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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone, Somewhere around 2012, I was put on Lexapro to try and address life-long issues of social anxiety, and newly emerging issues with GAD, including panic attacks. About four years later in mid 2016, I was starting to have more issues with panic attacks again, and decided I'd rather get off the meds than up the dose. So I spoke with my psychiatrist and started tapering. Now, I never heard of the slow taper recommended here, but I had heard that withdrawal could be brutal. So I decided to cut it by 25% every two weeks, putting me at 0 after about 8 weeks. I imag
  2. Hey everyone, quick backstory. I took lexapro 20mg for 4 years, did a very fast taper (less than a month) in February of this year. Made it through the first horrible stages of withdrawal and thought I was out of the woods. 3 months past I started getting horrible sensitive to light and could not sleep at all. Never had this problem before the lexapro. One night I was watching tv I had a headache and then it felt like my brain exploded.. it was very scary and I went to the ER thinking i had a mini stroke. Did a CT scan of my brain all came back ok. Went to my Dr. and he put me on 1
  3. Hi everyone, I am glad I found this web-site. I did read some of the topics similar to mine, still it seems each case is unique. Thank you for reading my post. I was on 10 mg of Lexapro from July 2017-July 2018 for anxiety and mild depression. Felt good right from the start, no side effects from taking it. From July 2018- June 2020 I was on 5 mg of Lexapro. Felt good too. I started tappering in June 2020 with very little knowledge as I can see now. I was impulsive and wanted to get it over with. So, over the course of the next 3 months ( or li
  4. Howdy everyone, I began taking Lexapro around age 26 (I am now 34), following the death of my mother and graduation from professional school, during a bout of severe anxiety. I had very normal levels of anxiety until this point in my life. I believe that major alcohol abuse was also a big factor in the birth of my anxiety disorder. I never took particularly high doses of Lexparo, but I always felt that I was very sensitive to it. reasons for quitting: After being on it for 8 years, my anxiety often felt just as bad as before I started the pills, plus the
  5. Hello everyone, Background: I took Escitalopram (10mg) for about 22 months starting in January 2017. I got burned out around July 2016 which led to a panic disorder which got worse until I chose to go for the meds in january 2017. So the main reason for treatment was anxiety & panic. August 2019 I decided to start tapering down, as the panic attacks had worn off for quite some time, and I wanted to get rid of the fog the Escitalopram gave me. As I saw in other introduction posts, it was suggested to add my dosages/dates in the signature so you can find them there. In short I first tap
  6. I went off Lexapro eleven weeks ago. I am currently having symptoms that my therapist feels is chemical rather than psychological. The most concerning is severe depression. Though I am having physical symptoms, such as side pain and yeast in urine. My labs other than that are normal, and my ultrasound on my right side was normal as well. My concentration was terrible but has improved in the past few days. My primary doctor is no real help and just wants to prescribe more meds. I am taking magnesium, fish oil, vitamin D, probiotics and a yeast cleanse. (The yeast cleanse, as well as
  7. BoomSiva

    BoomSiva: Lexapro

    Hi everybody, let me introduce my self im french Canadian (english is my second language) i been in India for almost a year and decided 4-5 months ago to taper my med(lexapro 20mg) and now i been off for 6 weeks so i dont need to explain how mess up i'am right now. I came to India to a clinic to fix my back and legs, they specialyze in musculoskeletal misaligment. they been encouraging me to stop my med and thats what i did but now i'm very mess up and they dont seem to anderstand what i'm going through. Before i stop completely my pils 6 weeks ago i was working out 2h in the morning and 3 ho
  8. RedGirl

    RedGirl: Lexapro

    Hi I’m new to the website. I was encouraged to by a friend to reach out here. My story is this I was going through an emotional time in my life when I was encouraged by my husband to talk to our doctor and get on something to help with my anxiety and emotions. The doctor said lexapro was safe and I could stay on it forever if I wanted. Perfectly safe. I never wanted to be on medicine but knew I was having a hard time. It started with 10 mg then went back in 30 days and was bumped to 20 mg. At first I thought it was working but the longer I took it the more I felt I wasn’t in control of my emo
  9. Hi everyone, I just want to say first and foremost: thank you for creating this invaluable space. I'm feeling desperate as I claw my way out of the pit left behind by Lexapro — looking for any help, really. Long story very short, I was on Lexapro for four years, as I have pretty bad OCD and panic attacks. This summer, I made the conscious decision to taper off of Lexapro because it didn't seem to be as effective for me as it once was. Plus, the side effects were really outweighing the benefits. I tapered off 20 mg Lexapro over the course of about two months,
  10. Hiya, So, 19 years on various SSRI's, last several years on 10mg Lexapro. I've actually done pretty well on them, but decided I wanted to at least cut down to 5mg, d/t severe clenching of jaw/neck/shoulders etc. Also urine retention at night. Oh, and Restless Legs syndrome, exacerbated by the AD's These are all side effects I am very familiar with, but tired of. I've developed occipital neuralgia, probably r/t to the clenching. I've been reading up on brain remodeling, so I really feel it's time to get off these buggers. Mid March, I cut my 10mg 'bars' (I'm in France) to 3/4'
  11. I’ve come to this website a lot recently, for information and suggestions, and sometimes just for validation that I’m not alone and that what I’m experiencing makes sense for my situation. I started writing out my story, mainly because the more I imagined myself doing it, the more I felt it might give me some sense of catharsis. Intellectualizing is my default coping (or defense) mechanism which is pretty apparent if you can read this whole thing I think. I’ve struggled with allowing myself to be vulnerable for pretty much my entire life, and this time around I’m learning more and more how muc
  12. Hello! I'm new to the idea of prolonged/protracted withdrawal, but some stories here definitely resonate with me. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and anorexia, and was pressured to start taking Prozac (10mg). After only 2 days, I experienced extreme anxiety and panic attacks. My doctor switched my prescription to Lexapro (10mg, then 20mg), which I continued to take for about 6 months. I was always averse to the idea of medication, and I was feeling better, so I tapered the Lexapro over 2 weeks. I felt some immediate withdrawal symptoms, but it was easy to cope. About 10 months afte
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