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Found 14 results

  1. I'm tappering off invega. I'm literally a zombie with no memories or personality. I wish I could be the same and recover my personality, sense of self, be in the present...
  2. Hi, i am new to the community i was reading and educating my self for a bout a week and just wanted to share my experience and welcome any suggestions and pardon my English as i am not native. i started antidepressant back in 2013 with Zoloft and went through many SSRIs and SSNRIs medication along with Stimulate "Concerta" for my ADHD. i suffered withdrawals from SSNRI the most then shifted to Concerta which was my biggest fault i just understood i was in withdrawal stage and started taking stimulates. i had no knowledge in medication i thought the doctors
  3. Hey, I took paliperidone 13.5 months ago and I think the brain damage was just undeniable. Which is sad. The reason I am writing here is because I pretty much just wanted to state that I feel like a part of my brain is missing
  4. Hi, I hope my signature follows this message. I am going to try again, but this time learn everything I can, and figure a way to reduce by 10% and keep talking to my psychiatrist and get him to support me. Even though he is against it and thinks I should be on an anti-psychotic for life. I don't know how to reduce 10% off of a 3mg dose of Invega. I don't know how to titrate. I don't understand how to work with a compounding pharmacy. All of it seems overwhelming but I want to try and make a definite commitment to learning. My goal is to reduce by 10% every 3 months and do it over 2.5 year
  5. Hello Everybody from the community, I would like to share my story where I was diagnosed with drug induced delusions. I was put on anti psychotics Zyprexa and Invega for 8 months starting January until September. I have quit cold turkey about 2 months ago after suffering from emotional blunting, social withdrawal anhedonia and lost my ability to communicate and socialize. Since then I have not really suffered much withdrawal effects except anxiety which has significantly decreased. However, I still suffer from anhedonia and emotional blunting and cannot enjoy things that I used to in the past
  6. Hello, I am currently having monthly Xeplion (paliperidone) intramuscular injections at the dose of 50mg per month. I have been taking Xeplion for the last 3 years or so with the exception that I tried to cut down and stop with the Ok to try from my psychiatrist but I knew at the time very little if anything about withdrawal and was told nothing and it did not go that well at the end. I first started at the dose of 75mg per month, now I am on 50mg. I would like to cut down and stop (gradually) with a plan but I don't know of any psychiatrists/doctors that are very suppo
  7. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia two years ago. Im taking invega 6mg tablets every night. In the past i was taking other psych meds but i cut it down to the invega only. I have problems with anxiety and falling asleep when i skip my AP. I am planning on going to psychotherapy so that i can deal with my mental health issues. I want to taper off from the invega but i am not ready to start the process. Im at work every day about 12 hours a day but I have a lack of motivation and i am not productive. Sometimes i do my job but most of the times i sit back and smoke cigarettes. I am involved in a
  8. New to the community. Joined after reading Schizor's (forum member) story. I'll try & make this short. Hospitalized twice. (For "psychosis"). Once for a month in psych ward (Oct - Nov 2016), second time for a few weeks. (Feb 2017) For the first time, forced to take Risperidone & Abilify. Approx 10mg. After complaining it was gradually decreased down to 1mg. Upon release from ward, through trial & error, stopped one drug, tried the other & vice versa. Eventually went cold turkey off both drugs. Second hospital stay was given a sh
  9. Hello. I am desperately in need of a doctor who will help take me off the antipsychotic Invega. I need someone in my location which is Las Vegas, Nevada. I would be so greatfull if someone has a recommendation because I have not found a single source online.
  10. HeatherRose

    Heather Rose: Hello

    Hi. My friend referred me here. She is concerned about all my medications and bad side effects I have been having for a long time such as forgetfulness, trouble concentrating, shaking and dependency. I am on many medicines and have been taking various meds for almost 26 years to control my mood disorder. I have had times of shaking problems. I also have trouble staying focused and concentrating. I used to be a big reader but now it is hard for me to read a whole book. My attention just drifts. I am dependent on them for sleep especially. I wanted to see what this was all about so perhaps can c
  11. I was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia because a doctor mistook OCD for schizophrenia I have been taking anti psychotic's for three years. After the mistake was realised my tapering began five months or so ago from 100 ml depot injections I am now down to 50ml and I'm having trouble with withdrawals I am experiencing anxiety, headaches, and a lot more serious problems. I am worried these drugs have had permanent detrimental effects on me.
  12. If you or a loved one was harmed by antipsychotic drugs (such as Abilify, Seroquel, Invega, Zyprexa, or Risperdal) taken while in the custody of the Maryland juvenile justice system, PM me and we'll talk. I am a free-lance writer specializing in medical harm.
  13. After taking the antipsychotic Invega for about two years, I finally decided at the beginning of last year that I wanted to stop taking the medecin. Looking for other people's experiences on the internet, I was guided to this website for which I am very grateful. With the loving support of my psychiatrist, I switched from Invega 3 mg to Risperdal liquid 2 ml. I also decided not to take any supplements because I didn't want any new chemical substances to interfere with the process of tapering off. I tapered off by 10% every two weeks and observed my body's reaction. Overall this was a steady
  14. Hello, I was put on Risperidone 2mg along with Procyclidine 5mg almost 4 months ago. This was for my panic attacks, anxiety, stress, and racing negative thoughts. Probably all triggered by my new higher astigmatism glasses, breakup, and extreme work stress. When I started Risperidone 2mg, I felt dizzy and really hated the drug. I believe it did work in the first 2 weeks coz my anxiety and negative racing thoughts were gone. My Psych-Doc prescribed me with 2mg in the morning and 2mg before bedtime, which was reduced to a single dose only before bedtime after two weeks. 4 months i
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