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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone, so I decided I'm not going to take my monthly antipsychotic injections anymore. I had it with the side effects and my psychiatrist wasn't supportive to taper me off slowly (he thought I should be on them forever). I know it's not the best decision considering the risks, but I have faith in God and my capability to overcome any side effects. I'm thankful that I didn't face any major withdrawal effects so far (except for whole body soreness for a day or two which was acceptable) and I hope it continues that way. It's almost 2 months from my last injection and the half-life of Inveg
  2. Hello. I'm 24 years old M. A huge part of me is screaming that I shouldn't even be doing this. For a long time I tolerated the drug's effects to the point that I became numb of it. This is linked to my abysmal self-esteem, and I paid for my lack of urgency. I unconsciously became fatalistic of my place with my medication, a lifetime illness that needs correcting. I don't even remember the first drugs I took, but I still have memories of 2015 and 2016. I was taking in seroquel for 25mg, and escalated to 100mg when I began exhibiting violent behavior, which w
  3. I have been on Invega Sustenna for just about over 2 years. I was initially diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I remember having paranoid thoughts in the past, going through mania and being depressed. So I (only recently) realize that this diagnosis/label makes sense. However, I still have desire to taper off and get off the meds because 1) I do believe that I am better able to cope and deal with arising issues that I may face 2) I believe there are alternative medical routes I can take for example that natural path like TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or Naturopathy.
  4. PeanutBuster

    PeanutBuster: My story

    Hi there, Imipramine, Clonazepam, Cogentin are the drugs my doctor has me on to deal with the anxiety and aka that an antipsychotic has given to me. I’m worried the Imipramine (antidepressant) may be irritating the aka more. I’ve also been on Effexor, Pristiq, and Prozac since last summer tried them all for my anxiety but Imipramine seems to be the best so far. I know jumping from one to another is bad but they were not helpful. Clonazepam seems to be the only thing that is helping most symptoms. I’ve had people on another site telling me it almost killed them and is hard to get off. What to d
  5. Byfenerist

    Byfenerist: Xeplion

    Hi all I am from turkey My problem is insomnia Started with xeplion injection Help me ; I dont know english ))
  6. Hi everyone, I am ablearcher83, and I was misdiagnosed with psychosis in December 2015, and until May 2016, I was forced to take Invega Sustenna at 78 mg for a total of five months. In June 2016, my psychiatrist informed me that my psychosis was likely a misdiagnosis and was my so called psychotic symptoms were most likely caused by a lack of sleep and stress (I didn't sleep for five consecutive days and was under a lot of stress). He suggested that I stop the Invega Sustenna injection immediately and that there was no need to taper slowly as an injection tapers itself off. I am wondering wha
  7. Hi my name is Shawn5150 . And I was forced to take one monthly dose of envaga sustenna . The drug blocks dopamine receptors so I can't feel any pleasure. Is there anyone who has been through that can tell me if my brain will go back to what it was before taking this horrible med. Thank you
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