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  1. After taking the antipsychotic Invega for about two years, I finally decided at the beginning of last year that I wanted to stop taking the medecin. Looking for other people's experiences on the internet, I was guided to this website for which I am very grateful. With the loving support of my psychiatrist, I switched from Invega 3 mg to Risperdal liquid 2 ml. I also decided not to take any supplements because I didn't want any new chemical substances to interfere with the process of tapering off. I tapered off by 10% every two weeks and observed my body's reaction. Overall this was a steady pace my body was happy to handle. About two months ago, I finally managed to stop taking Risperdal. Looking back, it is very important to be mentally strong to taper off because you may not always get the necessary support and to listen to your body and let it guide you through the process and not wanting to rush things. But this, of course, you already all know and therefore I would like to thank you all for creating this website and putting your heart into it. Then there was still the sleeping pill Lorametazepam I was taking, varying from 1 mg to 2 mg. I had already tried several herbal sleeping aids but without any result. I was talking about this to a lady shaman and she told me that I should take the tincture and not the pills because they are also full of chemical substances. She said that my power plant was Lavender and since a few weeks now I take two teaspoons of Lavender tincture in a glass of water and I haven't touched the benzo since. I
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