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Found 1 result

  1. On the advice of my wife (KarenB) I've been tapering Effexor by 10% monthly since Nov 2015 (sometimes with a longer hold) and am on 105mg (70% of original 150mg). . No w/d symptoms except very, very mild and occasional dizziness. I did become extremely tired at the start but started taking Cellgevity which dealt with that problem. (Cellgevity is sold via an appalling multilevel marketing system which is very offputting but in my case lives up to the hype). I have been on Effexor for over 5 years and had mild itchiness since about year 2. It was restricted mostly to my arms and occasionally torso but about September 2015 I noticed that my calf muscles and behind my knees would get very itchy after going for a walk (basically when my legs got warm). A good scratch always brought a very satisfying feeling of relief. The itchiness gradually moved to the inside of my elbow, between my eyes and the front of my neck, then, at the end of December when we had our first really hot week of summer (southern hemisphere) all hell broke loose. Whenever I got too hot the itchy areas would become extremely itchy and developed a burning sensation. I ended up scratching my arms raw for a bit. Luckily we live in a very cool house and I gradually worked out a system of managing the problem - it involves spending all day and night in front of a fan and using glass jars of food from our freezer on the hot spots when they get too hot. Glass transfers the cold very quickly and there isn't much time for condensation to form which is important because any moisture on the skin increases the itchiness like crazy as it evaporates. Over summer the itchy patches on my arms have spread up the arms to my shoulders and across the top of my chest. Lately the middle of my back gets hot and prickly if I lie on it for too long at night. I'm fairly certain the itchiness is not related to tapering but would like to know if there is something I can do other than manage the problem? Also, my doctor noticed that the itchy areas on my forearm have a visible edge to them so we tried an anti-fungal cream but aside from it's soothing qualities there hasn't been any reduction in symptoms. Extra Info: Skin problems seems to be my body's main way of expressing itself, having had various mild skin problems over the years and especially psoriasis since my 20s. This itchiness is different to the psoriasis and doesn't respond to treatment the same. I also developed asthma while on Effexor. Initially it was mild when I exercised or was cold but about May 2015 (our winter) it got a lot worse and I now use a Ventolin inhaler to cope. The Psoriasis increase and the asthma are both expressions of stress which I assume have come about because the anti-depressants are suppressing most of my emotional symptoms. I first used Prozac for 3 months in 2001, stopping C/T as soon as I felt better. I then used it again for maybe 6-9 months in 2002/3 after our first child was born but gave up on them when they didn't seem to be doing much.
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