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Found 10 results

  1. I have panic disorder with General anxiety. I had taken mirtazapine 45mg and I think 60mg at one point over 10 years. Due to a big relapse of major daily panic attacks and severe nausea a Psychiatrist changed me over to escalitopran but left me on 7.5mg of mirtazapine for sleep. For approx 3 years I've been on 20mg of escalitopran and 7.5mg of mirtazapine but doctors keep asking to remove the mirtazapine. Lately I have been quite Nausea each day and wondering if its the two drugs interacting? I am now trying to remove the mirtazapine and cut the 7.5mg cold turkey and was awake all night not having it and severe panic attacks in the night and during the day with severe nausea. So now Im trying to take a 1/4 tablet of mirtazapine which is approx 3.75mg. How should I go about this? I do have a doctor appointment booked as I think withdrawal is already an issue.
  2. Hello everyone, From what I read so far on this site, I believe I finally found what I am looking for. Administrators: many thanks for maintaining such a great and well organized forum. My story with generalized anxiety started in 2012 after a period of stressful events in my life. 1 year after constant suffering, I started taking an SSRI (lexapro) 10 mg. I felt better with no side effects, but after a year, anxiety came back strong, dose increased to 20 mg for 4 years. I was doing fairly fine until moving to a new country. Dose increased to 30 mg. Felt ok till the passing of my father in March 2021. Started to feel constant suffocating anxiety which lasted for 3 months. Decided to switch to a new medication. Started on 50 mg pristiq while tapering down lexapro to 10 mg. Stayed in this combination for 4 months. Was starting to feel ok. Anxiety then came back strong. Removed lexapro completely and switched to 100 mg pristiq. For the past two months, I alternate between feeling good for one week to feeling horrible the next. My worse symptom is a horrible morning anxiety that wakes me up like a jolt. I feel down on those days ( not sure if its anxiety or depression ). I certainly worry about getting depressed all the time. My psychiatrist wants to increase my dose to 150 mg pristiq. I am sick and tired of this trial and error process and want to feel better. Now, I am contemplating coming off all medications and need your help. My main concerns are the morning anxiety and the down feeling. I am not sure whether they are from coming off the lexapro, or the new drug not working. What will happen if I completely come off all SSRi? Thanks, Moe79
  3. TW: suicidal thoughts, self harm Hi I'm a recently diagnosed autistic woman from the UK. I've suffered with depression and anxiety from childhood and found adult life hard trying to cope with things. After leaving an abusive relationship about 3 years ago I was suicidal and felt like I couldn't cope after 6 months or so I decided to start taking ssris. First prescribed sertraline but came off it after a few months as it made me really drowsy and then changed to esitalopram. Escitaloprám probably saved my life if I'm honest but due to the pandemic I stayed on it for a long time and just ignored the feelings of no libido as i felt it didn't really matter due to lockdowns. About 3 months ago I discussed coming off them and have tapered off over about 3 weeks or so and been off about 2 months. I don't feel much different I'm still numb, still No libido but now all the ugly suicidal thoughts are swirling and the urges to self harm are getting worse just so I feel something.
  4. Hello, I’ve been on this site for months and finally decided to post. I can’t even write because I’m in so much pain so my wife is typing for me. I tapered for 6 months off of lamictal, lexapro and Wellbutrin (which I was on for 16 years) and took my last dose in June. Since then I’ve had all the symptoms-loss of self, insomnia, nerve pain, headaches, brain fog/feeling dumb like my brain doesn’t work, emotional symptoms- anxiety, depression, etc., and the worst of all is akathesia. This feeling of discomfort in my body is hell. I want to crawl out of my skin. It feels like my body is on fire. Ive had twitching and convulsing and lots of suicidal ideation but the inner akathesia is the worst. I’m currently at atmc and they pushed Ativan on me. I eventually gave in because I was in so much pain and I regret it with every ounce of my being. Ive been on it for 3 weeks now and I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do. Should I slowly taper? They’re telling me to just stop because it hasn’t been that long, but what do I do with the akathesia pain? I’ve gone down to 1/2 dose the last two nights and it’s been ok but the akathesia has started to return. While I was tapering I was working with a therapist who did “journey work”. Basically I had a full day session on MDMA, another one with mdma and psyilicibin, and another one with mushrooms and ketamine late june. He also had me microdosing for a few months in the spring but I stopped that because it wasn’t doing much. ive read that reinstating lamictal helped alto. Since I was already on it I’ve considered it at a very low dose like she suggests, but I haven’t found a psychiatrist I trust and I’m pretty scared of everything now that I’m living in hell. I’ve already been hospitalized once and to atmc and another mental health facility. Barely holding it together. any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks Ps. My testerone is really low too and I’ve been doing injections twice a week. Im wondering if I should stop that or continue. Everything in my body is thrown off 2008- lexapro 40 and Wellbutrin 450 2011- cold turkey went off everything. Deep depression. Reinstated pretty quickly 2018 tapered lexapro down to 20, Wellbutrin down to 300 added lamictal at 400mg 2021- January I started to slowly taper over the next 6 months. 2021 april/may/June’s mdma, mushrooms/psilocybin (microdosing) and ketamine. I continued the ketamine into October. 2021 September started testosterone because I was tested and was very low 2021 september- went to the hospital and got Delodid for stomach pain (very suicidal the next day) 2021- October lithium for 1.5 weeks December 2021-now- Ativan I take many supplements- fish oil, magnesium, theanine, etc.
  5. Hello everyone , and sorry for my bad English I am 27M as you can see from my drug history when I stoped paxil(fast tapering advised by my doctor),I just experienced anxiety and vivid dreams and myoclonus that I developed since I started paxil one year ago , then I start taking lexapro which lead to emotional blunting and vision disturbances and I don’t feel like myself anymore that didn’t improve after stoping lexapro except that I don’t experience other symptôme for the moment, so I am thinking about reinstatement to avoid the withdrawal so what do you think I should do ? and about myoclonus that I have it since I started the drug is it side effect of paxil ?
  6. Hi all, I’ll try to keep this as short as I can; I started taking escitalopram (10 mg) in March of 2021 for post concussion anxiety. I took it for only 4 months then began feeling better and felt that my concussion symptoms had resolved. I decided I no longer needed the drug so began tapering. I cut down to 5 mg in July, then down to 2.5 after 8 weeks. Down to 2 mg after 6 more weeks then down to 1.66 after 3 more weeks. All along I did experience WD but it was generally tolerable and would mostly subside before I initiated the next decrease. I’ve had dizziness, fatigue and a few bouts of high anxiety which only lasted 3 days or so. After 6 weeks at 1.66 I’ve had quite a lot of dizziness, lightheadedness, anxiety and now some insomnia. obviously, after reading more about this on this site, I suppose I am going too fast (even though I went way slower than my Dr recommend) I guess I have 2 questions; 1. Should I just hold at 1.66 now that it’s been over 6 weeks and hope that things settle back out, or consider increasing slightly? 2. How does one accurately divide pills? I currently crush them up and simply divide it into as equal “lines” as I can, then scrape it into a capsule. I bought a scale on Amazon but it doesn’t seem to work reliably for such small weights. Is there a link to discussion on this? thanks for your time.
  7. Hi, I’m so thankful to have found this site. In November I developed Serotonin Syndrome (that night will haunt me for the rest of my life) and had to be hospitalized. I was on lexapro 10 mg and had upped my dose to 15 mg per my doctor. Mixed with my other medications is what they said caused the Serotonin Syndrome. Long story short, the hospital doctors told me I had to stop the lexapro cold turkey. My serotonin syndrome was bad and it can be fatal. So I had no choice but to stop taking it cold turkey. I had been on antidepressants for 24 years. I was petrified of the withdrawal. But honestly it was not bad at all. (I’m wondering if it wasn’t bad because of how high my serotonin was while I stopped the lexapro … just my thought) The first few weeks I had leg pain, some digestive issues nothing big tho… insomnia (still have this but getting better), ocular migraines and emotions… wow I cry and feel now. Haven’t done that in many years. I’ve never, ever been a crier. But I really feel alive right now! Hospital Dr told me if I ever want to go back on antidepressants wait 1-2 months and then try one that doesn’t raise serotonin. I’d rather never go back on antidepressants! I’m staying positive that I can do life without them. Fast forward I’m on day 34 now without lexapro and the only symptoms I have left are the insomnia and these horrible ocular migraines. I’m getting them every 5-7 days now. Has anyone else experienced ocular migraines coming off of lexapro? I told my neurologist. He says it’s from my bad neck, not sleeping and stress. I’ve had ocular migraines before maybe 2 a year if that. I just had a cat scan while in the hospital and that was normal. But my gut is telling me the migraines have to do with my body/or brain adjusting to life without lexapro. Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this and when do the migraines ease up. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hello all, I am new to this site. To make a long story short I went on Lexapro because I told my doctor I get sad in the winter, within 5 minutes he had me prescribed. I worked up to 20mg over two years and 6 months ago weaned down 10%ish a week.. I just dealing now with a lot of sadness but more than this just insane anger over nothing. Like I close door slightly too hard I lose it as if someone hit my mother in front of me. I was never like this. I have many other bad sides but this is worst. Thank you for listening.
  9. Hey there, This is my first post and I'm feeling rather desperate. I'm a 26 year old woman and have been on Lexapro for over 6 years now. Around that time, I also became chronically fatigued (could easily sleep 12+ hours, couldn't keep my eyes open on the bus, work etc...) and no doctor told me that antidepressants could be the main cause. During that time, I tried adding Wellbutrin to no avail, and also got various blood tests, sleep studies, changed times of day I took my meds, tried supplements, different diets etc... and nothing seemed to help. Only after doing some research on Reddit am I realizing that Lexapro causes this chronic fatigue for a lot of other people and after trying Wellbutrin one more time with no increased energy, I've decided to taper. It is nearly impossible to find a doctor where I live, and my current GP told me I could taper from my current 10mg dose in 2 weeks which seems insane from what I've read. I went on 5mg for 2 months and am currently taking 5mg every second day, and my fatigue is only getting worse and I'm at the point where I'm unable to function. Is there a better way I could be tapering? How long should I expect this fatigue to last? Thank you so much.
  10. After my 3rd child I developed debilitating PPD with OCD and panic disorder. It was so bad I thought I had a brain tumor in my head causing these problems. I was not myself. I was put on zoloft. I stayed on that for a year and a bit and had wellbutrin added on about 8 months into treatment, because I felt dead inside. It helped for a few months and then I felt dead inside again. I tried effexor it made things worse and then switched to lexapro. I felt good for a couple months and then dead again. I cold turkeyed the wellbutrin at this point. I didnt notice any withdrawal other than a good laugh here and there which was a relief. A month later I decided to taper off lexapro. I was at 15 and went to 10 mg for 2 weeks. Now I am alternating 10 and 5 for 10 days. I am doing ok so far. I planned to do each step down for 2 weeks, but I see you guys do 4 weeks. I may step down to 5 soon and do 5 for 4 weeks instead of 2. Or should I alternate another couple weeks. I am ready to be done. I am ready to have feelings again. I already have some back. I dont want to hurt myself tapering though. I want to see what my baseline is, I want to know if that mess I was in with the PPD is finally gone. It literally felt like my last baby broke my brain.
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