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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone I'm glad I found this site I hope you can help me. A year ago I tried some kratom tea and very quickly got hooked to the point I needed it just to feel ok I made a plan to taper off and went to see my doctor she gave me lexapro 10 mg that I started 30 days Before my last day on kratom I weened from a max of 40 grams a day to 16 and went cold turkey It was tough but not too bad I had a little Xanax to ease the shakes and was feeling a little better in 3 days but stupid me stopped the lexapro at the same time and on day 7 started having brain zaps I didn't know what they were. Did some reading and got back on the lex after missing 9 doses zaps stopped in an hour The side effects on the lex were terrible constipated wicked head ache and weak legs very weak legs Have to sit down a lot etc I cut to 5 mg 3 days ago and feel ok in the head just ok but with very weak legs And constipated and all over weak. I think I didn't notice the lexapro sides when I was on the kratom and I don't suffer from depression a little brain fog in the low light season around Xmas but I've learned to just take it easy around the holidays. Since I was only on the lex a month well 5 out of six weeks. How long will the taper take is it harder the longer your on it? Love to have some help here thanks , Nels

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