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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, my name is Marcelo.In fact I am facing many difficulties with the removal of the lyrica. My doctor Put Lyrica for my anxiety/Pure O. I started taking 75 mg in March and in April I increased to 150mg. After another month of taking 150mg, the doctor simply abruptly stopped the medicine and screwed up my brain on May 20. After a week, I decided to make the gradual withdrawal, returning to my old dose. Today, I have 50 mg. In the next month, I will withdraw to 25mg and after another week, I will be reset.I had OCD with a ROCD theme, but now there are starting to appear several new themes and fears of having other themes, besides not being able to sleep out of the anxiety and depression that I am having with the withdrawalI would like help. I do not know if Lyrica's withdrawal symptoms are as time-consuming as the benzos. I'm really worried. My doctor gave me luvox, but I do not know if it will help. I started taking it a week ago.3 questions:1- Can lyrica withdrawal cause this? I have heard that the withdrawal symptoms of lyrica are the same as benzo, but with much less duration. This is true? My OCD Will be normal (Just ROCD) after withdrawal effects pass?2- Can Luvox help even though I know I had OCD before withdrawal symptoms?3- I am doing CBT that was to treat the old theme. But I feel that alone will not be able to help me.Im freaked out!
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