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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Warriors! I’m approaching 3 months tapering off Pregabalin, reducing 1-2mg/day using water titration. Today marks -80mg, or 520mg down from 600mg/day. And the day I found this forum. Feeling constant sadness most days, with some energy and a few happy moments here and there. Sleep has been erratic, it affects me badly to be so tired all the time. I’ve got appointments next week: - Julia Ross Nutritional Consultant for Amino acid therapy - New GP To get referral to Psychiatrist Three other meds to come off after this. The order I’m hoping to follow is: 1. Pregabalin 2. Lamotrigine 3. Fluoxetine 4. Moclobemide I’d love to be blessed with a quick and easy tapering journey but I know it’s not always possible. But I’ll do my best to have the best possible outcome. Thank you for sharing in the good and the challenging times xxx
  2. Hi all ! I am transferring from the surviving Lyrica group so still finding my way around on this site. I started taking pregablin on a low dose of 50mg daily then upped to 100mg to manage fibro pain for 2 months December 2020 -February 2021 before I realised that my body could not tolerate the drug… and began to taper off .. but I needed help and could not manage the pain so stuck at 50mg and slowly began a low taper after finding the support group on FB. I should have been off of this drug ages ago but was struggling with managing the fibro and IBS as well as a bereavement and stressed at work. I took time off and focussed on my health and well being. I restarted my taper and am on 30.6 mg daily. Hoping to get off of this drug this year as I take a small amount of cocodamol and vape CBD oil which helps but can only decrease by 0.2 mg every week/ fortnight as can’t stand the pain/ withdrawals. I would love to hear from you guys for your experiences and helpful advice. thanking you all in advance Fiona
  3. Skylar ...I read your tag it said that you took 2 years to get off lyrica? 2 yrs ago I went from lyrica /ativan and crossed to gabapentin ,then 5 months later stopped a small amount of gabapentin. I lost 50 lbs in 60 days ....so sick .depressed etc for 3 months and i was taking 50 mgs gab. I will never completely stop the benzo I am aware of that and have tried twice. But the lyrica is killing me. Lyrica and gabapentin almost the same med -Lyrica stronger..... here is what i found in tapering lyrica----didn't matter how long i cut down as soon as it was out of my system completely the w/d began. Resembling a benzo w/d and of course my benzo did not work as well since the two are synergistic. I cannot do 2 yrs wd and I want to ct lyrica as well. I don't have 2 yrs to do this due to health concerns ....too many serious side effects and it didn't help last time. I am not addicted to lyrica but Tolerant. i swear ..it is the nastiest med. so im willing to do the Wd and dump it. I am aware of the seizure issue but clonazepam is also an anti seizure med. as for doctors forget it....they only seem to know how to dispense not withdraw. I know what to expect ,its not pretty but i have to try. i have a strong cream for my feet for the neuropathy. I thought about going form 250 mgs to 50 but it doesn't make sense ....as the wd begins once its out of my system. i cannot breathe on lyrica .So I may go a week at 50 mgs---25 mgs then none....but no more,. i have ct'd paxil,celexa , seroquel,and lamictal. But lyrica .....is tied to the benzo i think that is the problem. I don't have time to do it the long way 10% so I have to try it again.I have LDN for pain (low dose naltroxtone) as a matter of fact i have topomax as well and lots of painkillers that i cannot take due to breathing issues ,,,,,I wouldn't take them anyway after lyrica ....and benzo combo Im disgusted by meds ,don't trust doctors at all. what do you think ? I am sure it will be rough but i have little choice. I would appreciate your thoughts. ty
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