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Found 3 results

  1. This is Reagan's mom. Reagan is manic right now and can't post. We're in the process of going to our 3rd facility tomorrow so are trying to be better advocates for her success. Reagan is a sophomore in college and a server at a restaurant. She has always been high functioning (was the drum major at her HS and on the dean's list in college) with no history of anxiety, depression or drug use. In 2020, she said she would take 1/4th of an edible with her roommates about 1x a month when they were partying, then when she and her boyfriend broke up in December, that changed to 1x a week. She would
  2. I believe I’m experiencing rapid cycling. Manic episodes alternated by depressive episodes. I’m thinking it is caused by the fairly high (for me) dose of Effexor. I'm on 112.5mg. One moment I will be very restless and terribly anxious and within a few hours, I am deeply depressed. (It can take longer; it can take up to a day for the depression to come back.)I’ve had an antidepressant (Paxil) induced episode 21 years ago. The psychiatrist put me on mood stabilizers, and I stayed on them for the next twenty years. I went off Lithium about a year ago, with the help of a psychiatrist and naturopat
  3. Okay, this is weird... I have been having a lessening of symptoms over the past week, going from bad days with maybe some good moments to good days with some bad moments - but every day having at least some sort of background/low-level anxiety. Now today I woke up with pretty much zero anxiety and it never really even came up to the background level. But suddenly, in the past half-hour, I have begun to feel manic/hyper. Not off the hook, but in the background. Is it possible that my brain somehow overshot the mark today? Or is this just a different kind of a
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