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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I’m new here and this is my first post after going through hellish symptoms. This is my medication history: Prozac - 2016 (sorry don’t remember dosage or exact time) Lexapro - 2017 (sorry don’t remember dosage or exact time)Pristiq - 50 mg daily -2019Pristiq - 100 mg daily -early 2020Pristiq - 125 mg daily + Mirtazapine- 30 mg daily - August 2020Recent history: Mirtazapine - 45 mg daily -increased in late Feb 2022Pristiq - weaned off in clinic over a period of 2 weeks late Feb to early Mar 2022Cymbalta - 30 mg daily for three days then 60 mg daily for three days In early Mar 2022- discontinued after telling psychiatrist about it making me feel like I’m on speed -1 mg of lorazepam few times a day while at clinic -1.25 mg of diazepam twice while at clinic Current:Mirtazapine -45 mg dailyReinstatement of Pristiq- 50 mg daily I’ve been feeling off since having covid in January 2022. Brain fog, fatigue and mental health deterioration didn’t subside a month after the illness. I have diagnosed depression and anxiety. My psychiatrist, whom I’ve been seeing as an outpatient on and off for the last two/three years has kept increasing my dose of pristiq and then added Mirtazapine when I’ve been in a difficult mental health spell. recently because I reacted so badly to cymbalta (felt like being on speed), I advocated strongly to get discharged after being at clinic for 2 weeks (was volunteer patient at mental health private clinic), and I told psychiatrist I’m stopping cymbalta. She told me to go off it cold turkey as I was only on it for 6 days. Since I’ve been back home, from Friday 11 March, my mental health has been on a steady and horrific decline. I have had terrible anxiety, constant weight and knot in my chest, can’t follow conversations, heart rate was 120 bpm at rest on cymbalta, hasn’t declined since I got off from it. Every day feels like an eternity. My partner, bless his soul is an amazing support but is reaching the point where my anxiety is so bad, nothing is helping, and he has to return to work tomorrow. I’ve already taken a month+3 weeks off from work this year due to first covid, then this. I’m supposed to return to work next week and I’m barely holding on to staying sane. I got desperate yesterday and went to a random gp to represcribe me with 50 mg of pristiq and he added 20 mg propranolol (beta blocker) for me to take for accelerated heart rate. I’m in an emergency department at the moment because I didn’t know how else to get help. I was getting so desperate and sick of being in this constant state of 100% stress. I purposefully didn’t get a prescription for anything else from the psychiatrist except for the Mirtazapine because I so strongly want to come off medication. I’m so scared right now. Is this what withdrawal is like? How long do I have to give the reinstatement of pristiq to work? Should I go on other meds? This feels like hell. Heart racing, I can’t sleep properly at night, feels like I'm wading through water please, I’m desperate. I’ve searched this forum thoroughly and have reached a point where I need specific advice. Please help me
  2. Hi Everyone - I am 38 year old male and have been on SSRIs for most part of a decade now! I was put on SSRIs to treat generalised zed anxiety disorder an panic attacks. March 2011 - May 2012 Venlafaxine - 75 mg (CTed without any problems) Nov 2013 - Oct 2014 Citalopram 20 mg (not very effective) Oct 2014 - April 2017 Venlafaxine 75 mg (stabilised on this dose. Tried to stop medication with 4 week taper after feeling normal but had to reinstate fully due to WD symptoms) July 2017 - Nov 2018 Zoloft 50 mg (GP puts me on Zoloft after Venlafaxine withdrawal on 3rd attempt to quit. I stop the Zoloft in Nov as I felt I was cured) Hell breaks loose Jan - March 2019 as I experienced pretty much all imaginable withdrawal symptoms. That's when I find this site while googling my symptoms and learn that what I was experiencing was WD. However, based on advice from Psychiatrist I reinstated and eventually stabilised on 50 mg after an initial adverse reaction. Since then I made it very clear to my Psych that I want to withdraw from the Sertraline. However his recommendation was to see the Pandemic through before I start withdrawing as the Pandemic might make matters worse with undue stress. I get my vaccinations (Moderna) and both doses do not cause any major side effects. I had a relatively stable time on the Sertraline till around August 2021 when I felt I was not responding to usual life stressors normally and felt a bit unsettled. I ignored this as a just another Wave. Cut to Dec 2021 - I get my booster dose (Pfizer) on the 19th Dec and within 6 hours start experiencing WD like symptoms as if the vaccine kindled my nervous system. My anxiety was back with palpitations and insomnia. However the symptoms resolved over the next 5 days and I started feeling stable again within a week. I assumed it was just a wave. However, I tested positive for Covid-19 on Jan 25th 2022 and have since started developing WD like symptoms (anxiety, restlessness, health anxiety, pins and needles). My Covid symptoms resolved within 6 days but the anxiety is persisting and it seems only getting worse. Here I am wondering - 1. Is this another wave triggered by Covid-19 infection? Shall I wait it out? 2. Or am in a 'Poop out' situation where the AD has stopped being effective? Please advise me on what should be the best approach for me? PS - The only change in medication has been that I now take the Zoloft 50 mg as a solution in preparation for my WD
  3. Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and let you all in on my journey and discontinuation of antidepressants. I am 28 years old and just ended an 11 year relationship with AD's. There was so much shame I felt being on these drugs. I felt like I was this great person because of the pills I was taking and nothing more. I wouldn't dare tell a soul I was taking antidepressants for fear that they would then see the pill and not me. Make sense? I said goodbye to Sertraline in November 2017. After completing yoga teacher training and having this new perspective of myself and my life, I started to actually feel the chemicals that weren't meant to be in my body. I had tried tapering off of Sertraline 3 times prior to the last over the past few years. The previous tries I would make it about a month or two before surrendering back to the pills to make myself feel better if I started feeling sad or uneasy. This time was different. VERY different. This time I started with intense research. I wanted to discontinue the dosage but this time was for real; I would do my homework and get off of these things once and for all. And what I found first broke my heart, made me angry and then gave me hope. The anger is still present when I try to find a reason 'why' people are enslaved to these prescription drugs. The research I found led me to this site, and I continue to research the effects and harms that these medications actually do to people, unbeknownst to them. The cause of our sadness is residual, stagnant energy trapped in our bodies from a traumatic event or life experience that changed our perspective of what is. When we take these medications, we are never actually dealing with the source of our problems, rather than masking it over with a clouded perception of reality. I used to love my prescriptions. Even after I would attempt to quit, that love would return after I felt 'better' taking them again. I was prescribed my first antidepressant when I was 16. I was missing a lot of school because I slept in too late. I just loved my sleep. Eventually, I was sent to the PCP to see what could be done about this sleeping problem.. Well, her answer was Citalopram (Celexa). This was the beginning of a battle I never wanted to be involved with but here I am. And P.S. the sleeping issue was not resolved in any way thereafter. To keep it short, I will just give you a brief history of how my dance with prescription drugs evolved after that: 2006 Celexa (Citalopram) 40 mg & Adderall XR 75 mg (a lot of the times more because I was heavily addicted) 2007 Citalopram & Ritalin (don't remember mg) .. soon after Vyvanse (don't remember mg) and finally to Amphetamine Salts due to unpleasant side effects from the Ritalin & Vyvanse.. ** indicates time period where Amphetamine Salts were prescribed 2008 ** Citalopram 40 mg-> Effexor XR 75 mg after a psychiatric evaluation (which I now understand was due to the medications and the effect they had on me mentally ... psh) 2009** Effexor XR 75 mg - Paxil (Paroxetine) 30 mg due to the INSANELY high cost of Effexor without insurance I was forced to wean myself off and switch 2010** Paxil 30 mg-> Sertraline 50 mg due to weight gain and lethargy 2011-2013 Sertraline 50 mg -> Wellbutrin (Bupropion Hcl) 75 mg due to sexual side effects and wanting to feel alive again 2013-2017 Wellbutrin 75 mg -> Back to Zoloft (Sertraline) 75 mg because the anxious side effects of the Wellbutrin made me uneasy and Sertraline seemed to be the only AD that had the least side effects at the time 2017 Sertraline 75 mg -> slow taper to 50 MG for two weeks -> halving the dosage & following this pattern until there was nothing -> 5 HTP 50 mg & 1200 mg Fish Oil NOW = 1200 mg Fish Oil and becoming accustomed to an Ayurvedic diet along with daily yoga practice**** this is HUGE and one of the main reasons I have remained clean from AD's Now, almost two months clean from prescription drugs I can say that there is still lots of work to be done. When you go through your teenage years and early twenties on AD's, you need to relearn how to interact and react as there is no longer that pill keeping you numb. Everything becomes real and raw. There are still days that I have my emotions consume my entire being in a negative way and I am still working on this. I WILL NOT GIVE UP. As of right now, it seems as though I am taking off from where I left off at 16 years old. This means emotionally and re actively along with maturity and sexuality. As many of you can relate, I could go on with this topic and how it has effected my entire life for ever and ever. There will be more posts that follow in regards to these drugs and how we can help each other become clean and free once again as we were made to be. Love and blessings to you all <3 we CAN do this..we are all in this together! LB Anti-depressants controlling tools of your system Making life more tolerable, making life more tolerable. The Unthinking Majority - Serj Tankian
  4. I was on antidepressant for about 15 to 17 years starting in about 1990 Effexor and Wellbutrin for most of those years. Abilify added in at some point and I took it out. Lorazepam / Klonopin stuck in there at some point. Cymbalta the last few years switched medications totally still doing Klonopin with that. I started to taper off using supplements and a naturopath help in September October of 2016. The naturopath threw a whole ton of supplements at me. I couldn't tell what was working and what wasn't and I ended up going off on my own a lot to try to reinvent the wheel. I had four car accidents in this period of time and a fall. I just don't seem to be doing well overall. At this point it's been a year in eight or nine months since I discontinued. I don't know what the situation would be with reinstatement. I'm very scared of all that. I could definitely use some support going forward I thinking now that I have to discontinued myself laments and just go very low and slow. Anxiety has reared its ugly head and sometimes it rolls into a little bit of low mood maybe just because my body so tired from the anxiety I don't know. So I need some help thanks. I had gotten down to like lemon balm and a few other things like some vitamins and that was working for a little while and then I had a setback. Anyone who can steer me in the right direction I'd appreciate it thanks. Freesia
  5. tom1967


    I have been taking antidepressants on and off for last 25 years. I had tried Buscalm, Trazodone, Paroxetine, Lexopro, Effexor, Bupropion & Duloxetine over the year. IMHO Duloxetine & Paroxetine have least side effects; Bupropion & Effexor have worst side effects.. Taking 20mg Duloxetine daily now. Good thing about Duloxetine is it has low side effects when compared to others but bad thing is its withdrawal effects.
  6. Hi everyone! Well, here is my story ... I am a 21 year old female, and I have been on Paxil since I was 6 years old, and have maintained on about 40-60mg ever since. I was put on Paxil due to my anxiety disorder and OCD, as I refused to eat in a school cafeteria and would be in a sheer panic everyday about going to school. Apparently they tried to put me on Zoloft at some point early on, but it gave me headaches and nausea, so that is why Paxil was chosen. The Paxil worked wonders for me, and I was able to go to school and live a very normal and happy childhood. In 2010, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease that was making me feel pretty ill. I saw a Lyme specialist in 2011, and he suggested that I stop taking Paxil. It was attempted to switch my medication to another SSRI (I do not remember what it was), and I ended up with Serotonin Syndrome and had to go to the hospital. While following one Lyme doctor's protocol, I was taking over 25 pills and supplements a day, and I accidentally forgot to take my Paxil for a few days in a row. As you all probably know, I began experiencing severe withdrawl from stopping my medication cold-turkey. I could barely stand up unsupported, I had severe dizziness and nausea, I was light-headed and weepy, and I didn't eat for about three days, I just layed in my bed in the dark and slept and cried. My mom thought that I may have been experiencing what is called a "Herxheimer Reaction," which is a periodic exacerbation of symptoms in response to treatment. We later realized that I had been off of my medication for about 3-5 days, and I immediately started taking my Paxil again and was feeling back to my old self within a day. I experienced some depression and anxiety when my Lyme was diagnosed, and my Paxil dosage was raised to about 80mg for a time. I also experienced some patterns of disordered eating while on some strict diets to help my Lyme's, but for the past 3 or 4 years, I have basically been anxiety and depression free. Anyways! I was talking to my Psychiatrist this week, and I mentioned how I have been trying to lose some weight, as I have become quite unhappy with my body. She mentioned that Paxil may very well be causing my metabolism to be slow, and suggested I switch to Lexapro. Thinking ahead about 6-8 years, I asked her if Lexapro would be something I would be able to take during pregnancy one day, as I already knew Paxil would not be safe for having children one day. She said that when I want to have children, I would probably be switched to Zoloft, so I suggested that we just start there, instead of making me change medication again, to which she agreed. I am a bit scared of switching from Paxil to Zoloft, due to the bad experience I had when forgetting to take my medication before, as well as the experience with Serotonin Syndrome. I am afraid of experiencing withdrawl, and all of the horror stories I have heard about. I am also scared that if the Zoloft doesn't work from me or I am having a hard time, that I will try to go back on Paxil and it will not work anymore. So I joined this site to hopfully learn about anyone else's experience with changing from Paxil to another medication, specifically Zoloft. So far, here is the plan.... Week 1: Drop 10mg of Paxil (watch for withdrawl) 30mg Paxil morning, 10mg Paxil night Week 2: Add Zoloft (watch for reaction to Zoloft) 30mg Paxil morning, 10mg Paxil and 25mg Zoloft night Week 3: 20mg Paxil morning, 10mg Paxil and 50mg Zoloft night Week 4: 20mg Paxil morning, 75mg Paxil night Week 5: 10mg Paxil and 50mg Zoloft morning, 50mg Zoloft night
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