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Found 3 results

  1. So starting feb 2020 I was put on 20 mg paroxetine and 40 mg adderall. Around may or June I had a mental break and was hospitalized and was put on 30 mg paroxetine and 15 mg olanzapine and when out also taking 40 mg adderall. In dec 2020 decided to just quit taking everything. Did not feel much but was also using alot of cannabis and dxm so it might of mask the withdrawal. Until feb 10th where I used dxm on more time then decided to stop everything. For a while I was fine but on march 17th 2021 I crashed trying to harm myself and ended up in ICU then inpatient for a week. They put me back on 10 mg olanzapine with 150mg× 2 trileptal. I was also on trazadone for sleep nightly. When I was out I took those for about a month until April 25th 2021 where I just wasnt feeling like myself so I tried to CT the olanzapine again. First 3 day was fine and I felt myself again but on the 4th day I had really bad anxiety that I tried to undure but only lasted till 3 pm or so before I took 5mg olanzapine but that didnt help so a few hours later I took 5 mg more. I did get to sleep that night but the restlessness and anxiety stayed with me. From that day I decided to just keep taking 5 mg instead of 10 mg. I also stopped taking the trazadone. Every morning or nearly 2 week I woke up to huge cortisol spike and for a while I couldnt sit still because it's too uncomfortable. So I kept pacing around the house. After 2 weeks on 5 mg things started to calm down a bit and I'm able to sit if I need to with less restlessness. Today is going into week 4 and I had a few day like yesterday with some bad anxiety for like a few hours but overall its tolerable. My question is when should I start tapering as I'm feeling okay, still alot of discomfort but tolerable.
  2. My Gemini scale arrived this week with a set of glass graduated cylinders. I've read that the transition from solid to liquid dosing can be a little hairy. Can anyone help with suggestions for making the switch? Am currently taking ~8mg, in pieces, with a glass of water. I would like to be dosing completely in liquid form by the time my dose gets down to 5 mg in a few months. Should I just start dissolving all 8mgs now, or divide the dose into liquid and solid portions. If so, is there any ratio I should be targeting? I also have 00 gelatin capsules that I can fill with solid portions to conserve the bits that disintegrate to powder if necessary.
  3. I would like to know if Amitriptyline can be dissolved in water to taper. I am helping my elderly mother who wants to start tapering off Amitriptyline 50mg, primarily because her doctor described this as a high dose that increases her fall risk. My mother lives with me. I am familiar with principles of slow safe tapering from my own experience at Cymbalta Hurts Worse.
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