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Found 2 results

  1. I started taking pristiq some time in June. I started feeling like I wanted to avoid my family and just go out by myself. I never want to cuddle or be intimate with my husband anymore and I all of a sudden want attention from other people. This is extremely out of character for me. I dont know if its the medication or what but its really scaring me. I feel like i could just run away from my life and not look back but I know this isnt me. Has any been in a similat situation??? I'm feeling so helpless.
  2. 7 Years ago I had a nervous breakdown. I was off work a year unable to function They prescribed me Effexor after 4 months. 7 months later I flew abroad unexpectedly to see family. I came home 4 weeks later and left my husband of 16 years. I felt I didn't love him anymore. I moved out. My family were devastated. My husband tried to tell me and the Doctor it was the Effexor as his wife would not do this. They said it was me and nothing to do with the tablet. After a year fighting he gave up on me. I can't blame him. I was on 225mg. I slowly reduced but each reduction led to severe withdrawal symptoms. I had no insight and believed I'd made my decisions. 7 years later today is my first day Effexor free and I feel like have woken From a nightmare. My husband has gone and my children have adapted. But i feel like it's day 1. I found a blog listing hundreds of stories by people who have Lost their partner/wife/husband due to personality changes after taking SSRIs Yet our do called doctors ignore the pleas of loved ones. I have tried up get off this drug for years. Today I feel scared but pleased but I also feel lost and ashamed. I survived a depression by taking Effexor and crucified my family. I'd rather have died in the beginning than wake up today from this nightmare. For the families who are losing a loved one to this drug. Don't give up. Take the drug and help taper it off if you can.
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