vibrating and other odd feelings. I'm seriously pissed off at my doctor. It was even written in my medical record as that med possibly as me having an allergic reaction to it. I did have an amazing day on Friday, no symptoms whatsoever and it was refreshing. It then started back up with depression, anxiety, etc. Anyone experience this kind of crap? Any help or suggestions? Thanks all.
  19. On the heels of an adverse reaction to an anti-seizure medication (different manufacturer), my primary care prescribed fluoxetine. After three doses of only 10 mg, I had an adverse reaction and at 5 months later, I’m still having issues. While some things have improved, I’m still struggling. I am thankful someone shared this site with me, although I wish that this site wasn’t needed for any of us (long term taperers and short-term adverse reactions). It is good to know we are not alone. Any coping skills for how I can not think about this day in and day out? Has anyone tried acupuncture, reiki, and/or chi kung? How about neural plasticity exercises?
  20. Hi, Glad to have found this site. Any advice or comments more than welcome. After a few horrendous months on mirtazapine, I self tapered over a 3 week period. Before that I was on citalopram which just made me internally shake and increased my anxiety to the point of self combustion. Then I was on both for a week, then just the mirt for a few months. Ever since starting ADs I developed muscle twitches, in my arms (triceps and biceps), thighs, calves and ankles. Very occasionally in my fingers and face also. I honestly have no recollection of this before taking ADs. i decided I wanted to stop taking ADs as I felt they were actually making my anxiety worse. My doctor advised me just to use the last 2 week prescription of 15mg tablets then stop. I decided to try to reduce the dosage a bit slower and ended up stopping over 3 weeks. I still have the muscle twitches and muscle weakness. Quite frankly its freaking me out. Is this common in withdrawal? Has anyone else suffered with this? Is it permanent? When will it stop? Sorry for the epic ramble!
  21. Hello everyone, I hope you are all safe 💟 I have decided to join the community after reading many positive topics on the website, which I found when I was faced with the possibility of having long-lasting symptoms by taking Sertraline (Zoloft) 50 mg. I definitely wished that I found SA before I took the first pill, which definitely changed after learning that acceptance can help me prepare for different scenarios in these very early stages of quitting an antidepressant. Basically, I made the topic to share a backstory, find people who have a similar experience and receive advice from someone who understands the situation a bit better than I do. Backstory: I am a 20 year old studying pharmacy after two years of mental suffering to get to go to uni, and four years of toxic friendships and family-related trust issues. My growth was really a gradual shift from being someone who was happy and healthy to a warrior battling social isolation, identity issues, a shattered self-image and self doubt. I was studying to help people, to be transparent and give treatments taken after patients make informed decisions and I was truly convinced that since nothing has helped the recurrent depression I had for years, a doctor and a pharmacist can help me the same way I wanted to change someone's life for the better. I believed a medicine and a doctor would do the trick! I was always so scared to be exposed to anything from radiations to laser treatments, but the desperate state I was in and the blind trust I had in the medical/scientific community also encouraged by my environment (except for my father who struggled with iatrogenic effects from medications and was dismissed by many) made me wait one day to read leaflets and "medical" websites before I took the first pill of Sertraline. (Note: My struggle did not start because of lockdown, my depression was debilitating for years and stole the joy I once had. poor housing conditions and the fact that my mama, who gave me emotional support, was away and couldn't come back because of the pandemic took a toll on me. I was not speaking to the rest of my family, they also seemed depressed and for some reason I felt guilty for it. I couldn't live feeling barely like a human, nothing like my age, with parental responsibilities and with plenty of regrets and an awful lot of guilt). After taking the first pill, I felt ecstatic! it gave me a high that I never experienced in life (I never did recreational drugs) and gave me a good night sleep, but a day later that changed (and I knew that I might have sleeping disturbance in the first 2 weeks and that it was normal) and after 4 doses I found a website that addressed "PSSD" and read user comments and was beyond devastated. Everything I read was moving in the direction of (the condition can occur after only one dose, it's incurable, it's IRREVERSIBLE, my life is... over). Traumatized, but took the 5th pill because the advice was "do not stop it abruptly". I did not understand withdrawal, I still don't and the loss of sensation started after taking this 5th pill. Everything was too painful to live through, so I confronted my doctor (on the phone) and got the response "it has only been 5 days, it hasn't had enough time to build up in your system yet, side effects like sexual dysfunction are rare in women...etc.). Finally, he told me that I can stop the treatment NOW if I want to. Now: I have been off Zoloft for almost 2 months and I think I am noticing an improvement in the main symptom I had: Loss of sensation in my nipples and genital area. I mainly still struggle with loss of ability to express sadness or cry or feel intense emotions (really difficult), so please if you experienced this share with me anything that helped you. Also please share any ideas on how to spread the word so people who have started taking antidepressants during this time can get support or be aware of withdrawal before they start treatment. How can we get this to go MAINSTREAM? were you ever inspired to inform people on a larger scale? I am trying to find hope during a time of great uncertainty, since I don't know if anything I am experiencing is permanent, but as a first step to remain positive I decided not to resent my background and made a vow to be the voice of withdrawal sufferers once I get back to school and discuss these issues with the future generation of pharmacists as much as I can. sorry for this lengthy and robotic post, I hope I can get somethings off my chest and share personal feelings with many of you soon ☀️
  22. G'day SA community My name is Anthony and I have been lurking on this site for a few weeks and thought it time that I start my contribution. And hopefully get some well needed support without being too selfish. I would firstly like to preface my intro by thanking all the members, staff, moderators and founders of this site. It is helping me get through a dark time in my life that I have never ever experienced before. And it has been and still is scary. My story is long (as is most sufferers) so I will do my utmost to be as concise yet brief as possible without losing the important information. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Aeroman in particular as His success story is what I have needed and his time and investment in answering all the questions from the members relating to his journey has been inspiring to say the least. I won't go into the usual diatribe about how I suffered as a child in a dysfunctional home from physical, emotional and mental abuse of which was the case but my story is more about the incompetent people in white coats we see as all knowing, professional, caring and are in their chosen field because they like helping people and not the money! It all started when I was 21 years old. I had recently finished my apprenticeship with a National Manufacturer as a HVAC & R Technician (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) and was around two years into starting my own business. Things were going very well when all of a sudden and out of nowhere my heart started racing and I was feeling faint. It was fortunate and by coincidence that I was working next door to a Medical Centre. I literally crawled into the Medical Centre and was dragged by a lovely receptionist wo a consultation room. She got me glass of water and informed a doctor. Unfortunately by the time the doctor arrived my heart had suddenly reverted back to normal and I was feeling fine. Tired but, well. He did all the usual work up of tests, including a 24hr Holter monitor to check my heart but basically put it down to either dehydration (as it was the middle of summer here in Australia) or anxiety/stress. Anyway, I was given the all clear. A couple of years later, with out any warning, the same thing happened again. And then again. and then again and again and again. There would be sporadic episodes of this that would last from anywhere from 3 minutes to as long as three hours. It would also involve many Emergency Department visits, ambulance call outs, blood tests, tests for this or that, tests for something else more visits with a GP and yet nothing could be found other than that old chestnut. ANXIETY......STRESS......DEPRESSION. Duh...of course I'm stressed out, I am as anxious as all get up because I feel like my heart is either about to stop or beat so fast its going flop out of my chest.......and nobody can find what the...is wrong with me. So fast forward a couple more years and with still no answers I decided to start seeing psychologists, Chinese medicine Practioners, hypnotists, more GP's, more Psychologists, even a Psychiatrist who suggested the bad word.....Anti Depressants.........of which I have never been one to even take a paracetamol for a headache let alone nasty stuff like that. Well, they all promised they could resolve my anxiety and stress related heart problems but none of them ever did. I was eventually convinced by a psychologist (and my wife) to try Zoloft because I was one of those people that was either born with a chemical imbalance or I acquired one due to my childhood traumas. Well lets just say that those three days were what I thought at that time to be pure hell on earth. Stopped CT and straight in the bin with the free sample. With all the money I spent over the years I could have bought my own little Island retreat somewhere in the Pacific Islands. Fast Forward a few more years and continually dealing with my heart palpitations I got married, had two daughters, multiple businesses and generally a reasonably good time even though that this heart issue was hanging over my head constantly my Quality of Life was very restricted. Fast forward a few more years and Feeling pretty bad about this and being at that age where I wanted more out of life I hunted down a new GP who was the mother of my daughters best friend at school, I had known her a few years personally and my wife thought she would be able to help with this trouble that I was enduring. Well now is where trouble really starts but I did know that till recently. Into the first consultation and boom, out comes the Mental assessment questionnaire and what do you know, I have anxiety and stress bordering on depression. WTF? Being tired of all this I caved in, desperate for my heart to be normal I took the free sample of Lexapro with my tail between my legs, went home and told my wife who was ecstatic (in her defence she only wanted the best for me and a happy life with her husband and the big house and cars and white picket fence and she believed all the doctors saying I was mental blah blah blah). Sucked back my first tablet and went back to my life. Yeah, I thought my life was coming back and that these medicines really do work, why didn't I persist last time because I don't even think about my heart anymore.......A year down the track I went back to my doctor and told her that it feels like it wasn't working like it was 6 months ago, boom, up my dosed from 10mg to 20mg. Well well well, wouldn't you know it. 11pm on a Tuesday night I woke up, my heart was going crazy, I was ill, vomiting, fainting and feeling like I was going to die. Told myself to suck it up, it was all mental, I was mental, I have something seriously mentally wrong with me, the doctors and everyone said so.........three hours later I called for an ambulance, woke up my wife and kids and told them what was happening, my kids were freaking out......The ambulance arrived and as the paramedics came into my bedroom a thud and my heart slowed down to normal, I felt okay, all the stress and anxiety and ill feeling gone just like that. A two day stay in hospital with all the usual tests again and the doctor comes to see me, "Yep, unable to find anything, must be stress or anxiety". Great I thought. So much for Lexapro, time to get off this rubbish because I don't feel anything anymore, no fun, no anger, no happiness, nada......Two weeks later I tapered as per doctors advice and against her wishes I was off the AD's for good. Three months later I was back in her office begging for some relief, I was in bad shape, out of work and my wife again seriously wanted to go back on the meds or there would be repercussions maritally speaking. This time the Doctor said I now had Major Depression Disorder, those words alone stressed me out. Anyway, time to start the heavy hitting SNRI now, I was in bad shape she said..........Well two days later I ended up having another heart episode that was the worst I had ever had, I really thought that I was going to die, I screamed at my wife to call the ambulance, my kids started crying immediately, the Ambulance sent an Urgent care Hi-Priority paramedic who was in my bedroom hooking my with ECG leads all over my body, cannulas in both arms and then said quite casually..."It okay mate, no worries, your not dying....you got SVT. Just relax and Ill fix it for you in a minute I just have to get this ECG trace to show the docs and will get it done" What? SVT? Did I eat something bad, what is SVT. Isn't it anxiety? I asked the Paramedic. 'Nah" he says. Got nothing to do with anxiety. you may have anxiety from having this but having this is definitely not from anxiety" Anyway, a few valslva manoeuvres and a couple of jokes when the transport ambo turns up later I'm feeling quite calm. Off to the hospital for further tests and the Paramedics hang around for a while and with the Doctor explain to me what SVT is. Also known as PSVT (Paroxysmal Supra Ventricular Tachycardia). 24 years of my life chasing this, never not once did any medical or other professional suggest I go see a cardiologist but they were all too willing to take my money...............For those of you who don't know what PSVT is or don't want to use google, I had AVNRT (Atrio ventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia) type of heart arrhythmia, there are several, of which I had an additional pathway next to my AV node causing my heart electrical conduction system to short circuit causing my heart to beat at extremely high rates which was captured on the ECG at 230bpm. Diagnosis meant that it was not life threatening, just very unpredictable and uncomfortable...No Joke! After my hospital stay I was referred to a cardiologist for follow but decided I should see my GP so I can stop the Prisitq because I have found out, after 24 years, that I am not mental, or at least the reason why I am a bit skiddish is because the actual heart problem. Again, my wife and GP convince me to stay on the Pristiq to just help get over the next couple of months until I sort out this heart arrhythmia and me, after all these years being brainwashed what did I do....I agreed, good idea, just to get me over the next hurdle because now I have to go and have a heart operation I need to be in the right mindset..............how stoopid am I? I am now back at home waiting to see the specialist cardiologist and everyday my mood is getting worse and worse. I am constantly crying, panicking, thinking I am going to die and I haven't even seen the cardiologist yet. This snowballs to the point that during my Consultation with the Cardio I was in a very bad emotional state my wife had to talk for me. When the Cardiologist found out I was on Prisitq he asked me why I was on this junk, I should get off it as quickly as possible, and medications like these are only for people who are in dire need of help and in Hospital. The Heart operation, Electrophysiology Study and Cather Abalation will resolve the heart issues and I won't have to worry about heart arrhythmias ever again. I informed him that my GP told me I needed to stay on them, well after that there was some correspondence back and forth from my Cardioligist and GP about this and finally my Cardiologist gave up. Operation day arrives and I go to the hospital, supposed to be a day procedure, should be home that night.......Two procedures and two weeks later I am sent home with some complications that the Electrophysiologist had some trouble sorting out. I wouldn't want to go into detail but I was an emotional wreck, my kids were destroyed emotionally as well I am happy to delve further into the complications during and after the procedure if anyone wants to know but, .Lets just say that I had almost, almost was going to have a pacemaker installed but thankfully it was found out that I had some complications from some "Medications" Namely a SNRI Pristiq. Basically I am still not right after three months and I am diagnosed with a condition called Inappropriate sinus tachycardia that needs to be controlled with some heart medications. Hopefully this will resolve with time. Nonetheless, I was totally traumatised by that event and I am struggling with it mentally still. So out of hospital I meet with my GP as I had lots of Chest pain, and irregular heartbeats etc etc and to finally get off the Prisitq. But no. now that I am in pretty much an uncontrollable state she suggests and refers me to a Psychiatrist to re-evaluate and possibly change medications and wants me to look at going to a Mental Hospital and to help get through the next few days while I am waiting for the Psych Doc appointment that I should start on Valium and Sleeping tabs to get me through. Wait, what. Now I'm treating this med with another med. Anyway, I'm so desperate ill do whatever......... Finally see the Psych doctor and she DSM's me as Panic Disorder only, stops the Pristiq immediately, but after three days break I need to start Lexapro again at 10mgs and then three days after that start 20mgs. Oh by the way, its because you have a chemical imbalance disease in your brain, you will need these the rest of your life, its like insulin for diabetics, most people are on these now, its what you need to live and get by........................................These nasty people play on your vulnerability!. Well I stopped the pristiq on a Wednesday. Thursday morning I woke up like a new person. No Crying, energy back, no dizziness, my heart was beating regularly and slowly and I felt brilliant. I told my wife that I didn't want to go on the Lexapro again but after some heated discussion, what she and the kids had been through recently and the potential issues going forward I handed my genitals back to her to put in her purse for safe keeping..........Start sucking those poison pills down again as directed by all those who had never been on this rubbish, two more weeks in bed feeling like death warmed up, headache, nausea, sore mouth, teeth sore everything, could not talk could not eat, that's when I woke up one morning and trashed the lot of pills in the bin. That was the day I Cold Turkey again Wrong move I know but boy, was I sick. The suicide ideation, the gory vivid dreams, the grim reaper and death is all thought about for those two weeks mixed in with insomnia. Well, I haven't recovered from these two weeks of Lexapro, they have changed something in me and I didn't get the relief I got from when I stopped Pristiq. This time Lexapro, only for two weeks has done something to me and I feel these withdrawal symptoms are going to take something special from me to get through...................These drug pushers need punishment for their actions. All these years of feeling intimidated by these charlatans and all along I had an issue that should have been resolved with a day procedure. Yes it was heart surgery nonetheless but still, my family and I are in a world of hurt now that was unnecessary. Thank You for letting me to get this out, I needed it. I am struggling with the WD side effects and I am concerned for the future and pain that is coming from this but I will no longer be controlled by these poison pills..........................
  23. Hi guys! Its been almost 7 months since I ct Lexapro, having only used it in 1 month om 5 mg. Its only now for the last weeks that the zaps, vertigo, flu-sympthoms and burning are starting, and becoming more severe by each day.. And I have a constant low fever since one month. (No virus.) Im burning all over my body, not sensitive to touch really.. Just feels like im on fire. And feels like breathing.. Sulfur. Not a refluxprob. (Also kinda blushing in face) All worse in my belly. Having attacks where it kinda knocks me with burning nerves all over and then goes back to constant medium-burning.. My cold sheets in bed is a blessing to naked skin! Also, notice aches and getting weaker in all my muscles.. 😕 Im so afraid! Whats going on! Have someone felt like this?
  24. I started Effexor (venflaxine) excuse my spelling 75mg and buspirone 7.5 mg on Wednesday last week. Friday night I had an adverse reaction. Skin burning, dizzy, tremors, rapid heart beat, dilated pupils, muscle stiffness, I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting right now. I did not take the meds after Friday night. Now Thursday (4am) I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms. Tremors, anxiety, insomnia, no appetite. I see my pysch today at 130. I actually went to the hospital twice in the same day because I could not sleep, eat, or relax. I couldn’t go to work but I am going to try today. I was wondering if maybe Prozac or sertraline would help me ease these withdrawal symptoms or if anyone else has experienced this after on three days of being on meds!!!
  25. I’m 17 years old. In January I had a bad reaction to Effexor after doubling a dose and having SAMe. Basically went numb emotionally and felt stupid. My brain did not function and Even my skin went numb. My doctor had me come off of it quickly. It took about two weeks but then I was back to normal. A week after that most of my symptoms came back. I had DRPR and anhedonia. Horrible head pressure. It took four months for me to feel myself again. I admitted to my parents I hadn’t been taking the meds and they told me I had to start myneffecor again. I began to do that. I felt like myself overall but my sleep had been deteriorating. It was too activating. they took me to the mental hospital and my doc took me off the Effexor 75 after 5 days of being on it and put me on a low dose of Paxil 5 mg. They had hoped this would be less activating and take place of the Effexor that’s a low dose. I reacted horrible. Immediately lost all the feelings I regained. Any sort of attraction to the opposite sex gone. Sexuality is there but romance feelings are not. Forehead pressure and pain. Couldn’t sleep. Anhedonia got worse. They stopped the Paxil after one try. They started me on seroquel 12.5 mg twice a day and 150 at night. I started to get better sleep and became less anhedonic as the days went on. However, it’s been a week since I had the Paxil and I still don’t feel super attracted to the opposite sex. I feel love for people now but it’s dulled. Motivation is down. Slight DRPR but not much at all. However, ten times better than I have been the past few months overall. I also lost my ability to visualize which I had on the effexor those 5 days. I’m also moody with head pressure going between my nose, my forehead and top of head. My ears are ringing constantly. I’m assuming if I stopped the Effexor and just started seroquel without the Paxil, I’d be in better shape right now. Would reinstating a small amount of Effexor help with any of this? Do I wait it out? My parents are willing to get it compounded. On the Effexor I could visualize and felt all the emotions. But I don’t know if it would help with the seemingly adverse reaction to the Paxil. Thankfully, I can still watch tv and listen to music which I hadn’t been able to do in months until I healed and on the effexor. My sleep is great right now, which I’m thankful for. I got 11 hours last night after get 4 hours average for four months. I’m currently also on Ativan 0.5 twice a day and I’ve been on it for about 3 weeks. Doctors want to get me off of it but I don’t want to Add any more stress to my system. They mentioned switching to Valium or gabapentin. I’m sorry for all the questions. Would reinstating prevent a crash from all these changes? Or do you think I’ll be fine without? I’m sorry I know you don’t own a crystal ball. current schedule: 9 am: seroquel 12.5, 0.5 Ativan 3 pm seroquel 12.5, 0.5 ativan 9 pm seroquel 150 mg, 0.5 Ativan
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