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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I took lexapro and lithium for ten years. Summer 2019 I did a rapid taper off both. I figured if I didn't take the lexapro, I didn't need the lithium. I was dead wrong after being on the meds for so long. I have been med free since October 2019. I tried some mod stabilizers for a few months in the summer to see if they would help as I was really manic in the beginning, but everything made it all worse. I have suffered greatly with extreme noise sensitivity. I do feel manic and agitated and cannot be around people and noise very much. This has greatly ramped up since I have had some stressful life events lately. Here is my issue. I am manic and experiencing mixed states and intense anxiety but every time I take a mood stabilizer it actually makes me more manic (paradox reactions) and makes my noise sensitivity way worse. I just don't feel I can take anything but my mental health is in shambles. How am I to survive? Is there anyone else in this situation? What is one to do?
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