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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, all, I'm new to SA and so glad to join your community. Please bare with me as I navigate the site. I've included my med history in my signature. Hope I did that correctly. I've been duloxetine free since September 18, 2018 after using the drug for over a decade and lorazepam free since April 27, 2019 after using it for four months. I erroneously omitted the lorazepam usage in my med signature which I will correct and update. Since being off both drugs, I've had morning cortisol spikes which slap me awake between 2:30-4:00am with dread, m
  2. I have taken Lexapro generic (Zytomil 5mg) then quit cold turkey for fear of cognitive impairment. Mild withdrawal symptoms (Paraesthesia in legs and brain zaps). Then went on 5-HTP which caused depression because of lowered dopamine. Then switched to Curcumin which is the best I've ever taken but quit after a month due to no libido whatsoever. Then went back on 5mg Zytomil and felt good but OCD and social annxiety got worse so was switched to Prozac by Psychiatrist 20mg. Felt really strange and massive social anxiety with insomnia. Switched to 10mg Lexamil and then back on Curcumin at
  3. Hello I have been on Zoloft for 2 years , and Seroquel for 2 years and pristiq and Cymbalta for the other 2 years. I have been off drugs for 6 months now and I am finding that my cognitive difficulties are greatly diminished. My short term memory is gone and I cannot concentrate, I am worried that it will affect my job performance and my ability to succeed in school. Is this irreversible did anyone get better.
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