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  1. Hi, I was on antipsychotics for about 6 months, for a brief drug-induced psychosis that I had (lasted a very long time). I'm running into various issues during my taper and I am looking for immediate guidance. Hopefully someone can relate or have had similar stories, and can help. So for starters, I was on haldol/zyprexa for a few months, switched to risperidone, abilify, then finally Latuda.. Unfortunately, Latuda had suddenly stopped working for me (tachyphylaxis, I think), so what immediately ensued were several panic attacks, horrible anxiety, and eventually tardi
  2. Hi. I started Lexapro roughly 15 years ago, 20mg, for anxiety/panic attacks. I did fine on it (although I experience emotional numbness). Toward the beginning of this year, the Lexapro seemed to stop being effective/stopped working, as I was experiencing some depression. The psychiatrist (assistant) added Abilify toward the end of May. It didn't seem to work, so I was advised to stop it at end of June. He then told me to stop my Lexapro all together and start Cymbalta 30mg immediately. I listened and did this on 7/4/2020. I plummeted into withdrawal hell (unable to function/bedridden)
  3. Hi, Ive been taking Antidepressants since January 2016(I was 22 then, 25 now), when i had hard time focussing at work & broke down in office in front of everyone, out of nowhere. The symptoms although had been showing up since 2013, when I started feeling vague, blank & angry,frustrated. I also started having panic attacks (2 times) in august & october, 2015. Most bad thing about depression is lack of confidence, ability to make firm decisions about academics ,job. Constant body aches have also worsened my mood, function. My limbs ache a lot; Ive gradually given up on p
  4. Hi everybody this is my 2 year story. I'll try and keep it short and detailed. I suffered from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and had panic attacks since the age of 5. My anxiety was triggered by my parent's divorce but i was able to overcome it twice in my life. When i was 14 i was diagnosed with IBS. I had it pretty bad so i got really down about it and probably had mild situation depression. I (unfortunately) saw this article in class one day about anxiety, depression etc and they pretty much advertised anti depressants. I always knew there must of been meds for anxiety/depression
  5. A big hello to anyone reading, I'm grateful for a place to find answers and to log what's going on in the process. Happy to be here and to find resources. I'm coming off of lamotrigene and Halcion, just recently started (an apparently too big of) a taper. Relevant hx: After major surgery involving my CNS (major neck surgery/fusion)last year, my brain has been "worse" - with sx of a major concussion. (I had a major concussion in '99 so I know how that feels) My neurosurgeon denied any anesthesia/apneic complications at both my 3 month and 6 month checkups, when I
  6. Hello, my fellow men and women in this important battle. I'm 25, I live in Luxembourg and I've chosen to call myself EtaCarinae because that's a name that has always stuck with me. I'm fascinated by astronomy, astrophysics, space stuff. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder at 16, but a recent diagnosis by a reputable service in the field has found that I am on the autistic spectrum. I have Asberger's syndrome, a "mild" form of autism. Sometimes, when my meltdowns get really bad, I may get suicidal if I don't have anyone to talk to, but my symptoms are not caused by depression,
  7. Hi, I've been on Zyprexa for about a month and a half now. I started off at 15MG for one month at a psychiatric facility after being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Since I've gotten out (about a month ago) I've been at 10MG for most of the last month and have recently cut down to 5MG. The side effects like tardive dyskenesia, diabetes (I am already prediabetic and genetically predisposed to it) along with potential brain shrinkage is not what I'm looking for, and I'm determined to get to the point where I can manage my own moods without medication. I have
  8. Some of you may know me from pp and iawp. I've never posted on this site but I did put up my history. It's just overwhelming and I shake so much that typing is difficult and am just exhausted with telling my story but really need advice. I've been off all ssris for over 14 months (after 17 years use at 10mg) and am in terrible shape: akathisia, inability to focus, constant shaking, fatigue, terrible insomnia, anhedonia, but the worst is my digestive system. My stomach aches all the time and I have no desire to eat. Have to force myself to eat daily. I rarely leave the house any more e
  9. just signed up. information and advice is overwhelming!!!! I can only take in some information at t time. I can't believe this isn't more common knowledge. it is a horrible existence. but God is good and He heals. *1991-2003: 12 years on increasing amounts of Prozac, then *2003-2013: 10 years on increasing amounts of Effexor alchohol abuse issues throughout along with nicotine addiction *2013: pscychMD guided 5 month taper from 300MG to zero Effexor while quitting alcohol and nicotine at about the same time ( awful process , so painful and scary)Dr had me adding prozac to redu
  10. Gilly


    Hi, I'm Gilly and I just wanted to say hello. My psychiatrist wants me to come down from 100mg Nortriptyline to zero in six weeks. That isn't going to happen! I am down to 75mg by removing one of my 25mg tablets but I am struggling. So I'm going to try and stabilize at 75mg and then take it much more slowly. The psychiatrist wanted me to swap over to Prozac. But if it's going to take 8 months then I probably won't replace it at all. Biggest problem Is suicidal thoughts. I see that's quite common! Thanks tor having me.
  11. Hello everyone this is my first post on SA, although I read here since 2015. I’m a 37 old male from Italy, so forgive me for my poor English. I wish to express my gratitude for Alto and for the entire staff of this community for their efforts to give support to all the members. Briefly my story. I think I have used AD (escitalopram 10mg) in the worst way that can be used, that is go on it on and off. That is, I usually took AD for, say 9 months and then, after feeling good, quit them cold turkey. After a period of 3-4 months without AD inevitably unpleasant symptoms follows. This pattern w
  12. Hello all, I came across this site while in search of support groups for antidepressant withdrawal. It’s wonderful to find such a similar-minded and accepting community. Thank you for allowing me to join you. My memory re: antidepressants is a little hazy, primarily because I feel so “checked out” when it comes to my medical history (I hate everything to do with meds; it makes me feel like I’m at the mercy of my doctor and I’m not in control of my own body/mind) - but I'll try my best. I was first put on antidepressants (Lexapro) at the age of 16 for bulimi
  13. I'm a middle aged male near Eugene Oregon. I'm also a military veteran; when I got out of the military I was having sleep issues (big surprise) and when I stepped into my first private industry job after the military (I've had a couple before), I was having a few other issues as well. Emotional issues mostly- and some sleep ones as well. In the military- I was shifting between the states and the middle east time zones, or the states and eastern asia time zone. Major jet lag. When you're younger you can deal with such better- but the older you got the less resilient. I was looking forward to
  14. Hello community! TL;DR I'm tapering off Risperdal, experienced improvements while tapering off, improvements faded away after a few weeks again, worried about permanent brain damage, wondering if I can ever recover from it. (Warning: This is quite a wall of text) After searching for information on Google a lot, I decided to create an account here. I had trouble finding an answer to my specific problem. The whole point of this post is to ask about permanent brain damage and if there is any hope of restoring from it, but I will explain everything I think it has ruined before asking, ju
  15. i took celexa or citaophram or lexapro for over 20 yearson the advice of my dr i had cried in his office he thought i could feel better i stopped taking it 20mg cokd turkey about 5 days ago the only thing hsppening is a clumk sound in my head usually if i am walking it sounds like a car driving iver a manhole cover
  16. MySelfDevelpment


    Hello all! I guess I am here for the same reason everyone else is, for help, advice and support in my tapering journey. I have many, many questions and experiences to share but rather than typing it all here, I will just do my intro here and continue the rest of my posts in other categories. I'll start from the beginning. Facts about me I am almost 21 I have a psychiatric service dog I love all things art I used to be a lyrical, ballet, and hip-hop dancer I love animals I am biracial (half African American and half Caucasian) I have curly hair I believe I genetically already had anxiet
  17. 2 AM here and for me to risk losing another sleeping night, it says of how much dire my life has become. My real name is Vitor, 23 Y/O, Male and middle-class Brazilian. Ever since the age of 17 I've been suffering from undying stress due to a troublesome relationship, ever since I've contemplated the voyage of the magical healing that psychiatric meds would proportionate, people say with age comes regret for what should have been, mine has arrived with no preemptive sign. Since 2013 I've started my first psychiatric treatment, 10mg of Escitalopram (Exodus, a medication that - so far - is o
  18. Hello all, I suppose I am writing to see if I am crazy or not, if others have had the same problems, or if it is like the psychiatric community says and I just need to be on an SSRI. Is this really me? Or is this still the Zoloft? I was put on Zoloft when I was 18 for anxiety relating to going to college. I had always been an anxious child, and suffered from some depressive episodes in highschool. I wasn't awesome, but it wasn't until I went on zoloft that I feel I really got out of control. For the most part, it did a pretty good job of numbing me out, but when I blew, I BLEW. I was on it f
  19. Suziestarshine

    Suziestarshine hello there

    Hello there everyone, recently took the plunge into tapering off of sertraline after our 2 year love affair began to sour. I'm no newbie to anti depressants and have been battling depression for most of my life. I had my first episode when I was 15 which escalated to a suicide attempt at 16. Since then I have had 3 major episodes the last of which began early 2012 but I let it run and then New Year's Day 2013 I experienced the biggest meltdown of my life so far. My GP began my treatment with citalopran but my body was not comfortable with its side effects so this was replaced with sertraline.
  20. Hello everyone, I'm LemonBerry and I'll tell my story here and will also try to help others hopefully. Also I'm from The Netherlands so sorry if I make mistakes in the sentences or that some medicine has a different name here. It all started when I was 16 and got sick, my heart was beating 180 and I was diagnosed with 'supraventricular tachycardia'. Though this was quickly fixed by a surgery except I kept thinking after the surgery I was going to die of heartattacks and what not. So for over 4 months I struggled with anxiety and atleast one day a week I was at the emergency departme
  21. homeandaway

    Homeandaway: Hi there!

    Hey! I am a Kiwi, I don't have any real life support I want to draw on, have been isolating I guess, due to fatigue. An online forum was incredible for helping me get sober, I would really appreciate connecting with other people on here. I am going to start taper tomorrow, as I have ten days leave off work still. Nice to meet you all Oh, and it was doing my head in trying to add a photo as I am orientating myself to a mac system and don't know how to find my photos and make them small for upload :/ I will get to it! Thanks
  22. ThisTooShallPass

    ThisTooShallPass Introduction

    Hello All! I am glad to have found this website, it has helped me to know that I am not alone in all this craziness and has helped me though some difficult withdrawal symptoms. I finally decided to become a member as I want to talk with others going through similar things. It is important to have support. So here is a bit about my story. When I was in high school, I started having these horrible, disgusting, debilitating violent intrusive thoughts. They mainly seemed to focus on the people I love most, which was so incredibly distressing to the point where I would feel phsyically
  23. NotGettingBy

    NotGettingBy- Intro

    Hey Everyone, First time on the site. Was looking around on the internet about what I'm going through because I'm lost as can be. And I feel so damn alone going through it. So I created an account. My abridged story is as follows: You can see the drug history in my signature I believe. I went cold turkey off of Cymbalta on July 1, 2015. So a little over three months ago now. I am positive the last three months have been the worst of my life. Every day has been a battle and nothing seems to have gotten better. I read somewhere about the waves and windows concept and
  24. Hi everyone, thank you so much for this group it is so supportive when I feel I am grasping at straws! My story: I began becoming depressed around 13. (Of course I would be with the kind of childhood I had, without explaining a lot there was physical, emotional and sexual abuse). I would cut and start to try to commit suicide (like almost jumping off a bridge etc). I was also anorexic and exercise bulimic. When my parents finally figured this out after a few years the family doc put me on antidepressants asap and no therapy. My mother, father, grandmother and aunt have a history of de
  25. Hello everyone! I'm PanickedPathfinder (PanickedPat). I came across this wonderful website after discovering Paxil Progress had been foreclosed, but from what I've read and seen thus far, this community is a strong and supportive one, too. I'm excited to share my story and journey away from antidepressant use with other likeminded members! I'll attempt to be brief about why I'm here, just to give fellow members the highlights of my experiences with antidepressants. If you have any other questions for/about me, please feel free to message From the top: About a year and a half ago (
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