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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, I'm glad I've found this site, hopefully it will help awareness of this issue so that real progress can be made. I suffered mild depression for a few years, but never had any sexual issues. After having a pretty short stint on citalopram (around 8 weeks) I got concerned by the complete genital anaesthesia and tapered off. I'm now 11 weeks post and have barely seen any improvement. This is coupled with the kind of emotional blunting a lot of people have talked about. I'm no longer able to feel sad in the same way as I previously did, but neither can I experience emotional or p
  2. Where to begin... I've been off/on antidepressants since my ex and I broke up seven years ago. I've quit cold turkey (I know) at least half a dozen times and didn't notice much beyond irritability, but it might've been more noticeable or worse if I wasn't medicating with marijuana. In June of this year, I tapered off Fetzima from the full 80mg dose which I was on for two years. The only thing I noticed was a lack of motivation but I still managed to run five days a week and live my life. About three months in, I noticed when I smoked pot that my left arm would go numb or phantom-like. Sidebar:
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