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Found 3 results

  1. i swore i would never take an snri again after what i went through on effexor, but he suggested i try cymbalta for the chronic pain and told me that generally there are less side effects/zaps than with effexor, so i said i would give it a try. my psychologist and his super decided that i have bipolar 2 not mdd, but the pdoc waved this away and didn’t even consider mood stabilizers. when my pdoc raised my dose of cymbalta after i expressed a wish to discontinue, and wrote in my record that i display “abnormal illness behaviors” (which just means i disagree with him?), i have decided to get off the ADs once and for all.
  2. Hi there, I'm glad I've found this site, hopefully it will help awareness of this issue so that real progress can be made. I suffered mild depression for a few years, but never had any sexual issues. After having a pretty short stint on citalopram (around 8 weeks) I got concerned by the complete genital anaesthesia and tapered off. I'm now 11 weeks post and have barely seen any improvement. This is coupled with the kind of emotional blunting a lot of people have talked about. I'm no longer able to feel sad in the same way as I previously did, but neither can I experience emotional or physical ecstasy - I'm kind of stuck in this middle range without any physical or emotional extremes. Blunted. Three weeks ago I started taking Ginkgo Biloba, 240mg daily. I took it for five days, and from day 1 I experienced noticeable improvements in both physical sensation and my emotional experiences. Then, on day 5, I smoked some weed (which used to act as a real sexual stimulant for me), and the effects of the ginkgo all but diminished. I've continued to take it daily (and not smoked any more since), but the initial effects it was having are pretty much non-existent. I'm just wondering if anyone is able to shed any light on this? I know the body can sometimes react in a strong way initially to a drug before going back to how it was, but it just seems too convenient that this happened exactly when I smoked some weed. My (extremely sketchy) hypothesis is that the citalopram somehow set my brain into a kind of new homeostasis i.e. what was "normal" chemical functioning for my brain changed. My experience, and those of others, tells me that this does not have to be permanent, but I do need to find the right sort of "kick" to push my brain back into its old homeostasis. It appears to me that ginkgo was doing this for me, before somehow being majorly affected by the weed. Currently, my plan is to continue with the ginkgo for about three more weeks to give it a chance (that will have been six weeks in total). If that doesn't work I'm going to try inositol, which some people appear to have had incredible recovery with. I'm just frustrated that I seem to have destroyed what was a steady improvement on the ginkgo, and wondered if anyone here had any advice? Thanks.
  3. Where to begin... I've been off/on antidepressants since my ex and I broke up seven years ago. I've quit cold turkey (I know) at least half a dozen times and didn't notice much beyond irritability, but it might've been more noticeable or worse if I wasn't medicating with marijuana. In June of this year, I tapered off Fetzima from the full 80mg dose which I was on for two years. The only thing I noticed was a lack of motivation but I still managed to run five days a week and live my life. About three months in, I noticed when I smoked pot that my left arm would go numb or phantom-like. Sidebar: I used to NEED marijuana to function, but over the last year it was more of a nightly habit; I wouldn't race home or leave friends early to get high. Anyway, soon after that started happening my anxiety levels just went off the charts. Not only that, I couldn't work out or run a block, much less the five miles I'm used to, without feeling like I contracted the flu. Also, smoking pot now sends me into an immediate panic attack despite my mind being at peace - my body says otherwise. For the record, I've tried other strains and edibles with the same result. So my anxiety increased and now suddenly I can't medicate with pot. Six weeks later (NOW), the anxiety has been replaced by extreme depression and complete apathy. Yoga and acupuncture hasn't helped all that much. I love both but the positive effects don't stay with me. I've been lurking on this site since day one, but I haven't seen anyone else having post acute withdrawal that didn't even begin until 3-4 months in, and I haven't seen anyone say it's hindered their ability to smoke pot. I finally found a doctor who understands my situation and I've sent off my blood, poo, and spit for a smorgasbord of testing that should be enlightening but the results won't be back until another ten days or so. I guess I'm just looking for someone, anyone, to help shed some light on my specific case as I've read countless stories on here and I'm about to watch Numb: the documentary, tonight which I hope gives me some comfort. Sorry for the length, but the only other piece to my puzzle is the symptoms got substantially worse once I started having stomach problems that I think are related to me having C.Dif in the past. My poop floats which I've read could be a sign of malabsorption which makes sense b/c despite my lack of appetite - I'm constantly hungry and feel incredibly ill if I don't eat throughout the day with meals and snacks. Ridiculous, unique case I know, but any advice, comment, or encouragement would be appreciated. The only people I can talk to are my parents and both are really irritated by me at this point. And thanks to everyone on this site, b/c this place has been one of the only resources I've found. It boggles my mind that there aren't clinicians all over the US who specialize in people trying to get off this ****.
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