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Found 1 result

  1. I have tapered successfully off clonazepam , 2 months benzo free, been on antidepressants over 3 decades, taking every one imaginable in those years. Prescriptions have been from Lupin pharmaceuticals mainly and last night I took new prescription of Duloxetine fro Activis pharmaceutical. I have been struggling for the past 7 hours with what feels like benzo withdrawal. Dizzy, dissociated, depersonalization, nausea, feels like I will vomit,dry mouth large pupils and no appetite. Doc said this manufacturer is more precise in dose than Lupin and I ASSUME the dose may be higher. I have contacted all pharmacies in my area with no luck I finding one that has Lupin as the manufacturer of Duloxetine any longer. Would it help if I took out 10% of the beads , threw them out and put remainder back in capsule so dose is 10% less? I am afraid to take it tonight but have no choice. Thank you!
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