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Found 12 results

  1. Chlo


    HarperValley •Celexa 40mg 1999-2021 •COVID August 2021 •Celexa stopped working •Zoloft 100mg Sept.-Oct. •Zoloft did not work •Lexapro 10mg Oct.-Nov. •Lexapro did not work •Lexapro 5mg Nov- current •Mirtazapine 15mg at night Oct-current •Current supplements: B12, Magnesium Glycinate, Ashwagandha, Multivitamin, C, D3, Nac, CoQ10, CBD. No longer seeing a Psychiatrist, I am seeing a Holistic doctor now.. She will start my taper of Lexapro 5mg. mid January. I have severe anxiety and depression with panic attacks. Being that I'm treatment resistant will i continue to have withdrawals throughout my taper? Also..will my withdrawals ease up with lesser & lesser tapers? Or will withdrawals be my new norm? I have been having withdrawals since Covid in August 2021 because of my resistance to antidepressant. Also having phantom smell of burning ash tray.
  2. I have panic disorder with General anxiety. I had taken mirtazapine 45mg and I think 60mg at one point over 10 years. Due to a big relapse of major daily panic attacks and severe nausea a Psychiatrist changed me over to escalitopran but left me on 7.5mg of mirtazapine for sleep. For approx 3 years I've been on 20mg of escalitopran and 7.5mg of mirtazapine but doctors keep asking to remove the mirtazapine. Lately I have been quite Nausea each day and wondering if its the two drugs interacting? I am now trying to remove the mirtazapine and cut the 7.5mg cold turkey and was awake all night not having it and severe panic attacks in the night and during the day with severe nausea. So now Im trying to take a 1/4 tablet of mirtazapine which is approx 3.75mg. How should I go about this? I do have a doctor appointment booked as I think withdrawal is already an issue.
  3. Hi all. First time user so please be kind. I'm writing this at 5 in the morning as I can't sleep. The last few days it has started dawning on me that mirtazapine has been controlling my life the last 5 years. During that time I had no idea that my nervous system had become dependent on the drug. I started taking it as an aid to help me with sleep problems in 2016 because of some work related stress. Since then I kept increasing the dosage, completely unaware of the consequences, as I was getting used to it and wasn't helping with the sleep. Since then I have been having serious sleeping and anxiety problems. I was attributing both of these problems to work related stress, which in some part is true, but as I keep reading experiences from other people that are on mirtazapine and the side effects/withdrawal symptoms they are getting, I realise that the drug is to be blamed to a great degree as well. Last couple of years I've been taking it around 5-6 times per week, with dosage varying greatly between 15-45 mg. I've determining the dosage based completely on how well I slept last night, how sleep deprived I was feeling and how stressed I was during that day (the more stressed I was during the day the more troubled the sleep). I was completely unaware that my nervous system was addicted to it. Right now I'm making some big changes in my life and stopping the drug is one of them. That's when I found out that I'm addicted to it. I decided to drop to a low dosage for a period of time and then try to reduce further. So right now I'm trying out 7.5mg before sleep. I started this three days ago but, as the drug is wearing off, I have problems sleeping. My sleep the last days is like this: 11 - 5:30 11 - 5:30 11 - 2:30 (Which is basically right now, as I'm writing this) Can someone please help me. I have no idea how to handle this. I'm panicking that I have completely destabilised my nervous system because of the abusing the drug for so many years.
  4. Hi! This is IgotMyselfIntoMess. I started Xanax in September, and citalopram (20 mg) and Mirtazapine (15 mg) in the beginning of the October due to a mix of insomnia and anxiety. In October, I started tapering Xanax, and quit it completely in the end of December. I quit citalopram last week, and now currently tapering Mirtazapine. By trusting the judgement of my psychiatrist, I never once read the prospectus of the medications I was prescribed. And ever since October, I've been having a cocktail of symptoms: tremors, twitches, muscle rigidity in my jaw area. I never thought the antidepressants would be the culprit of these symptoms, and now I blame myself for being so gullible and putting myself into such mess. I came to this forum to have some hope about the recovery from my symptoms, cuz I have been about to lose that lately...
  5. Hello All, I only just joined. I've very recently discovered that I'm getting severe withdrawals from the Mirtazapine I've been trying to stop for the last couple months. I took 45mg for about a year in around 2005 and didn't seem to have any problem tapering it over a few weeks that time (age 38). But now aged 54 I've been on 15mg since August 2021 and am struggling to reduce it. I went briefly up to 30mg for 4 weeks and cut it back to 15mg in November 2021 with no particular problems I was aware of at the time, beyond my usual fluctuating sleep and anxiety (which have not been helped by Mirtazapine apart from the first 3 or 4 weeks, after which the benefits wore off). I've then twice tried to reduce the drug in the last 2 months, before discovering from reading around that I was going too fast. The first time I reduced by a quarter, but after a week my sleep worsened, and I had unpleasant flushes and much worse anxiety. The second time, I reduced by one eighth (pill cutting, but a bit inaccurate I think) and the same thing happened after a week. It resolved when I took 15mg again. One of the problems is that when I don't sleep my existing anxiety and mood problems re-emerge, so I get a horrible combination of withdrawal plus my existing cyclical anxiety and self-criticism and poor sleep. A vicious cycle. I was also struggling to work due to poor concentration. It improved again when back on 15mg. I have just persuaded the GP to prescribe Mirtazapine liquid this time, but they were reluctant! I am wondering how to start the tapering, and would value advice on this. Given that I had a bad reaction to reducing by 1/8 very recently, I wonder if starting with a 10% reduction will still be too fast for me and I should go slower - maybe 5% and see how it goes?
  6. Hi all I've been on mirtazapine for nearly 2yrs, currently on 7.5mg. Psych added in duloxetine 30mg last month. Neither are helping me. I have Headpain/pressure all day daily. Oscillating fatigue and anxiety Cognitive function impairment Communication problems How do you deal with head pain/ pressure all day?? Aside from wearing a cold compress and gentle walking nothing really helps. Is it safe to taper off if the anxiety/depression is still very strong? I haven't had any improvement in the 2yrs . Drs tried lots of meds. None agree with me aside from mirtazapine that I got sleep with 5hrs but I cant function. Would appreciate your advice Thankyou
  7. Please someone direct me toward where I saw a list of doctors throughout the nation who will taper AD’s. I was on here looking through it and hit the wrong button and now I can’t find it. Thank you.
  8. JP1985

    JP1985: Intro

    Hi, I was on meds for 8/9 years for anxiety. Initially I was put on mirtazapine to help me sleep as I struggled with tinnitus too. It helped sleep but looking back it lowered sex drive (I didn’t know it was the mirt then), I didn’t really care though as I was so focused on my business that I didn’t even have time to think about sex, I was just thinking about making money. After about a year and half I decided to come off mirtazapine as it was making me tired during the day, I then went on Citalopram. I remember the first few weeks I was euphoric! I felt absolutely buzzing for life and my sex drive was fantastic! Eventually this passed and I normalised, the cit worked quite well (apart from headaches) and I was content. About 5 years in I suddenly started having weak orgasms and low genital sensation, I didn’t know why and thought it was something to do with my prostate or drinking too much alcohol, god knows. I didn’t have a clue it might be the meds.. why would I? I’d been perfectly fine on them sexually for years! So I went to see a urologist and did a number of tests, he couldn’t help me. Then one day (after another 2 years on cit) whilst googling I came across RxISK website, it described the genital numbness I was feeling and then I realised it was from the meds I was taking! So I thought ok.. I will come off the meds and hopefully the numbness will go, I was excited and came off! I tapered off the 20mg daily I was taking over a couple months. This didn’t help my genital sensation at all and so i started googling what else it could be, low testosterone came up as a cause of genital numbness so I did tests and found out I had low T! I started TRT (hoping it would also help my fatigue) which I’m currently still taking! It didn’t help anything and now I’m stuck on it as apparently coming off is a nightmare and I’m not ready to go through the stress of all that! Plus.. my T levels will probably still be low and I’ll have to go back on anyway 🤯 My post SSRI problems - Genital numbness, lowered sex drive, Fatigue, less enjoyment of things, less passion in things I used to love, tinnitus. The main thing that bothers me is lack of pleasure from masturbation/sex, it is starting to drive me insane! I’m constantly thinking about it now! In the past I believed time would heal it but it’s been nearly 3 years now and now I’m worried this is it! It’s starting to depress me! Something to add - Over the years I’ve taken a number of antibiotics as I’ve had a few operations etc. Also at one point I took finasteride, maybe like 6 months before I went numb, I can’t remember exactly - I do sometimes wonder if this caused my problems as I was fine on SSRIs for years but I’ve always just had it in my head I suffer PSSD. As it’s now coming up to 3 years and I’ve stopped believing time will heal me, I feel I’ve waited long enough and now need to try taking something to help my genital sensation OR my OBSESSING over it! I am sick to death of being on my phone all day and night reading forums, chatting in groups about it and constantly googling it 😩 I’m currently thinking I want to try either buspar (as it’s not an SSRI) or SJW (although this is like an SSRI). These could also hopefully help my anxiety. I need to try something! If anyone could help me with my decision and advise what to try that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you JP
  9. So in September this year I started fluoxetine 20mgpd with little to no side effects. After a couple of months on that I started having trouble sleeping (waking up too early) and my depression started coming back so my doctor put me additionally on mirtazapine (15mgpd). I thought it worked great, I've been consistently sleeping for 10+h every night and I've never been this rested before. Then last night my partner told me when I took my mirtazapine that it's made me behave differently in a negative way, essentially just generally not having been as nice to her as I was before starting the mirtazapine. I had never noticed this and it's a bit scary to me since the last thing I want is for her to be hurt in any of this. So this all made me think of discontinuing the antidepressants and seeing what would happen but I've seen examples of people stopping their meds and feeling like utter crap because of it, so kind of wanted to ask for advise regarding this. Can mirtazapine affect me in this way, and would it be safe for me to quit my meds? I'm initially thinking of stopping fluoxetine since a withdrawal symptom could be sleeplessness and mirtazapine helps with that, and then stop both of them. Thanks in advance :3
  10. I would greatly appreciate your wisdom and experience in helping me understand my mirtazapine withdrawal experience My name is Terry and my general practitioner prescribed mirtazapine for insomnia, emotional burnout, anxiety, and depression. I was desperate at the time and did not know what I was getting into. Instead of taking time off work and focusing on myself, I decided to take the pill. I was on 7.5 mg from March to July 2021 and then decided to taper off it. I followed a tapering plan I had found here: http://www.citap.org.uk/SSRI-Tables.pdf I decided to taper and stop the drug because the side effects started outweighing the benefits. I have been off mirtazapine since September (over three months now) and I would like to share my withdrawal symptoms with you. I am not sure if the protracted withdrawal is due to mirtazapine and the way I tapered or 1) if I am simply losing my mind or 2) I have a serious underlying health issue. Generally speaking, I feel like someone has hacked into my mind and body and has programmed it to malfunction and go berserk. At the moment, I am suffering from: Insomnia (I might get one solid night's sleep a week, if I am lucky; otherwise, I have broken sleep or very little or no sleep at all.) Lightheadedness Nausea Heart palpitations (my heart races and feels like it is beating hard) Nervousness Anxiety Hot flashes (in the middle of the night) Depression (often feel like crying) Numb and burning hands Feeling unsteady on my feet A general state of lethargy, weakness, and fatigue I had blood work done and everything was normal. I also had a cerebral MRI and it was normal. Are my symptoms part of mirtazapine protracted withdrawal? Is this "normal" in terms of withdrawal or should I be worried that it is due to something else? I would greatly appreciate any reassurance and sharing of experience. I feel like I have become a hypochondriac because I do not know what is abnormal and what is due to the poison my body is trying to adjust to not having anymore. Thank you for your time and help. Terry
  11. I've been on Mirtazapine since March 2020 for perimenopausal anxiety and insomnia. I'd struggled for a year with it and tried a lot of natural supplements before resorting to medication, although my doctor never suggested any type of hormone replacement. I started on 7.5mg and then after two weeks went up to 15mg. It worked well for 8 weeks and then stopped. I've been up and then down in dose but nothing has helped. My doctor and I agreed that it's definitely not working. I was up to 30mg for five weeks and decreased to 22.5mg with minor side effects. When I dropped to 15mg I was hit with a ton of symptoms that have taken a long time to decrease. I experienced dissociation for the first time along with skin burning, prickling, burning tongue, severe head pressure, migraines, depression, facial numbness, dizziness, nausea, appetite loss, night sweats, anhedonia, insomnia, nightmares and lucid dreaming. So, I've held at this dose for 5 months now. In the meantime, my doctor prescribed buspar which I am now taking 3x5mg. I still have the burning/numbness/prickling, anhedonia, nightmares, poor sleep and lucid dreaming but I had all of those prior to tapering (after starting mirtazapine). I also have head pressure but suffer from chronic migraines and can deal with a high level of head pain, so I'm ready to start tapering again. I'm going slower this time and have decided on a liquid taper. I was on a benzo for a short time back in 2016 and got off of it with minimal withdrawals after microtapering (I had an initial failed taper by dry cutting) using liquid and decreasing by .004mg per day. My body seemed to respond better to tiny decreases daily vs. a cut and hold. I'm afraid of what's to come, but hopeful that I can successfully use the microtaper approach. I'm so tired of not feeling joy, happiness or even interest in my family along with all of the physical problems. My sister asked for my opinion on something the other day and my reply was "it's fine". She commented that I say that a lot lately My son is starting his senior year of high school this fall and I need to be present and involved in so many things.
  12. Hello, I just go straight to my story and maybe you will able to understand it and even help me. I have always been a bit anxious because something is wrong with my mother's side of the family (my 2 cousins, aunts are all on antidepressants because of anxiety and depression, my mother, on the other hand, is not and doing quite fine). My father has led me to be fit and to exercise a lot and it has given me great strength to battle this. But it wasn't something overwhelming and nothing too serious I guess. Some days were harder and somedays I was completely fine enjoying my life to the fullest. Overall I am a positive person, ambitious and a bit crazy and I like fun. During 2016 I really felt great and I wanted to do a photoshoot of me being ripped. So I prepared for it for 6 months where I cut to 6% of body fat. The journey was perfect and I felt like a god. After the photoshoot, I felt really intense restlessness it was horrible and I had a panic attack after I've passed one exam so I went to the hospital and they gave me Trittico. After I think 3 months I was a total zombie and emotionless so I tapered it down in 1 month (really quick taper). I had 75mg before bedtime. But after the taper, I became horribly anxious and I was at unease all the time. These 2 years were horrible, and I tried a million supplements but nothing worked. During that time I met my girlfriend and it was becoming less and less unbearable. During these years I was visiting CBT and my therapist thought me to trust only reason and get to the problem right on solve it. It has helped me tremendously. During 2019 I felt great with some windows of anxiousness and maybe depression, especially in winter. But there were bigger amounts of days when I was good than bad. I started prepping for my first (and probably the last) bodybuilding competition. I went from 93 kg to 69kg ripped to the bone and again during that journey, I felt on the top of the world all the time. I was anxious and depression free. But after the competition, it has started again but it was much worse (intrusive thoughts, restlessness, depression) and I again went to a psychiatrist and he gave me 75mg of Trittico first and also Elicea (citalopram) and I had a horrible reaction to it. I thought that I was going to die. She switched it after a week on 5 mg of it and gave me CIPRALEX (10mg in the morning) and MIRTAZAPIN (15mg) before bedtime. After three months of horrible symptoms and me thinking that I won't recover it got slightly better (I am a teacher in an elementary school. I had these pills for six months and then I tapered them because I was calm but no sex drive, no will, and I was like a high person (but it was really quick taper according to this site). I took it from the end of August till the last day of January (6 months). After 4 months I began to taper, but I just forgot by how much. The first month was horrible, I was totally restless, but my concentration was fortunately good, so I can go to work. Next 2 months I just felt good, strong, going to the gym, only occasional restlessness and I didn't have any symptoms but I remember one night when my brain kind has like a zap and I went to the anxious and depressed state and it stayed that way up till now. My concentration is far from good and it's like akathisia inner restlessness and strong back and chest pain leading from the temple. My girlfriend is still with me despite this all. I have started Wim hof methods: Every day I start with a cold shower 5-10 minutes and before sleep his breathing method. I have been doing it for 2 weeks and I have improved stamina and I am not so fatigued all the time. My sex drive comes and goes. I go regularly to the gym 4 times a week. I don't take any supplement and only protein. I have a healthy diet with lots of protein, fats and complex carbohydrates. I can go to work and do a lot of work on my side job (English Project). But I have this horrible back, neck and chest pain and inner restlessness. I don't want to complain about anything having read all those horrible stories on these forums. I am relatively good despite my condition. I have a girlfriend who has been there in horrible times, loving parents and friends and good work and also I can go to the gym. Sometimes it's really hard and I need to really push myself to do anything. Summary: Current symptoms: chest and back pain a bit of depression, inner restlessness (horrible), speeded up, fatique, I can't really calm down and therefore it is difficult to concentrate- these symptoms are there all the time. 2016 Trittico 75mg ( 3-4 months can't really remember the length) 2019 Cipralex (10mg -6 months -tapering in the last month - big mistake) Mirtazapine (15mg -6 months - tapering in the last month - big mistake) Drug-free: Almost 10 months Unfortunately, my biggest dream of competing and be a natural bodybuilder is lost because it was the biggest trigger for me. I will lift weights only as a hobby. But I don't want to end up on these drugs again. I have accepted these symptoms and maybe I will live rest of my life with the m it if is meant to be. But I would really like to get better because I am like 50% of a person that used to be. What do you think? Do you think time will heal it? Thank you in advance for reading my post and chime in with your opinion. And remember to accept this and do whatever it takes to get better and to heal. Jan
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