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  1. so here is something that i have been thinking of recently. how does one go about getting out of the mental health system for good once they have completed all tapers and are completely off all psych meds they would have no need to be in the mental health system anymore. and when i say how, i mean in terms of personal and physical safety, so that lets say when one attempts to get out of said system, that they will not be threatened by authorities in their local communities, their former mental health outpatient clinic where they may have gone for previous treatment, etc. or not thrown back into a psych ward because they are merely trying to be well without forced drugging. i was told many yrs back that in my state, it is state law that a patient's *case* will be automatically closed out by the state after 6 mos of nonactivity. is there a safe way i can use this bit of info to my advantage later on when im ready to leave the system? any thoughts or knowledge how one might go through this process? anyone know of any valid websites where one can go to to research mental health laws for the USA by state if need be?
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