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Found 4 results

  1. Those interested in the connection between inflammation and, say, the functioning of the brain, may find useful information here. Have not tried yet, myself, but was amazed that such a centre existed. https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/research/activity/inflammation-ageing/index.aspx
  2. Hi, Listened to the swedish radio today and the main topic was recovery after stroke. The scientist talked about the good effects of inflammation (in the brain) on the recovery of the brain after a stroke. It made me wonder if my brain isn't healing from my depression. Because I know that my CRP is low (below 0,6 mg/L). What do you think? The scientist also mentioned a theory that SSRI could help the brain to heal after a stroke... Weird.
  3. I was dependent on Topimirate (Topamax) for over 4 years, and wish Id found these sights before I started. Had I known it'd be so horrible Id have stayed away. 4 or so years ago I checked myself in the hospital determined to stop binging, purging and starving. It had been on and on since I was 13 (was 27 at the that time). A psychiatrist prescribed Topamax upon my leaving the hospital, stating I had bipolar and body dysmorphia. At first, I was petrified of not having my eating disorder as a crutch. The first few weeks I muscled through, and kept myself as distracted as possible when I f
  4. Today I attended a lecture for CEUs by Michael Lara, a psychiatrist in the Bay Area, entitled Food for Thought: How Nutrients Affect Mental Health and the Brain. While we would have all found issues with it, I found it very interesting, and as I have time I will try to post some things here. For tonight, in 20 seconds I had with him, I asked him "What would be your one sentence advice to someone tapering off multiple psychotropics?" After the usual I-don't-want-to-touch-this-with-a-ten-foot-pole look, he said, "Monitor your inflammatory markers (like CPK). If you're doing things tha
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