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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and let you all in on my journey and discontinuation of antidepressants. I am 28 years old and just ended an 11 year relationship with AD's. There was so much shame I felt being on these drugs. I felt like I was this great person because of the pills I was taking and nothing more. I wouldn't dare tell a soul I was taking antidepressants for fear that they would then see the pill and not me. Make sense? I said goodbye to Sertraline in November 2017. After completing yoga teacher training and having this new perspective of myself
  2. I was on antidepressant for about 15 to 17 years starting in about 1990 Effexor and Wellbutrin for most of those years. Abilify added in at some point and I took it out. Lorazepam / Klonopin stuck in there at some point. Cymbalta the last few years switched medications totally still doing Klonopin with that. I started to taper off using supplements and a naturopath help in September October of 2016. The naturopath threw a whole ton of supplements at me. I couldn't tell what was working and what wasn't and I ended up going off on my own a lot to try t
  3. tom1967


    I have been taking antidepressants on and off for last 25 years. I had tried Buscalm, Trazodone, Paroxetine, Lexopro, Effexor, Bupropion & Duloxetine over the year. IMHO Duloxetine & Paroxetine have least side effects; Bupropion & Effexor have worst side effects.. Taking 20mg Duloxetine daily now. Good thing about Duloxetine is it has low side effects when compared to others but bad thing is its withdrawal effects.
  4. Hi everyone! Well, here is my story ... I am a 21 year old female, and I have been on Paxil since I was 6 years old, and have maintained on about 40-60mg ever since. I was put on Paxil due to my anxiety disorder and OCD, as I refused to eat in a school cafeteria and would be in a sheer panic everyday about going to school. Apparently they tried to put me on Zoloft at some point early on, but it gave me headaches and nausea, so that is why Paxil was chosen. The Paxil worked wonders for me, and I was able to go to school and live a very normal and happy childhood. In 2010, I was diag
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