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  1. Hi all, i'll try to describe my problems and my situation and maybe I can get some advice? I'm 28 y/o, have had depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, intrusive thoughts, racing thoughts 24/7 (my mind is never silent) attention problems, and executive dysfunction notably since at least 16-18 years old, and i've had OCD like features since I was like 7 as far as I can remember, particularly strong since at least 16 years old. Refused to try any medication up until 2018. Had a scary first bout of what was arguably psychotic thinking in 2016. Here's a brief history: March-ish 2018: Took Wellbutrin about a handful of times, can't remember doseMarch-ish 2018: Took Seroquel a handful of times, can't remember doseMarch-ish 2018- November 2019: Took Sertraline, went from 25 mg to 125 mgs. Foolishly cold turkeyed February 2021: Took Buspar a handful of times, can't remember dose February 2021: Took Luvox maybe like 6 times, nearly killed me and devastated me for months beyond belief March-June 2021: Reinstated Sertraline in an attempt to stop the horrible effects of Luvox (tapered over 2 weeks I think, i'm a little surprised at how my memory seems a bit shot atm) I cold turkeyed Sertraline foolishly out of ignorance and due to life circumstances, and I think I remember not taking it as prescribed daily all too well in the first place. Over the last 2.5 years since then, I have noticeably declined and I believe it is likely protracted withdrawal. I now suffer from everything I mentioned previously but it's all generally worse than a few years ago. Since mid 2020 I have really gone down hill and now suffer from the following daily/regularly: - A considerably more panicked and anxious base level of consciousness - Constant racing thoughts, my mind is never clear/scary intrusive thoughts - Recurrent terrifying "depression attacks/bouts" where i feel depression/anxiety that is so intense in their particular windows that they feel like panic attacks but more "depression-like" if that makes sense. - Body temperature disturbances where I feel regular hot flashes/heat sensations running down my body - The Luvox I tried last year gave me the worst panic and depression of my life, I felt like I was in a 2 - 3 month prolonged panic attack and I got burning skin sensations that felt like being burned alive that thankfully have dissipated now but lasted from about February to July 2021. - Chronic fatigue and a constant feeling that someone is pulling me down from my back, making me want to just lay down on a bed. When I feel the fatigue + hot flashes + depression attacks + some confusion at the same time it feels like i'm in hell. - Severe executive dysfunction coupled with OCD, makes it so I feel like i'm paralyzed and at the same time I feel like the only thing i can keep doing and keep my attention on is watching youtube. I'm a school teacher and the school year just ended, I could never get anything done because of my executive dysfunction and it is an absolute miracle that I lasted the whole year. I do feel though that when i'm totally into what i'm doing at school there are times where I, dare i say, feel "normal" and "fine," with the exception of lingering social anxiety and severe executive dysfunction that is always there." Now that vacation has started it, i've gotten worse, same thing happened every school weekend. I go crazy when just at home. I'm currently trying to fight through my executive dysfunction in order to set up a new PCP and finally make a doctor's appointment to see if I can get a "full work up," whatever that means, in order to gauge my health and rule out auto immune diseases or other things. It's a miracle I can even hold my attention long enough to write this atm, what tips can you give me in regards to things I can do to naturally heal, things I can ask my doctor, tests that I should request my doctor, etc? Honestly a few weeks ago I kept daydreaming about trying stimulants (bare in mind that I am very skeptical towards psychiatry now) because of how bad my executive dysfunction is but now I feel more mentally damaged in general now and I have no idea what to do.
  2. Hi! I've been lurking on this website for quite sometime now (Over 2 years) desperate for answers and hope. I thought I’d make an introduction post just to keep track of my own progress alongside others. My memory is foggy in some parts because when I first cold turkeyed my Luvox 200 mg I didn’t think anything of it and was quite fine without it. But my rough estimate is I cold turkeyed 7/2020. I didn’t notice any symptoms regarding withdrawal until 10/2020 that’s when I relapsed in my OCD with the intrusive thought “What if I don’t love my partner?” And I spiraled into crying and anxiety. I’ve struggled with HOCD for 6 years and it was the main reason I was put on Iuvox. Funny enough throughout those 6 years my sexual function and emotions stayed in tact. But as soon as it hit 10/2020 the symptoms started almost immediately. i even developed depersonalization to the point I didn’t even feel like a woman (which I’ve never wanted to be trans or a man so it was strange to FEEL like a stranger in your own body) I started feeling so depersonalized that even talking or seeing myself freaked me out and made me feel like I wasn’t me. I think this is one of the scariest things a person can experience. The following months I had impending doom because I thought me and my bfs relationship was in jeopardy - I suddenly didn’t recognize him even though we’ve been together for 9 years and I was always in love with him. My family became foreign too and it was hard to connect with them alongside my depersonalization. When this all happened I messaged my primary care doctor to up my dose but reinstating did nothing. i stayed on 100 mg of Luvox. Fast forward to 3/21-7/21 - I had massive panic attacks where I almost believed I was about to have a heart attack. It was hard to connect with people and cognitively I declined. Making basic conversation with people was hard. And then my fiancé proposed to me and I had a panic attack during only making me believe we weren’t meant to believe. Not thinking it was due to the pill I dumbly cold turkeyed. Who would think it could impact you so much? Not me. This was also the time my sexual dysfunction took place. i realized I couldn’t feel anything during sex. My ****** became numb and even urinating felt different. It didn’t matter how much I touched myself I couldn’t feel pleasure - but scariest of all I couldn’t feel arousal. The natural feeling you get just by being kissed by my partner was gone. And then suddenly I coudn’t feel romance. And I know you don’t know me but I’ve been OBSESSED with romance my entire life. I’ve written stories about love, watched only romance anime and movies, blushed over stereotypical romantic scenes. But suddenly without attraction or emotions I couldn’t feel romantic towards my fiancé. Which scared the hell out of me. 8/21 - I became emotionally blunted. I felt neutral, even the anxiety that always bothered me was numb. I didn’t care about my job, my family, my fiancé, my cats or what happened to me. 4/22 - Emotionally blunted, again the sexual dysfunction and romantic attraction are what worries me the most. I know it’s the medication because I feel no desire for anyone else. It’s hard to laugh naturally and connect with people. i took a Thorne gut test and tested positive for gut dybosis and out of range bad bacteria. Supplements Im taking: • Fish oil • magnesium taurate •butyrate •multivitamin •liposomal vitamin c • vitamin d •Korean panax ginseng I’m tapering by 10 mg every month. I’m at 62.5 mg of Luvox currently
  3. Hello, I really didn’t want to post a long intro because I’ve been battling either anxiety or med side effects or med w/d side effects for a long long time and I’m tired, sad, and angry and don’t have the energy, but I wanted to be able to reply to another member on here, so here goes. I’m not anti med and they did help for a very short period when I first took them but overall my life has been one of struggle even with them or partly because of them. Idk. I got OCD as a teen in the 80’s, so obviously DO have anxiety but muddled thru pretty well with little help for meds. I got on meds full time, in the 90’s, due to a horrendous breakup that put me in major depression/anxiety and after a couple years developed a mysterious symptom I call “boatiness” (non vertigo dizziness) which causes anxiety and was written off as anxiety but never remedied. I’ve struggled and suffered, missing out on lots of life’s joys…. yet I kept pushing thru and was “successful” in some ways, trying to do ‘normal’ life things, and keeping hope alive until the last few years. now I am tired and defeated. I tapered decades of Klonopin in 2019 thinking that would stop the boatiness. But it remains 2 years later. Now I’m tapering Luvox and I wouldn’t even bother tapering because it probably does help a tiny bit, who knows, but it makes me lethargic. It’s been a year of taper so far. I resigned myself to wasting another year and was suffering along but recently started getting an increase in debilitating symptoms. I really don’t even care if I’m off meds. I probably do need something at this point, because my thinking is so skewed to the negative after so much suffering and trauma, watching others live happily normal lives and yet they still complain about their brand of “anxiety.” I challenge them to try mine. I think I’m too damaged and disabled to do life without meds now at age 55. This coming from someone who was so hesitant and afraid to take them, I had to go to the hospital to get started on them. I’d like to switch to a different med or add it to the Luvox, but I’m told I can’t add anything or switch because “Luvox is special”. I have to taper completely off AND have a two week wash out of Luvox even though I’m only on a few grains of it, at this point. I can’t see how this is true because people are on multi meds all the time and I, personally, was on Luvox with Mirtazipine, but all the drs, ARNP s, and pharmacists are sticking to this “non-mixing Luvox” story, so I suffer another taper. Family and psych docs are useless… unless their is a pill or procedure, they don’t even want to know about it. I don’t know the doses, usually middle of the road because I was too scared to go to the high doses. 1980—OCD, kept secret, struggled thru school , age 14 1984—Told mom about OCD, first med anafranil for 6 months helped alot 1993-1994—Harsh breakup, major anxious depression, too scared to take meds, went to hospital to get help, klonopin/Zoloft 1996—Started having a symptom I call “boatiness”, never diagnosed, told it was anxiety to go back on meds, Klonopin/Zoloft 1997-2015—Family, college, work, struggled thru constant boaty dizzy symptom, Zoloft or Lexapro or Paxil or Prozac and Klonopin plus Xanax 2015-2018 Life becoming more and more limited, decided meds might be part of the problem and/or had barely helped for decades, started first tapers, repeatedly 2018—complete instability and disability, no work, no relationship, limited driving, tapered anti d too fast before klonopin, in maximum klonopin tolerance, landed in hospital from severe “boatiness” and unreality 2019—Mirtazipine, Luvox, Klonopin, complete instabiltiy but less than 2018 2019—Tapered Mirtazipine and Klonopin 2020—Luvox only, still disabled, now depressed 2021—Luvox taper from 100 mg, complete disability, hopeless, given up, angry, most of life behind me now
  4. Hi everyone, I’ve read this site for a number of months and I wanted to tell you all how helpful it has been. I’m a happily married father of two and I am starting down the path of weaning of Luvox. Here’s my med history: 2005- Post-college I was diagnosed by a GP as having Generalized Anxiety Disorder and a Panic Disorder. I took Lorazepam every evening for 3 years and didn’t do the research to understand how dangerous that was. I got off of them cold turkey and you can imagine how that went. 2008- After finally getting off Lorazepam, my GP prescribed me Zoloft, Cymbalata, Paxil, Buspar to no avail- I still had anxiety. I stumbled on Lexapro and 10 MG was a dream drug for me. 2016- In December 2016, I had a routine surgery go wrong and I lost > than a liter of blood and was on a ton of painkillers for 2 weeks. I didn’t wean properly and after taking Tramadol, I was diagnosed with Serotonin Syndrome. I snapped out of that after about a week. 2017- I noticed that after my surgery, Lexapro was no longer working. From January to March, I tried to increase my dosage from 10 MG to 15 MG but I simply couldn’t get it to help my anxiety. In late March I began taking Pristiq and gave that 8 weeks but I was still to anxious. From June to early July I tried Trintellix but that drug made me very, very depressed (new to me) and I immediately switched back to a Lexapro. I tried to Lexapro 10 MG from July to October and my anxiety disappeared. However, the physical side effects (GI, chest tightnesss, etc) were too much to handle. I felt awful. In late October until now I tried taking 25 MG, 50MG Luvox and 100 MG Luvox CR. All of them manage my anxiety but I feel physically awful...like my insides are melting. I had CT scans, an endoscopy and a whole host of blood work and it all came back fine. I even wore a heart monitor for 2 weeks and everything checked out. I took 100 MG Luvox CR for a week and had to drop back down to 50 MG due to the physical side effects. I’ve recently gone from 50 MG of Luvox down to 25 MG for a few weeks and I’m now at 18.75 MG. Mentally, I feel great. Physically, I feel terrible. Every single day around noon, my sides, stomach and chest start feeling so bad...like they’re in a vice. I’m taking a pre and probiotic as well as B Complex. I’ve started taking Luvox midday since the half-life is so short. I did the GeneSight test and Prozac was the worst drug for me, so there goes that as an option to switch to for weaning/tapering. I’d love to get some advice on where to go from here. The most frustrating thing for me is when people tell me that the body aches I’m having is anxiety; I’m not anxious mentally in the slightest so I think these problems are either med or withdrawal related. I desperately want want to feel physically better so I can be a good father, husband, employee and friend. Thanks to you all in advance.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm in a very dark, sad place and am in desperate need of some hope and light. Around 2014 or so, I was weaned off Lexapro and worked up to 100mg of Luvox with the help of a nurse practitioner. I trusted this individual, but she didn't believe me when I was telling her that I was having some withdrawal symptoms (specifically in my eyes). She told me it was all in my head as I had a history of being afraid of medications. Deep down, I knew she was wrong so this lead me to step away from her and get my prescription from my primary care doctor. A few months in, I realized it was causing me to have horrible stomach issues (severe constipation which would lead to diarrhea). My mental health was of the utmost importance to me so I tried to find ways around the constipation. This past summer, I could no longer stand it. The constant pain, bloating and random bouts of diarrhea was causing me to experience even more anxiety! I started to question if I had IBS. Spoiler alert, I don't! It was just a side effect as it completely went away now that I am no longer on Luvox. In August of this year, I trusted my primary care doctor to start the wean process. At the time, I didn't realize he was weaning me too quickly. In October, I was stopped completely. While dropping from 100mg - 50mg (Aug to Sep) - 25mg(Sep to Oct), I dealt with fairly common side effects like eye discomfort, dizziness, and mild brain fog. During that time, I began to experience depression and sadness where I would burst into tears. This has increased exponentially now that I am not on anything. I'm not sure how much more I can possibly take. The crying is wreaking havoc on me. I constantly ruminate on death. My fear of dying as well as my loved ones. The thoughts are dark and scare me. I've always had a fear of death, but not quite like this. My other problem? Due to all of this, I am lacking trust in medical professionals. I keep asking how someone could do this to someone? Also, Luvox did such a number on my stomach that I am apprehensive to go on anything again. I am scared, sad and full of distrust. I don't know which way to turn anymore. Thank you.
  6. Hello. 20 years old, diagnosed from childhood with elective mutism Taking medication rispond, adderall and fluoxetine in the years 2011-2013 and then stopped, after stopping taking medications it was a very hard period and lasted about 3 years. Then short-term treatment with Ciprofloxacin and Lustral In June 2021 began treatment with Favoxil 50 MG in August 100 October 150 and in November 300 until the end of March. At the end of March stopped taking Favoxil all of a sudden and now for several weeks has been locked in the room all the time without a mood, nervous, and occasionally tantrums. What do you think need to do? Thanks
  7. I was put on SSRIs when I was 10. Luvox (Fluvoxamine). I never got off them until adulthood. I guess I took it for granted that I needed them. I don't remember anyone ever suggesting that it could be anything but positive or maybe neutral. Really, I don't remember much of what I thought as a child. I grew much worse after that though people could say "that was going to happen anyway", as they do. I have traced a few severe blowups (that had fairly life-altering consequences) to medication changes around that time. My adolescence was the gradual end of any sort of comfort in and control over my own mind. But again, don't these changes sounds similar enough to normal adolescent development that they are very easily dismissed? I couldn't really explain how or why it was any different. That my stress was not of the normal variety. That my mind working worse wasn't simply due to the stress. Even as I made some headway on issues I had, things seemed to get harder. I suspected the level of anxiousness I was feeling wasn't normal. I think my whole system was in a state of hyper arousal. I had intrusive thoughts. Strange patterns of thinking. Positive emotions were blunted. Negative emotions were excruciating. I always felt unsafe because I could sense that my mind and my body had become clumsy and bad at assessing, reacting, defending. I found no pleasure in doing things or accomplishing what little I could. Grew increasingly confused. Increasingly demoralized and demotivated because the good feelings that I felt should have followed from certain pleasures and victories now felt hollow. I have a memory of walking somewhere around my neighborhood around 18 and being horrified that nothing looked real. It was like I was looking at inert paintings. This examples of derealization was just one of many terrifying, confusing experiences I was subjected to throughout my adolescence as the older adults I turned to dismissed and demeaned and blamed me for something they either directly inflicted on me or that was inflicted with their participation and complicity. I was beginning to hope in 2016 because I realized my mental state had begun to improve by leaps and bounds after my emotionally abusive brother moved away and I had less exposure to him. I could still not function though. I was slow to do things. Couldn't figure things out. Had no one who understood. I decided to gamble with coming off my meds. "If anything bad happens I can always just go back on them." I gradually lowered the doses of Wellbutrin and then Prozac over 2-3 months. It felt like nothing really changed. Then 3 months after stopping Prozac, I started to become extremely irritable and angry. Losing it and throwing things. I thought I will go back on. And I think, that was the end. My head felt like it exploded. If I thought I had trouble thinking before, it was nothing compared to what I experienced after taking the next pill. I could not sit still and be calm and think. I turned to my GP who vaguely said I should go back on and would resume to a stable state eventually. So I raised the doses, fighting through an excrucating battle because I believed at the end of the road was some bit of safety. For a year, I tormented myself for not only nothing but with the consequence of leaving myself much worse off. By the time I came off again in 2018, I knew I should be doing a slow taper. But I could not figure out anything complex myself. I could not do anything requiring fine motor skills or thinking. I thought if I didn't do it then, I never would. By July 2018, I had come off them both again. Weaning by weeks at a dose though I knew this wasn't enough. I hoped that I would just have to fight through irritability again. Maybe this time, it wouldn't be so bad since I knew it was coming. In some ways, that was true. But I didn't realize how bad it could get. I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to speak or stand up or walk or that every second would feel like an eternity or that I would never have a moment's peace or pleasure or hope. And I didn't know that after suffering through torment for years, I would be left in a state that feels, if not quite as tormenting, just as hopeless. A life devoid of pleasure or meaning. A life where every pathway to anything better is cut off. My food sensitivities developed at 6 months cessation the 2nd withdrawal (around January 2019). At least that's when they hit that I noticed. They'd probably been in the works for a long time before that. Really, even before I'd come off my meds, I think. I ate very little. The few people who saw me said they worried I would die of starvation. I wish I had. Eating most food made the constant pulsating inside shake me violently. And since 99% of the time I had to be lying down, it was not bearable. They also worsened intrusive thoughts and thought patterns which seemed very much like the beginnings of psychosis. I guessed from something I read here that I'd developed a histamine intolerance and it was a a bit easier to manage. Apples were the only thing that helped but it was only local (from this province) and even they were not a guarantee. Ones that didn't work actually made me worse even that other types of foods. An apple from an otherwise good lot that had its skin broken somewhere (those very tiny nicks you see on some) was a bad one and would make me worse. I always hoped to get good ones but rarely did. Much of the worst of my withdrawal, then and now is inextricably linked to my environment: an impossibly disorderly old house mess spilling everywhere and nowhere sanitary to put anything. This not only exacerbated chemical sensitivities which exploded in withdrawal but made me have daily meltdowns because of what as been diagnosed as 'obsessive compulsive disorder" and hyperarousal. If this was extremely distressing and soul-killing before, now in withdrawal it felt more like perpetual sexual violation. I lay in bed with labored breathing, chest pulsating heavily in a way I can't describe. A hurricane of intrusive thoughts in a brain that felt like it had shrunk to the size of a tiny crawlspace so that these thoughts would ricochet around endlessly. I tried to attempt meditation many times but it didn't help. Why would it? One of the first things you're told to do is find a comfortable space. Somewhere you feel relaxed. You might as well tell someone to practice beginner mediation in a mosh pit. In fact, trying to meditate seemed to agitate mental symptoms and worsen awareness of the physical ones. Perhaps if I was already experienced it would have been different. But I wasn't. By the time, my CNS had calmed down enough to try do anything about it again even slightly disturbing certain things would now trigger dust/mold being raised and would cause unbearable feelings. I can't really properly explain the extent to which every single process has been affected. How little I do. Am able to do. How much I've needed to further shut down my brain to deal with worrying about inevitable problems that crop up. My thinking in a calm, clean environment would probably be pretty screwed up still but if I'd had that, I probably would have been able to function and my withdrawal probably wouldn't have been hellish. One of the most important things in withdrawal is to not overstimulate your CNS. For me, the bombardment never stopped. And there was nothing I could do. Thoughts (and occasional attempts) at explaining and asking for help did little good. I was also terrified (and still am) that I would be put somewhere I might be forced to take more psychiatric medications. I even wonder if I could be coerced into it. My mind feels very loose and easy to knock over. Scared. I think it would possible that I could be bullied and shamed into thinking my entire interpretation of events had been wrong and acquiesce to more meds. Especially if I was in an even more helpless position than I am now. I am constantly tired. I can't plan and organize. I don't have a routine. I can barely make food (making healthy food that requires multiple steps is pretty much out of the question). My brain has a lot of trouble with managing different trains of thoughts and things. When I try, it triggers panic, anxiety and this exacerbates physical sensations which lead to more panic/anixety. I know my clothes often make me feel worse if they bits of dust on them. I don't know if that is because the dust in this old house carries mold spores and whatnot or it's just any dust. I also react to scents from almost anything. I've seen this is apparently called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity disorder which barely seems to be taken any more seriously than PAWS. I want to wash my clothes but the steps to doing that often just levae my brain in knots trying to think of how to position myself, move things without surfaces to put things on, keep them from getting more dust on them. And doing it leaves me exhausted. On many days, I'm too tired to even consider it. When I try to think of doing certain things, it's like my brain is being compressed and pinched and stretched. I can feel it in my face muscles and neck. It's torturous and if I push far enough it doesn't help me to do anything. I just lose it and start screaming. I want to ask for help but I know that any help rendered, I would need to explain or at least come up with some lie. I don't know how to do either. How can I say: it is likely pointless to even ask doctors about this because they deny it? How can I say: I have to decide between being cold or not wearing my coat or sweater today because whatever invisible little bits of grime that got on it make my chest feel clenched and my mind go stiff and inflexible in ways that prevents me from thinking and making decisions? I can't even sit in the living room because mold was released from an AC 2 years ago and I can't tolerate the air. I want to find out which air purifiers to get but my brain reels and shuts down trying to figure it out. Thinking about having to get them together to send them back. Figuring out where to put them. It's not the unpleasantness of the process but the fear that the process will bring everything to a screeching halt and there will be even less hope. My mother has barely held together and took care of me but she is older and been slowly collapsing. When I could finally more-or-less manage on my own (getting my own food, ordering groceries, paying bills) she stopped doing anything. I get her books and her meds and she reads and comes out to go the bathroom and make tv dinners. She had already been having emotional battles with my brother for decades before this and I had become her main source of emotional support. She lost this, faced years more of torment and also heard me say (very directly and unkindly things) terrible things when I had meltdowns. Her movement and life is restricted because I am here. She is worried about doing anything that will harm me. We switched rooms because the air in mind stopped me even from sleeping. The house is falling apart. I don't think there is any good future for either of us. I have thought of doing something to land myself in jail or psychiatric care despite the certain torture of forced meds though but think that likely I would just end up there for a time, be left worse off and then in my weakness and with a further damaged brain come back home and I know she would let me. Then I would be back to square 1 and maybe in a more volatile condition that could actually be dangerous. I have feared I would be violent many times. Both because I have so absorbed the idea that I was a bad person and didn't know what I was or wasn't capable of and because I had no idea what may be possible with the brain damage I have suffered. Suicide would solve that but leave her with terrible grief. She would be able to live at least in some manner though I suppose she might no longer want to. Reaching out to somewhere or other for some kind of help means, to me, an army of condescending, reality-denying people to whom I expose my pain and vulnerabilities after all my strength has already been drained. In all my years of experience, I know mostly people do not help. At least they haven't helped me. Maybe it works better when no one's story veers too off-script from what they know. I have thought sometimes of reinstatement. I've also thought maybe the one (I think it's an SSRI) that is suppose to calm that CNS for some people. Much of what I try to think or do is sort of violently cut down even before the thought emerges. I'm always pulled this way and that. But it goes beyond mental and I feel it in a physical way and there is unbelievable force that I can't describe. Every time I'd try to write this, I would stop because of this. I would not know what I was saying, not know the importance, be concerned with the order, the meaning and interpretation, what I was conveying, etc. Things converge into a traffic crash in my head and half thought and action. I don't have postitive thoughts about recovery. It seems usually it is people who were only on for a few years at most. People who began taking them in adulthood. People whose lives and basic functioning as human beings weren't as completely wrecked for their entire lives. I don't really feel entirely good about posting now. But it's been almost 3 years now. I might as well post something. Thank you for reading. I feel embarrassed and disspirited that I won't probably be able to absorb and implement any advice.
  8. Hello all. I was directed here by another member who shared a unfortunately similar experience. At this point, I have exhausted many, many attempts to find a psychiatrist or doctor of any kind who understands SSRI withdrawal. (Or doctor at all given the huge waits from Covid, politics, etc.) I can't even find a psychologist at this point despite literally sending out bulk emails. This has been soul-crushing for me because I need help. I'm desperate and afraid. I have things happening to my body that scare me and make me feel like I'm going to die, or worse, that mental health will get so bad it makes me want to die. I feel like I'm going crazy and would really, really appreciate some guidance and advice because I've taken all the traditional paths and they're not getting me anywhere but frustrated. I'll post my timeline but this is the short version: In September I started having severe symptoms from the Luvox I had been taking for a few years for OCD. (100mg, but it has wavered in dosages through the years.) It got so bad the ER told me I have seratonin syndrome, which I to this day don't know is true or not. Around this time, I was also being given hormone replacement and taken off, as well as a bad experience with THC from a CBD gummy my friend gave me and assured me I wouldn't have any reaction. I did, and my anxiety went through the roof. Basically all the side effects from my Luvox were coming out stronger and I was feeling worse, so I decided to get off of them. Because I seem to have more of a medication intolerance and side effects from literally every drug I take, my goal is to get off my meds all together, but open to new possibilities in the short-term. My psychiatrist wanted me to do a 3-4 week taper down from 100mg which...didn't even register because I knew it wasn't going to happen. I had been properly weaned off small doses of benzos last year and did 'ok'-ish-SSRI withdrawal is definitely worse for me. I'm down to 25 mg of Luvox as of today 12/21/2021. I've been at 25mg for about two weeks because I want to be done and Luvox has been causing me severe migraines. The pain and suffering happens when I'm on it or not, and I think I've kindled myself in the past and gotten really bad results. But now I'm at a point where i'm miserable. I had constant fear and panic attacks, derealization, depersonalization, painful and limiting muscle tension where it feels like my muscles and nerves are being ripped, temperature fluctuations, bouts of rage and crying, akathisia/adrenaline dumps (this is the worst and makes me want to die). I mentally feel out of it, like my not myself or connected and feel like I'm constantly drugged or drunk when I'm actually getting off meds. I only got brain zaps once or twice, and my withdrawal doesn't seem completely like a lot of others, which makes me wonder if something else is wrong and scares me. It seems like mine manifests more mentally and in my muscles. I was already struggling and then a few days ago I had trigger point injections where they mixed it with a steroid and it literally spun my life out of control. I felt almost psychotic and sat sobbing in the doctors office, going out of my mind (but still aware of what was going on, talking, etc.) It was one of the worst feelings I've ever had and my enite body was convulsing with the effect of the stimulant and fear. I think this experience, along with the steroid in my system, reset my system to a new "high alert" and the last few dayshave been unbearable and I've wanted to kill myself. I guess I want to know what I should do. Should I grit my teeth and bear down and know this will fade? Will it fade or will I be like this forever? I really don't want to start another SSRI or another drug, or reinstate because the side effects from these meds are only slightly better than the withdrawal and I don't want to create a kindling effect. Please help me. I don't want to die, and even more so, I don't want to lose my mind. I've considered committing myself but I really feel that would be a horrible idea given the facilities, how they treat people, and that they don't understand SSRI withdrawal and the complications. I think I would get drugs shoved down my throat and have to start over. (I went to the crisis center/healthcare here when I started, begging for help, and they dismissed me, saying SSRI withdrawal wasn't that bad and would last a week or so.) As of right now, I've been using super low doses of Xanax (0.125mg, broken up tablets) just to get through. I also occasionally take Maxalt for migraines but it sort of makes everything worse so I'm tryin to avoid it. I tried one tiny dose (8 mg) of Lyrica tonight for the akathisia and I felt like I was so drugged I could barely think straight and all my muscles were twitching//moving, which gave me more anxiety, so that's out. I have severe medication intolerance/sensitivity since being on SSRIS and dealing with extreme anxiety. I also had bypass (same as weight lost reduction but I had it for severe acid reflux) and now any medications hit me fast and hard instead of being disbursed evenly. I've made many phone calls to doctors and surgeons about this and no one is of any help. I just need reassurance and suggestions. Please help me, and thank you. I know this tapering schedule is too fast but I was terrified, told I had serotonin syndrome and no one would help me. I didn't find any resources until later. Timeline (to the best of my ability, there's been so much of it): 1. 100mg Luvox started in 2015. 2. Put on Xanax 1mg as needed in 2018. 3. Put on Pristiq (Began and ended within 3 weeks in 2018) 3. Put on Gabapentin in 2018 4. Put on Lyrica in 2018. 5. Between 2019-2020 I weaned off all meds. I dont recall dates but my benzo reduction took place over a course of 6 months with various other benzos used like valium. This is all a blur. 6. Psychiatrist kept changing my dosage of Luvox, where in 2020 we went up to 300mg and then down to 200, 150, and stayed at 100mg for about a year. 7. 2021, psych had me trying different levels of Luvox 125-150 around my period for PMDD. Didn't go well. 8. Had severe reaction to Luvox and/or withdrawal from going back down. Then started having a severe reaction to Luvox in general so had to wean off. The psychiatrist had me scheduled to be off in 4 weeks due to fear of Serotonin Syndrome but couldn't do that. I still went fairly fast and at different levels for a couple of weeks because I didn't know what I was doing. 9. Up and down dosages the last few weeks in September due to ignorance and lack of doctor availability, and then the rapidness due to trying to figure it out on my own despite my doctor wanting me to go faster. 10. October 3-8: 75mg (played with various doses through the day, splitting them up, etc. No guidance and I know this wasn't good). 11. October 9-18: 50mg 12. October 20-29: 37.5mg 13: October 30-Nov 1: 25mg 14. November 2-November 19: Back to 37.5mg 15. November 20-December 4: 31.25mg 16. December 4-December 21: 25mg What do I do to make this better?
  9. Hello I will give a brief summary of what has happened after taking most recent drugs. I am a 21 yr old college student, low-income and person of color who recently had to drop their studies (September) due to what I think is OCD and quit their job (November) due to never before experienced debilitating and frightening symptoms. These began after stopping Luvox 50 mg and Prozac 20 mg. I have never been warned or informed or properly tapered off any psychotropic drug by any psychiatrists I have seen including the one (due to insurance I can only speak with him once a month) who prescribed me the last four recent drugs. I was unfortunately very naive in my decisions surrounding these drugs. For clarity: I was being treated for "depression" and anxiety. Started at age 17. My signature is copied off records of prescription dates. For the most part I did not take pills regularly, I remember last year organizing my room and seeing that I had bottles full of pills I never took. A lot of prescriptions were what the psychiatrists called trial and error, so I was trying pills to see their effects which were miss which made me realize they were making me sick so I stopped. I unfortunately cannot remember which ones I did take consistently prior to this year (2021). Up until summer I was taking propranolol as needed for anxiety/stress (it had been I think ~1 yr more or less since I had taken any drug). During the summer I needed and wanted guidance to cope with anxiety/stress in the form of therapy. Through my insurance I emailed and left calls for many people but did not get responses and was getting discouraged. I was so desperate for relief that I was prescribed buspirone 10 mg, which did initially provide a calming relief. In the beginning of September 2021, I was overwhelmed with work and inability to properly cope with my internal problems which was taking a toll on my studies. *Here is where details become very blurry. I let the current psychiatrist know and he prescribed me Fluvoxamine 50 mg. The first two times I took it in the evening and found that it made me restless, it did not let me sleep. So I switched to taking it in the mornings and cut it in half; it still made me restless and I would be very sleepy during the day. I let the psychiatrist know and he told me to switch to Prozac 20 mg. I took it once it the morning before work and the restlessness was awful, I could not sleep at all. Note: I do remember taking advil pm and even buspirone alongside the fluvoxamine at the same time to abate the restlessness. I ceased all medications and after that and since then I have been experiencing things I have never experienced before. -acute short-term memory loss and other gaps in memory* -frightening confusion* -cognitive problems* -weird thinking and feelings I do not know the words to describe* -vision problems (after-image, visual snow/static, visual distortion, stars in vision)* -loss of personality and identity* -head ache/pain/pressure mostly* (this has been consistent, I remember waking up one day before work in October to a sharp pain only in the right side of my head, then afterwards feeling pressure localized around only the right side of my head/eye, and now a bit of the top of my head) -slipping in and out of consciousness when closing my eyes* -dpdr* -auditory problems (cannot focus on what I'm listening)* -feeling stuck in my head* -intrusive thoughts like never before* -hypnagogia -disorientation -delirium -coordination and balance problems -fear and dread -lack of motivation -bizzare dreams -heart/chest pain -dreadful anxiety for no reason -severe depression/anhedonia (I have never in my life experienced actual depression)* -crying so much There are more but I cannot remember right now. The ones with asterisks are the most concerning for me. Everything came on so suddenly and abruptly and unprecedentedly. I am so afraid that I am developing a more serious mental illness and that I will have to take more drugs which I do not want. I have no support system, my family is busy and other people I know are as well. The psychiatrist doesn't think the drugs did anything. With what strength I have, I was able to schedule a neurologist appointment and will be getting studies done. I feel that I am wasting their time. I think deep down I want this to be something physical that can be cured. Which I know is wishful and doesn't serve me good. I am trying my best to not let my fear get to me but I am constantly reminded of my decisions. I am beyond heartbroken, this is not who I am. I am a spirited and passionate person, I do not know what to do as I wait for answers.
  10. Hello Im new here. Thank you for taking time to read this if you are. :) I have been on Mirt for only 12 days at 15 mg. Im looking to come off due to side effects, its just not suited for me. I was going to do 11.25 for 4 days, 7.5 for 4 days, 3.75 for 4 days, then off. Is that too quickly? I thought not since I have only been on it for 12 days at 15 mg. I appreciate everyones input and advice! :)
  11. Hi, I'm Sandy. I've been on Luvox for about 3 plus years. I was put on it by my family doctor to help decrease cortisol that I produced in abundance when I was stressed. Cortisol makes my muscles very tight, and in turn causes me to suffer from arrhythmias. I was on 200 mg of Luvox divided into three doses per day, 50 mg at 5 am, 50 mg at 1 pm and 100 mg at 9 pm. My circumstances changed, and I felt that I didn't need the Luvox to help with cortisol control. I started reducing my dosage each week by 25 mg. My last dose was 3 1/2 days ago. I've ordered an Apollo Neuro to reduce the cortisol without medication. I was expecting withdrawal symptoms, but am looking for help in dealing with them. I am feeling dizzy and nauseous. Any tips or suggestions are very welcome. I do have a script for Lorazepam, which I take if my heart starts to act up. Lorazepam is a great muscle relaxer :), but I only take it on as "as needed" basis, which is very infrequently. Thanks, Sandy
  12. Hello everyone! First of all I’m sorry if there will be some errors but english is not my first language. Hope I’ll be good enough explaining myself. I’m a 32 years old guy and my troubles started many years ago, during my teens. When I was 15 i had my first panic attack and my life had really messed up since then. The first psychiatrist i saw immediately prescribed me paroxetine, without telling me that I could start a psychotherapy first. So I started it and after about 15 years I’m still on AD and I feel very miserable. I’ll summarize as best as i can remember my drug’s history in my signature (it’s been long time and my long term memory is not at his best unfortunately…) After so many AD and doctors switches, I’m currently on 100mg fluvoxamine. Psychiatrists made me do so many mistakes during the years that now i really don’t know what symptom is “mine” and what is caused by the medicines. As I said, I initially started paroxetine for panic attack but now I have symptoms way much worst. Everytime i was about to get my AD off (way too fast I realize now) i started to get very sick. Brain and body zips, feeling of anguish (which is not anxiety but something more deep and scary. It’s a never ending meaningless feeling with the fear that life is not going to be good no more. To make it clearer: do you know harry potter’s dementors? It’s like a dementor’s kiss), no appetite, nausea, vertigo, insomnia, depression. The scariest part is that some of these feeling, even though are weaker when I’m on AD, are still present since the first time i felt it. I’m really, really scared. I KNOW that I’m not depressed, like i feel that all the symptoms are not really mine, i can’t explain better. I really want to enjoy life and i feel lot of energy inside me. However, i feel at same time tired and scared. Feel like I’m in trap and i don’t know what to do. Worst sensation is this bubble-feeling: when my anxiety is high I feel like i was in a bubble. Everything is numb, confused. It’s like to be drunk, detached. My fear is that I’m irreparably damaged and that i never can’t be fine. I recently called a centre whose doctors seem aware of AD withdrawal symptoms and after the assessment i will know what to do. In the meantime I’m really scared. When I didn’t know that all my new symptoms were caused by the drugs tapering and i thought it was me (I see a psychotherapist regularly for 10 years. Trust me: my symptoms are not matching and explained with my story) i felt that i had power in some way. If it was some emotional problem - I though - i know that i could do something about it. Now that I’m aware that YEARS of bad AD’s management made me feel like this, I’m totally frightened and the anxiety and obsessive thoughts (“what if it will never end?”, “what if i’m hopeless?”, “what if i’ve been on drugs so many years and now it’s too late?”) make all this even worse. I think I’ve been traumatized since the first time I experienced withdrawal symptoms. Now, everytime I start to feel some symptom that is in some way closed to them, I start to get really scared and those obsessive thoughts fill my mind. I don’t want to experience that days once more. I’m not even sure if a have a question for you. Maybe i just want other people, struggling with this who can understand me, to be close to me. I know this could sound stupid and childish, but is this going to end? Are 15 years on AD too much to have some hope to be ok? Thank you a lot. I mean it.
  13. ________________________________________________ See this post regarding mouthguard issues ________________________________________________ Hi there, all through my withdrawal my right ear has felt blocked,although is actually isnt so my doc says, but since last October i feel like my ears have both become a lot worse, constant pressure/pain in both. Today it is driving me insane as the pain is in my ears, head,jaw and gums. Ok so iv had allergies all my life ie hay fever and cat allergies but can never remember it affecting my ears like this so im not sure if seasonal allergies are to blame, but then again it was snowing this winter and they were bad then too. This comes and goes but seems to be pretty persistent for the last 9 months now and it isn't shifting. Does anyone else suffer badly with their ears? i know the blocked feeling is common in withdrawal but not sure if many have the pressure?
  14. Hey guys! I am tappering off luvox since february last year and I had a lot of bad symtomps last year because I was trying to reduce according to what my doctor said, which it was too quick for me. So since septemper 2020, I started tappering a lot slowly, like 10% of my previous dosage. But, in the begin of this month I was taking 40 mg of luvox, and because I was feelling so good and only had 10 mg capsules at home, I decided to reduce to 30 mg. The result was a lot of symtomps specially physical in the first 4 days, like a lot of spleepness and, after that, a lot of psycological symtomps like depression, irritability, mood instability. So, with the help of my doctor, after two weeks of taking 30 mg, I began again taking 40 mg last tuesday. Since I reinstated I began having insonmia and nightmares when I manage to sleep, which only worsened my psycological syntomps. I can not understand it.. I was feeling bad taking 30 mg, but at least I could sleep.. Was the reinstating that caused the insonmia? I am very confused and tired, as you could imagine. Sorry about my poor english, I am from Brazil and my brain is fried because of lack of sleep.
  15. Hi all! I am posting here in hopes to gain some insight into my situation, and to hopefully assist others in this community that may have had parallel experiences. I'm sorry in advance if it gets lengthy, I will do my best to condense everything and keep it brief. I'm currently 23, and have been on SSRIs since I was 12. I was put on a small dosage of Celexa (20mg-50mg over the course of a couple years) for migraine headaches and general anxiety at age 12. At age 18, I was weaned off the Celexa over the course of a month or so and placed on Zoloft, since I was having a lot of issues with depression and suicidal thoughts at the time. This ranged from 50mg-150mg during the time in which I took it. With both of these medications I can't say if I saw any difference whatsoever. I began developing pretty intense anxiety and panic attacks shortly after being put on the Celexa, though, I can't say if that was a result of the medication or general adolescent angst. I saw no changes at all while on Zoloft. I was assigned to a new psychiatrist in June of 2018 who implemented the Genesight DNA test, which determined that my body could not properly metabolize both Celexa and Zoloft. I tapered off the Zoloft over the course of a few months, and was placed on Luvox, which had a much stronger and more noticeable effect. I had now been diagnosed with OCD, additionally. From September of 2018 to September of 2019, my dosage of Luvox was gradually increased from 50 mg to 300 mg. The early phases of being on Luvox (50mg-250mg) were some of the happiest times in my life. No longer was I plagued by intrusive thoughts, compulsions, mood swings, panic attacks, or any of the other symptoms that made day-to-day life unbearable. I noticed, however, that it had slightly numbed my emotions, and it had a very strong sedative effect. On Luvox I can sleep up to 16 hours, which was unheard of for me prior to changing medications. I will sleep through all my alarms, not noticing any of them. Most days it takes me close to two hours to get out of bed due to how overwhelmingly lethargic I feel. To feel awake/alert whatsoever, I have to consume a lot of Caffeine...which for a time was fine, but it's not how I want to live my life forever. The emotional numbness was a compromise I was willing to make given how unstable I was prior to Luvox. However, when I reached 300 mg, I had lost emotion entirely. My brain would recognize I felt a certain way, but I didn't feel it at all. This was something I was uncomfortable with, but my psychiatrist has continued to push that I continue increasing the dosage up to 500mg, which I am also uncomfortable with. Another reason I wanted to get off of them is that missing a dose is the most hellish feeling imaginable. The few times this has happened, it feels like every noise and sensation is that of nails on a chalkboard. I am generally very mild and calm nowadays, but when I miss a dosage I find myself literally screaming about the tiniest things...I really wish I could properly put into words how terrible it feels but nothing really does it justice. I had reached a point of total stability early this year, and told my psychiatrist I would like to taper off the medication. He has been vocally against the idea but has reluctantly assisted. I began tapering down in early January, going from 300mg to 275mg in January, down to 250mg in February, and down to 200mg in March where I have been since. Most of my symptoms are back in full swing, and they'll range from manageable to paralyzing. I find myself getting irrationally angry/anxious about miniscule things, losing hours to compulsive behaviors, and am constantly having to fight a barrage of intrusive thoughts, in addition to the sedation and lethargy associated with the Luvox. No panic attacks or any of the more severe ones yet, thankfully. I have been coping pretty poorly admittedly, incorporating old coping mechanisms such as binge eating and new ones such as excessive drinking. I have quit the latter entirely and am working on stopping the former. Now I am working on getting into better habits such as working out and meditation, in hopes those will assist in this process. Frankly, I don't want to have to be reliant on any sort of medication. Sometimes I fear I might have to be, given how overwhelming my symptoms are the moment I begin to taper down. On the meds I feel like a zombie, off the meds I get nothing accomplished and am constantly fighting my own brain and body all day. I don't know which one is worse, and it's been so long since I've been off these meds that I don't know what it even feels like to be off them anymore. I hope that with the assistance of all the resources on this forum that I will be able to make this transition smoothly and finally reach a point of stability while off of medication. I would really appreciate any advice, resources, or anything else you all may have to offer. Thank you for reading, and glad to be here!
  16. Hi, So quick background.. i took LUVOX (fluvoxamine) a few years ago and was able to come off of it safely and with minimum withdrawal. (I reduced 50mg at a time over a few months) (I know this wasn’t the right way to taper but I didnt know at the time) I took Luvox again this year and as I been withdrwaling, I realize it is MUCH harder. I can BARELY withdrawal 10mg at a time and I strongly feel the withdrawal. I been withdrawing less than 5% to. It just does not make sense to me that I withdrew much faster and easier before and now it is so much harder the second time... I don’t think it has todo with my diet or stress. If you Any thoughts as to why this is, it would be great thanks...
  17. Hi there, I'm new to the forum and wanted to say hi. I've been on Fluvoxamine for 16 years. I've also been on lots of other medication due to a traumatic event that happened a few years ago which caused a lot of stress. So I've been on benzos, migraine blockers, vertigo tablets, other antidepressants / anxiety tablets, etc. However currently I'm only on Fluvoxamine and trying to get off it. I was in hospital for the recent taper and felt okay during it, however since I've gotten out I've had extreme headaches, vertigo, lethargy, sore eyes and irritability. This makes me think the taper was way too quick and am so grateful to find this forum. I was due to go back into hospital this week to taper from 50mg to 0mg however I've decided to cancel that after reading the information on this site. I'll wait for the current side effects to subside before considering any further drop. Very grateful for all the good information here!
  18. Hello, In July, I caught COVID and, between that and several other stressors, became extremely anxious at night. I fell into a terrible sleeping pattern, with several nights where I’d get zero sleep one night and crash the next. This resulted in increasing anxiety and later intrusive thoughts and depressive symptoms. After several weeks, I was just desperate. I began contacting psychiatrists and ultimately received the dosages found in my signature: 50mg fluvoxamine and 25mg Seroquel. I am 39 and had no prior history of any psychiatric issues; my primary complaint was - and still is - insomnia. Before the coronavirus infection, I’d never had any problems sleeping. My psychiatrist advises that I should continue the fluvoxamine for 6 months and then taper. After doing some reading, I think I’d rather begin a slow taper now. I’ve read the recommendations here and will buy a scale and begin a 10% taper on the Luvox this week, while keeping the Seroquel steady. My primary anxiety comes up at night before bed. I often wake up in a low mood, especially if my sleep is poor, though it improves throughout the day. I tried CBT-I for three weeks, and it went terribly. The rigidity of it helped cause my day on/day off sleep pattern. The low dose Seroquel does seem to help, along with meditation which I do twice a day. For three weeks after establishing the drug regimen, my sleep gained in consistency, my mood improved, and I generally was pleased with how things were going. However, about a week ago, my sleep cycle began to deteriorate a bit again. It’s semi-stable, but after further reading I found that SSRIs can increase insomnia, which was the thing that really kicked all of this off! However, to be fair, the Luvox does seem to blunt some of the worst feelings after a bad night of sleep. So, after more reading, I found this place. I’ve always intended to taper off the meds, but I thought I’d need to wait several more months. I’ll post my progress here and would appreciate advice, particularly around dealing with sleep issues during withdrawal. Please know that my sleep hygiene/diet/exercise - all the basic stuff - is in place, though I don’t use any supplements other than a little magnesium in the morning and 5mg of melatonin. I know my situation is a lot less involved than many here, but the last few months have been unsettling. I literally never even took aspirin before this. Thank you all in advance for the help.
  19. Hi everyone, I`m new here and for abroad with not very great English - so excuse me for any of my mistakes... I`m reducing my dose of Fevarin from 50 mg to 37,5 mg. It`s only third day right now. My question is if I can use any herbs and f.e. ginseng to help myself during this prosses? Can it go easier this way? Would it be safe?
  20. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and i am so grateful that it exists. I have been on 50mg of Luvox for 4 years after falling into a depression after a serious health condition. I have completely recovered from that. I have been very well recently and decided that it was time to free myself from Luvox. I am also on 17.5mg of amitriptaline which was prescribed for pain which i no longer have but i plan to taper off that after the Luvox. I made my first cut 7 days ago of 1% and good god its been awful. The symptoms i have had so far are: - brain fog - no motivation - feeling like my body is melting - feeling of shooting energy from my heart all the way down my arms - fatigue - sadness -apathy -irrittation - anxiety - nausea I am shocked that from such a small cut that i could feel this terrible. I must admit though that i am incredibly sensitive to medication. Id be happy to hear your thoughts, comments and advice on my taper. I dont plan to make another cut until i have stabilised from this last cut. I know this is going to be a very slow process for me. Thanks!
  21. Hi all. I’m new here. A little about my story - I have been battling OCD and depression for the past 7 years. I’ve tried numerous treatment approaches, but for the past 5 years, my mainstay was Luvox. I spent ~2 years at 150mg and then the past 3 years at 450mg. My psychiatrist added Lamictal as I was attempting to reduce or get off of Luvox due to numerous side effects, but in the end, nothing was cutting it. I finally realized I couldn’t wait any longer to get off these medications, and needed to do so rapidly due to my current circumstances, and due to the fact I’m pretty sure my OCD improvements were derivative of the CBT and eXRP I’ve completed over the years, and not really the medical interventions. I’ve gone from 450mg of Luvox and 200mg of Lamictal to 0mg of both as of the Tuesday before last (6/11) over a 2 month long taper, reducing Luvox by 50mg per week and the Lamictal 50mg / week. I knew that this would be much quicker than ideal, but I really had to do it as it was causing too many problems in my personal life. Things were completely pain free and symptomless for ~5-6 weeks, which was a welcome surprise. However, the moment I went from 100mg to 50mg, the withdrawals started kicking in. I had the worst brain zaps I’ve experienced that subsided for the most part after about a week after going from 100mg to 0mg, and then again from 50mg to 0mg. Fortunately the worst of the brain zaps seem to be through. However, since going from 100mg on down, I have been experiencing a lengthy bout of flu like symptoms that don’t seem to be slowing down much, lethargy, body aches, very sore / restless legs, emotional turbulence and bouts of crying (the crying feels pretty good, though - I’ve missed having emotions!), and worst of all, feeling hopeless and struggling to make it through each day! The last thing I would ever do to myself is harm myself or anything like that, as I value life so much, but I just wish I could be in a coma or something for a few weeks to avoid all these symptoms as my neurochemistry readapts to baseline. It’s just constant physical and mental anguish. I’ve been lucky to have some down time from work, because I don’t know if I would have been able to handle work and this at the same time. But feeling physically terrible combined with the mental state I am in has been totally miserable. I’ve tried to keep exercising and tried Benadryl which I’ve heard can help, but nothing seems to alleviate symptoms, and I refuse to consider going back on Luvox. Fortunately, my anxiety and OCD have if anything been better than before, so I guess I have that going for me so far. Always still room to work on my OCD, but it’s definitely not getting worse which is good. Reading some of the posts I’ve seen here, it is a great, supportive, and knowledgeable community. I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has any suggestions on how I might be able to reduce the suffering I am experiencing, particularly with this being Luvox withdrawals, as an incredibly short half-life drug. I’m open to anything at this point.. minus returning to Luvox or SSRIs Happy to chat with anyone else who needs support going through similar experiences, or is struggling with OCD as well. Reach out any time.
  22. Hi All, I am new here, and I hope that the collective experience across the forum is helpful for my situation. I am currently 27 years old and have been on medication since I was 18 years old for depression, OCD, and IBS-Constipation (directly tied to when I feel more depressed). I have mostly been on SSRIs, which have been helpful with depression, OCD, and regulating my peristalsis.. Medication summary below: 2009-2012: Celexa (up to 40 mg) 2012-2013- Lexapro / Abilify 2014 - Clomipramine. Clomipramine + Abilify. Result: Realized higher doses of clomipramine caused too many side effects for me and could not tolerate it, even though it was helpful.Became tachycardic and other anticholinergic effects of combination led me and physician to revert back to SSRIs. 2015: Zoloft; Verdict: Made my IBS symptoms worse; depression and OCD better. However, due to increased diarrhea had to go off Zoloft. 2016: Due to gut that was made worse by Zoloft and doing very short-term trials of other SSRIs which also made my gut worse, I tried EMSAM (MAOI) for three months. Verdict: Did not help at all 2016 - 2017: Went back to Celexa (40 mg). Helped but felt it was not effective as back in 2009, even at maximal dosage. Eventually had relapse of depression in Summer 2017. Summer 2017: Tried course of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation after Celexa stopped working. Verdict: Did not help at all 2017-Present: 200 mg Luvox Verdict: In summer 2018, Luvox also stopped working and had relapse of depression. Summer 2018: I ended up going to homeopath in mid, which has been the most helpful thing to me so far. I have adopted the SCD diet, which has greatly helped my gut, and the remedies she has prescribed actually pulled me out of the depression I was in and made my OCD better, all while still on 200 mg The current situation is that I am still on 200 mg Luvox and with the homeopathy, my symptoms have greatly improved. Back in January 2019, I tried to go down on the Luvox, first to 175 mg (wait 2-3 weeks), then to 162.5 (wait 3 weeks), then to 150 mg (for about 5 weeks). It appears, that although I did not realize it at the time, my symptoms were getting worse, with more mood swings again, and my constipation was becoming more frequent. Most recently, I became completely non-functional and could barely get through one day. Just a few days ago I increased back up to 175 mg to see if I would feel better. So now I am in a predicament, as I really don't think the SSRIs are helping me much because 2 different ones have now pooped out on me in less than a year, but the homeopathy has allowed me to return to normalcy gradually. I am certainly still not far along in the homeopathy (only about a year), but I have definitely felt a difference. I thought I was ready to taper off the Luvox gradually, but clearly, given my relapse of depression and constipation, I maybe went too fast. I have read about the 10% rule, which I largely stuck to, but maybe I will have to go slower. Maybe I will use compounding next time around, maybe weighing out the pills. I do have some questions for the community. -Anybody have any thoughts on my experience or anything they experienced with Luvox? -Over the years of going up and down on SSRIs, I developed muscle twitching and a weird pain in the back left of my head, which I feel especially when my mood gets worse (as was the case recently when I lowered the dose of Luvox). Anyone experienced this / any tips on how to deal with these or what this could be? -I've only been on Luvox for about 16 months. However, I have been on SSRIs for a long time (about 10 years). Does that mean it can still take me forever to get off Luvox?
  23. hi i have take fevarin for 2 and half years and i have dismiss that instant and i was suffering from sleep mind full of thought bad humor ecc if you stop take antidepressant instantly you have some damage? or after the collateral effect pass the brain going in balance again? sorry bad english im italian
  24. Hello, during my 4 month taper of luvox (from 100mg to 0mg) I accidedentally took 100mg (my usual dose) instead of the 40mg I was at on that ocassion. I immedtialy continued my subsequent taper of 40mg but I noticed my WD symptoms to aggravate a bit after the accidental 100mg. Now at around 5 months off (stopped in March 2018) I feel about 80% healed except for a newfound sexual dysfunction that occurred right after stopping the ssri. Is this PSSD? And is it attributed to my accidental updose or was it bound to happen regardless. I also feel a tight vice like pressure on my head. Thank you
  25. Hi ! I am now two years off klonopin. I used it for 13 years. I still now suffer from nerve pain : numbness, buzzing, tingling, burning, pins and needles burning sensation in limbs. But this condition worsens as I started Tapering Luvox last spring. The condition is now so bad that I can't sleep. I also have to deal with muscle pain all over. I really think tapering the SSRI increased that benzo protracted withdrawal related nerve pain symptoms. I had an MRi which is normal. Not sure if I should continue to taper the SSRI or take a break. I am currently half way through...Outside the nerve pain, I haven't noticed other symptoms ! So taking a break ? But if it takes years anyway before nerve pain goes away, this might just be a waste of time stopping to taper Luvox.
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